Chapter 143: Sold Out (1)

第一百四十三章 出卖(上)

Chapter 143: Sold Out (1)

Heavenly River Ancient Road.

Danba was sitting inside his tent, flipping back and forth through the reports he had received with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Strange. Something feels wrong about this, but what?”

Kubrick, who was standing to the side, asked, “Young Chief, what is so strange?”

Danba tapped the dossier in his hands and said, “The Heavenly Might Battalion has been stuck in the Blood and Iron Country for quite some time now. In theory, their forces should have run out of rations a long time ago. Even though they ransacked and pillaged many different villages, we can infer from the reports that most of their energy was spent trying to collect resources to build those land boats, which negatively impacted the number of rations they were able to collect. According to my estimates, they should have run out of rations after they passed by the Death Region. But what happened then? It’s not a big deal that they ended up not going through the Death Region, but the first thing they should have done was try and stockpile rations. However, they didn’t do that and instead rushed to attack the Permafrost Wastelands.”

Kubrick hesitated for a moment, then replied, “The Permafrost Wastelands also have rations.”

“But it’s far too little for what they need! That village is in the coldest place on the Permafrost Wastelands and produces the fewest natural resources. There aren’t enough rations for them to take,” Danba said as his voice grew exasperated. “I have already calculated and analyzed the rations they managed to collect these past few days and compared it to how much they should have burned through. Unless they ate all the Ferocious Race soldiers they killed, they should have starved to death a month ago, and that is already based on the most conservative estimates. But they are still alive, hale and hearty. Who can tell me what exactly is going on?”

The more he spoke, the angrier he became.

Kubrick was also stunned. “How is this possible?”

His intelligence was only at a level where he couldn’t understand how this had happened. Bayan’s intelligence wasn’t even at that level.

He said in a hoarse voice, “Perhaps they ate grass or something else like that. Us Ferocious Race individuals can live for half a month without eating.”

“The problem with that is that they aren’t Ferocious Race individuals, and they aren’t starving and weak; they’re still able to fight! Look at this report — three days ago, the Iron Tribe encountered a small group of humans. In the end, the elites of the Iron Branch Tribe were completely wiped out by this small group of humans. What does this mean? This means that their combat abilities are increasing! Under these circumstances!” Danba forcibly repressed the anger in his heart, but his tone was growing increasingly unstable and violent.

It wasn’t a big deal that the opponents were jumping around within the encirclement or that it was taking some time to wipe them out.

However, what about the fact that the opponent’s weren’t growing weaker but rather were actually getting stronger? That was a serious problem.

Even Kubrick felt that this was a thorny issue. He shook his head and said, “How can this be?”

“Also, the Iron Branch Tribe is located to the west. Why would the Heavenly Might Battalion appear in that place? Their attempt to go through the east failed, and now they are heading west; could it be that they’re planning on going through the Beast Race’s territory?” Danba muttered to himself.

“Perhaps they’re trying to catch Demonic Beasts to eat, which is the reason why they haven’t starved to death yet,” Bayan chuckled.

“Do you really think that place is somewhere that humans can just go as they please?” Danba resisted the urge to smash Bayan’s head into the ground and stomp on the brain matter a few times.

Suddenly, however, he realized that even if Bayan’s idea was stupid, it might actually be right on the mark.

Even though the Beast Race was powerful, they were also very split up. When one considered the organization and discipline of the Heavenly Might Battalion, and combined with a strategy centered around dancing about the edges of this chaotic region, they might actually be able to survive.

The only question was, what was the point of living like that?

Were they planning on settling down in that place?

Or were they just trying to delay for time until something happened like the Ferocious Race running out of patience with the encirclement before attempting another escape?

That wasn’t entirely out of the question, as the Ferocious Race were the ones who were lagging behind slightly and their endurance indeed had limits. The Ferocious Race’s blockade of all the major paths couldn’t last for a long time; as long as the Heavenly Might Battalion was patient enough and could hold out long enough, they might actually be able to wait until the Ferocious Race were no longer willing to maintain the encirclement.

Even though this was a crude tactic, it was undeniably effective.

However, Danba also knew that killing a few scattered Demonic Beasts wasn’t going to be nearly enough to keep all these people alive.

“They must have a source of food that we don’t know about!” Danba had actually hit the nail on the head after thinking about it for a long time.

But where was this source of food coming from?

Danba thought for a moment, then said, “Notify Astin. I want to see him.”

A day later.

A black-robed individual appeared in Danba’s tent.

Upon closer inspection, it was obvious that this individual had a short stature, and was even shorter than most humans, giving him a somewhat withered look. In comparison to the tall Ferocious Race, he was like a dwarf.

It was an Arcana Race individual!

Only in this place could the Arcana Race live their lives in a semi-open manner.

At this moment, the Arcana Race individual was standing beneath Danba and bowing as he said, “Astin greets the mighty Gravel Lizard Tribe’s young commander. For what have you called me here today?”

Danba directly said, “The Heavenly Might Battalion suddenly obtained a supply of rations mysteriously. I want to know where those rations came from.”

Astin was obviously stunned. “How would I know?”

Danba harurmphed. “Don’t take me for an idiot, Astin. I know that the Resurrection Door has close ties with the human’s Immortal Temple. There are some things that I am willing to keep an eye open and the other closed so that you guys can make money, and that’s all precisely because of these moments when I need you. Now is that time, and it’s impossible for you to not have any information given how big this matter is. Tell me, what outside help has the Heavenly Might Army gotten recently?”

Astin shook his head. “Sorry, Young Chieftain Danba. I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Danba pounced forwards and grabbed Astin by the throat. “You damned midget, are you still trying to play games with me? I can tell from your eyes that you’re lying! Tell me the truth now, otherwise I’ll kill you!”

That damned bastard!

Astin was being choked so hard by Danba that he was having trouble breathing.

In terms of strength, Astin wasn’t afraid of Danba in the slightest. As an Arcana Master, he was capable of toppling Danba with a single hand.

However, he couldn’t do that!

This was no longer the era of the Arcana Race. Currently, they were only barely holding on with the Ferocious Race’s protection, eeking out a living and rarely finding opportunities every once in awhile with their support.

As the price, Astin could only endure and obey Danba’s command even if Danba was really going to kill him!

“I’ll…… I’ll talk……” Astin tried to squeeze out.


Danba released his grip, and Astin fell to the ground heavily.

“Give me an answer!” Danba said as he leaned in menacingly.

“It’s Su Chen. He brought them rations,” Astin admitted helplessly.

“Su Chen?” Danba froze.

He was all too familiar with this name.

Even now, Danba’s heart still hurt when he thought of the conflict that had taken place at the Goldwater Ruins eleven years ago.

That was the only time he had ever been defeated in his entire life. Even though it wasn’t his fault, strictly speaking, it had still left an indelible impression on him.

How could it be him?

“Tell me everything.” Danba’s voice grew chilly.

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