Chapter 148: Beast Wave (3)

Chapter 148: Beast Wave (3)

Muliu Castle.

A group of Ferocious Race soldiers paced the walls of the castle on guard. They were not doing so in an orderly manner like most humans would, but these tall Ferocious Race individuals had their own way of being on guard.

The old soldier Gonko glanced approvingly at his soldiers and yelled, “Everyone, make sure to focus. The humans are jumping around as they please in our territory. The most recent news indicates that they are now in the central region, and no one knows when they will appear. If you don’t want to die, open your eyes and don’t let any humans get close.”

“If those humans come, we’ll eat them alive!” one of the Ferocious Race soldiers howled in response.

“Muliu Castle isn’t a small town. Those humans won’t be able to piss all over us.”

“That’s right!”


The Ferocious Race soldiers on the castle walls cheered and clamored.

Just as they were hyping each other up, however, they suddenly saw a black line appear on the horizon.

“What is that?” one of the Ferocious Race guards who had seen the line asked in surprise.

The rest of the soldiers glanced in that direction.

Gonko squinted his eyes at the rapidly approaching black line. “Careful, that might be the humans. Everyone, pick up your weapons. Paisla, go stand next to the alarm beacon and be ready to light it on my mark......”

One of the soldiers hurried off to the beacon.

“Something seems wrong. They are a bit faster than usual,” another Ferocious Race soldier said.

The black line rushed forwards like a wave at an uncommonly fast speed. Most importantly, the black line was exceptionally large and seemed to connect the heavens and the earth. This was not something that should have been possible with an eight-thousand-man group.

Finally, once the black line drew closer, Gonko was able to clearly see what the black line was.

He cried out, “Heavens!”

Then, he turned around and howled, “Beast Wave! The Beast Wave is ambushing us!”

Alarms began to blare through the city, shattering the silence that formerly enveloped the castle.

Countless Ferocious Race soldiers scrambled to the top of the city walls to find a Beast Wave stretching out as far as the eye could see. The beasts howled incessantly as they surged forwards like a wave.

“Heavens!” the Ferocious Race soldiers cried out as they trembled.

“A large Beast Wave! It’s a large Beast Wave!” Gonko cried out desperately.

Without question, they were facing a Beast Wave the likes of which only came about once every thousand years.

“Prepare for battle!” The commander’s cry was drowned out by the incessant howling of the beasts. As the Beast Wave drew nearer, their thunderous roars only grew louder, assaulting the ears of the Ferocious Race soldiers and causing the ground and the castle walls to tremble.

At this point in time, the first Vicious Beasts had already charged into the defensive radius of the castle.

“Demon-Slaying Crossbows, fire!” Following the commander’s order, a wave of heavy-duty crossbow bolts whistled through the air and rained down on the oncoming Vicious Beasts.

“ROAR!” The Vicious Beasts howled piercingly under the onslaught of the Demon-Slaying Crossbows, but even more Vicious Beasts and Demonic Beasts surged forwards to take their place, trampling over the corpses littering the ground.

Large waves of Flame Vultures swooped down from the skies. They could have moved even faster, but under the command of the Demonic Beasts, these guys had reduced their speed so that they attacked at the same instant that the Beast Wave came crashing onto the castle. The ground battle only burned more fiercely.

The howling, flaming gale bore down on the castle as Flame Vulture after Flame Vulture descended from the sky, picking up Ferocious Race soldiers before flying back into the sky. They were as large as oxen in size, and their massive claws and ability to spit fire were extremely useful tactics. Apart from barbecuing their opponents, they liked to use their wings to fly into the air and then drop their opponents from the sky, killing them immediately.

Soldier after soldier was picked off by the vultures. They struggled valiantly, and a few of the more vicious soldiers used the blades in their hands to chop off the vultures’ claws. They were able to return to the ground in time and preserve their lives. The other soldiers were taken high into the sky before they were dropped, some of the soldiers clinging onto the Flame Vultures and battling them in the sky. The peak-level Vicious Beasts were unable to gain a complete advantage against the courageous and valiant Ferocious Race, and they often fell from the sky in mutual destruction.

Even so, the sacrifices of the Flame Vultures weren’t in vain. The large groups of Vicious Beasts had managed to push closer to the castle.

“Flying axes!” one of the Ferocious Race generals yelled.

The Ferocious Race soldiers lining the city walls all pulled out their own flying axes as their arms began to glow brilliantly and energy flowed along the inscriptions on their arms. Under the direction of their commanding officers, they began to unleash their axes into the sky.

These flying axes had a limited range, but their power was unexpectedly great.

A Desolate Black-Eyed Wolf was charging forward when an axe suddenly careened into its skull. The axe cleaved the wold from head to tail, leaving behind two halves that toppled to the ground.

“ROAR!” Wild howls erupted from the Ferocious Race soldiers.

Even if they were facing death itself, they would go out with a bang.

At this moment, the Ferocious Race warriors demonstrated their formidable might. Something seemed to constantly be supplying them with morale; once their initial fear had worn off, excitement rose to take its place, and they threw themselves into battle.

However, even their limitless valiance was like a drop in the ocean to the Beast Wave.

The flying axes might be falling like rain, but the Beast Wave was like the ocean.

When the ocean surged, it took everything down in its way.

The Flame Vultures were still swooping down from the sky one and another, as not all of them had died. However, they were now joined by White-Feathered Hawks and Three-Eyed Falcons. Most crucially, the Vicious Beasts advancing by ground had already reached the base of the castle walls.

The first to arrive were the Iron-Plated Rhinoceroses.

These thick-skinned beasts were exceptionally useful as a vanguard. They put their powerful ramming abilities to use as they charged at the castle walls, using their heads as battering rams.

Even the most sturdy wall wouldn’t be able to handle rams from tens of thousands of these Iron-Plated Rhinoceroses at once.

“Activate the defenses!” a Ferocious Race commander stood up and yelled loudly.

A white barrier of light appeared on the surface of the walls.

Even so, these Iron-Plated Rhinoceroses ignored the barrier and continued to lower their heads and ram the walls.

They watched as countless horns rammed into the white barrier of light, causing the barrier to fluctuate violently and radiate with an intense, blinding light.

The Vicious Beasts that had been following behind the Iron-Plated Rhinoceroses had also caught up at this moment and began to attack the wall’s defenses.

A massive beast appeared from behind them and forced its way to the front of the wave of beasts. It stood on two legs like a human and had the head of a mountain goat but the body of a human. In its hand was a long whip with lightning snaking across its surface, which it cracked at the barrier of light. The light barrier began to shine brilliantly as it had never before.

It was a mid-tier Demonic Beast.

“Kill it!” the Ferocious Race commander howled.

Hundreds of flying axes clattered through the air.

The simple yet effective attack forced the powerful goat-headed man back, the flying axes chopping it up despite its retreat.

An instant later, however, even more goat-headed men rushed forwards, cracking their whips against the wall’s defenses and causing the flickering to grow even more intense.

When he saw this, even the incredibly courageous Ferocious Race commander’s expression changed. “It’s over.”

The wall’s defenses, which would have been enough to defend against a large army, were quickly penetrated like they were just thin pieces of paper.

An instant later, the Beast Wave charged into the castle.

Muliu Castle had fallen.

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