Chapter 150: Reaction

Chapter 150: Reaction

After leaving Li Chongshan and the others, Su Chen began heading towards the Beast Race’s territory.

Obviously, he couldn’t just walk in there directly, so he had to take a detour. If he went to the north, he would be walking straight into the heart of the Iron and Blood Country, where the Inferno Tribe resided. There was nothing Su Chen could do if he were to face off against the largest Ferocious Race tribe, so he had chosen to take the southern path instead.

The southern path lay facing human territory, and this was also where the Sand Gravel Tribe resided.

For Su Chen, his plan had always been to go to the south, but before the scheduled time arrived, he was not in any hurry to reach his destination. At this moment, he was heading towards the southern stretches of the Ferocious Race’s territory just so he could go further west later on.

However, he didn’t expect that taking this small detour would result in a chance encounter with some long-time friends.

A group of people were currently trudging their way across the Harvey Plains.

Night Demon complained as they walked, “There’s nothing on these plains. I’m bored out of my mind! Su Chen didn’t even leave behind any hints for us. This place is so huge; how are we supposed to find him?”

Shi Mingfeng smiled bitterly. “Young Miss, they’re being heavily pursued right now. How could they leave behind hints for us? But you don’t have to worry; when we were at Mountain Overlook City, we setup a way with Su Chen for us to communicate. It won’t work if he’s too far from us, but as long as we are within fifty kilometers of him, we will be able to contact each other.

When they had parted ways at Mountain Overlook City, Shi Mingfeng had given Su Chen a summoning Origin Disk that was paired with his that allowed two users to communicate with each other as long as the disks were within fifty kilometers of one another. If Su Chen was in the area, he would be able to sense it and get into contact with them.

This was one of the reasons why Shi Mingfeng and Night Demon were confident that they would eventually be able to find Su Chen.

However, all the while they weren’t able to get that close, their confidence in being able to find Su Chen wasn’t that high.

On the other hand, the Ferocious Race and Resurrection Door were extremely confident that they could find Su Chen. After all, they could forcefully control the Heavenly Might Battalion’s movements to some degree, but they couldn’t pinpoint their exact location. If both methods were used simultaneously, the success rate in finding the Heavenly Might Army was obviously going to be even higher.

In that sense, as long as the Ferocious Race and Resurrection Door snatched the Origin Disk from the Immortal Temple, they would be able to find Su Chen and the Heavenly Might Battalion.

However, Shi Mingfeng was as prudent and cautious as ever. He had never told Astin about his way of contacting Su Chen. When he took into account Su Chen’s cautiousness, Astin had decided not to press the issue.

One of the subordinates of the Resurrection Door heart what Night Demon had said, he couldn’t help but ask Astin, “Someone who doesn’t even understand that actually is a viscount in the Immortal Temple? Are they lacking in manpower? Or does this girl have an important backer behind her?”

The Immortal Temple’s internal structure copied the Arcana Kingdom’s five tiers: Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, and Baron. Of these, the ones with the highest statuses were known as Archdukes, not kings, since the kingdom had fallen. The other important commanders were classified at the Duke level, such as Scarlet Hand Ainsley. Below them were the marquises, which included Ma Renze and Shi Mingfeng. Below that were the viscounts.

In terms of strength, Night Demon was at the Yang Opening Realm already, which was sufficient for her title of Viscount.

However, cultivation base was not the only requirement; they also needed to have a certain level of intelligence. From that angle, Night Demon was almost in the negative tiers; normally, it would have been difficult for her to even be a baron, let alone a viscount. She probably would have just been cannon fodder.

However, she was currently a viscount, a backbone of the Immortal Temple, and even someone like Shi Mingfeng had personally come to protect her. The people from Resurrection Door really couldn’t believe their eyes.

Astin laughed coldly. “Backer? Isn’t her backer Su Chen?”

That person was startled. “Su Chen’s that important?”

“If you earned Resurrection Door a few hundred million Origin Stones, you would also be that important,” Astin replied.

Night Demon used to be a statusless assassin for the Immortal Temple, carrying out missions as cannon fodder, and never participating in any important missions. However, as her interactions with Su Chen increased, Night Demon’s status also began to rise.

The matter with Ma Renze had also made the Immortal Temple realize that appeasing Su Chen was much more effective than threatening him. Under these circumstances, Night Demon’s status naturally rose even faster, and there was nothing strange about her becoming a viscount. If the situation continued to progress at the current rate, and if Su Chen could bring the Heavenly Might Battalion out of the Ferocious Race’s territory alive, then Night Demon would immediately be elevated to the position of count ⁠— the same rank as Shi Mingfeng.

“Damn,” the Resurrection Door subordinate muttered when faced with Astin’s response.

“So that’s why all we can do is run back and forth. When will we get within fifty kilometers of him? When will we be able to contact him?” Night Demon was still asking questions like a curious child.

“Right now, this is all we can do. Thankfully, our friends at the Resurrection Door roughly know the Heavenly Might Battalion’s whereabouts; as long as we follow in their footsteps, we should eventually get an opportunity to contact him.”

“But we also might run into Ferocious Race soldiers,” He Xu replied.

Everyone was chasing after the Heavenly Might Battalion right now. The closer they got, the more likely it was that they would be discovered by the Ferocious Race.

“The Resurrection Door has their own way of dealing with the situation,” Shi Mingfeng replied. “At the very least, everything has gone quite smoothly up till now, right?”

“That’s true.” Night Demon nodded.

“Everything has gone very smoothly. Our friends at the Resurrection Door are quite talented,” He Xu also agreed, but he secretly shot Shi Mingfeng a glance at the same time.

They were not Night Demon. They had much more worldly experience than her, and so their thought processes were also much more complicated.

Astin laughed, “We have always been half-accepted here in the Iron and Blood Country, so it was simple for us to clear things up ahead of time with the Ferocious Race already, so nothing bad should happen. A while ago, we heard that the Heavenly Might Battalion had appeared in the central region of the Iron and Blood Country from the Ferocious Race.”

He had just openly admitted that they had relations with the Ferocious Race, making it harder for everyone to be suspicious of him.

“So why are we heading directly for the central region right now?” He Xu asked. “Our path seems to be slightly off.”

Astin replied, “If we want to find the Heavenly Might Battalion, we can’t just follow them around all the time. We need to first determine where they are heading to. The Heavenly Might Battalion will not remain in one place for long, so according to our analysis they should have already left that area by now. We don’t know which direction they’ll head towards when they leave, but since we just need to be within fifty kilometers of Su Chen to get in touch with him, then going to the central region is the best idea.”

This decision hadn’t been made by Astin but rather by Danba. It was not a coincidence that Danba was the same as Su Chen in terms of thought processes when searching for the Heavenly Might Battalion. The only difference was that Su Chen could go looking on his own, while Danba had to rely on his subordinates to accomplish the task for him. As such, Su Chen had a lot more freedom and flexibility, causing his success rate to be much higher; Danba had much more manpower at his back, but information traveled slowly, limiting the success rate of his endeavors. In the end, Danba had managed to guess where the Heavenly Might Battalion would be three times, but the Heavenly Might Battalion had managed to escape for a variety of reasons each time.

Of course, the Heavenly Might Battalion was also quite startled by this, and their movements had grown even trickier after each close call.

“In other words, even if we get to the central region, we might not be able to find him?” Night Demon sighed.

“That depends on our luck,” Shi Mingfeng replied with a slight smile. “However, I believe that we will be able to find him there. And with you here, our luck definitely won’t be bad.”

“Is that so?” Night Demon raised her eyebrows happily.

Shi Mingfeng suddenly felt a warmth emanate from his chest.

He yelled in shock, “There’s a response!”

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