Chapter 142: An Important Breakthrough (2)

Chapter 142: An Important Breakthrough (2)

“The lotus is a hundred percent formed now. Indeed, I’ve succeeded,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

Within the Sea of Qi in his body, a stable Lotus Platform had appeared there, glowing brilliantly with an enchanting light.

This was precisely the most important requirement for reaching the Light Shaking Realm: forming a Lotus Platform.

Lotus Platforms were actually a representation of an Origin Qi Scholar’s use of Origin Energy reaching the peak. At that point, the Origin Energy in their body would congeal and transform, taking the shape of a Lotus Platform and resonating with the cultivator’s physical body. After their initial formation, they then became important bridges for controlling Origin Energy.

After an Origin Qi Scholar successfully formed their Lotus Platform, their ability to use Origin Energy would improve tangibly and even change in its fundamental essence.

This kind of change was directly represented by the density of their Origin Energy.

Before forming their Lotus Platforms, a cultivator might be able to unleash a single fireball within a breath’s time, but after forming it, they would be able to form hundreds of fireballs within the same time span.

This was also why, after reaching the Light Shaking Realm, cultivators were able to fly without invoking a skill; their strength had taken a tangible leap forward. This also made it so that even something as simple as breathing in and out could unleash power equivalent to a simple Origin Skill.

Of course, Su Chen hadn’t actually fully formed his Lotus Platform yet.

His Lotus Platform was at the early stages of forming in his body, and it could not stay there for long before it would destabilize and collapse.

However, this also implied that Su Chen had taken one of the most important steps forward: his ability to coagulate Origin Energy had increased.

The coagulation of Origin Energy was one of the highest priority requirements for forming a Lotus Platform.

If Origin Energy was like a wind that couldn’t be seen, then a Lotus Platform was like a stone that could be physically touched.

Concentrating air to the point that it becomes as hard as stone would require a ton of external pressure to compress and eventually form it .

In the past, humans had relied on their bloodline power to accomplish this, as they had utilized the external power drawn from a bloodline to constantly compress their Origin Energy until it eventually formed a Lotus Platform, thus erecting the bridge.

Su Chen’s plan for creating a technique for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline had to address the issue of a lack of external pressure.

Without any external pressure, Su Chen only had two ways of forming a Lotus Platform.

One was to create a different form of external pressure, while the other was to increase the Origin Energy’s ability to condense.

These were the two keys to forming a Lotus Platform, and he had to have one of them.

Before this, Su Chen actually hadn’t made any headway into either solution — many things seemed simple but were difficult to put into practice.

It wasn’t until recently that Su Chen had devised a way to increase his Origin Energy’s tendency to condense.

The way to increase its effective condensation was none other than the Immaculate Cultivation Technique.

When Su Chen had first created the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, his main goal was to increase the absorption rate of Origin Energy from the environment not primarily for himself but for the Cliff Race. With his calculator brain, he had been able to develop it at a much faster rate than was previously possible for him.

It could be said that the Immaculate Cultivation Technique was something that Su Chen had developed completely unintentionally, as Su Chen hadn’t placed much hope on it at all.

However, it was exactly this technique that had inspired Su Chen regarding how he should proceed in his research towards advancing into the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline.

The main reason for this was that condensing Origin Energy obtained via the Immaculate Cultivation Technique was much easier than with other techniques.

This was something that Su Chen had discovered while experimenting on the other soldiers. Because they relied on their cultivation much more than Su Chen, they had quickly discovered that their ability to sculpt Origin Energy obtained via this method was better than that of other methods, making it easier to form Origin Energy Patterns and also making the corresponding Origin Skills easier to use.

In the simplest layman terms, with the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, the power of an Origin Skill might increase by fifteen percent, while the cooldown period for its use would decrease by around twenty percent.

Su Chen was extremely shocked when he had first discovered these effects.

The ability to condense Origin Energy that he had been looking for for so long was right here, but he as the creator was actually unable to realize it. That rendered him quite speechless.

Even so, that was how research went; many impressive inventions were often built on top of a foundation of random knick-knacks that seemed useless at first glance.

A chance discovery had actually turned into a milestone that would determine Su Chen’s future direction; this was part of the charm of research.

Yes, Su Chen was a researcher that focused on the world of Origin Energy. His diligent efforts would pave the road for all future humans.

After discovering this point, Su Chen’s horizons seemed to be broadened, and his way of thinking had also become wider. The distance between him and success was shortened considerably.

The Immaculate Cultivation Technique was modified again to further increase its ability to condense Origin Energy. At this point in time, Su Chen was no longer concerned about the rate of cultivation but rather the degree to which the produced Origin Energy could be compressed.

The current Immaculate Cultivation Technique had doubled the compressibility of its Origin Energy, but that was still not enough for Su Chen.

According to Su Chen’s plan, the new cultivation technique needed to amplify the compressibility factor by about five to ten times — before he started developing a way to amplify the ambient environmental pressure, Su Chen needed to increase the compressibility factor as much as possible.

As such, Su Chen absolutely needed to continue adjusting and perfecting the Immaculate Cultivation Technique.

Perhaps it was time to take inspiration from his method of reaching the Blood Boiling Realm from the Qi Drawing Realm, Su Chen thought to himself.

A hundred-thousand-foot tall tower was erected from the ground up, and a complete cultivation technique needed to be developed from the foundation. If he had brought it to the Yang Opening Realm, who knew what point it would reach in the end?

Su Chen immediately acted on his speculative thoughts and began to sketch out the next theoretical step of his cultivation technique. His calculator brain was activated and began to go to work — there was nothing more suited for the calculator brain than something like this.

In just a day, Su Chen’s Immaculate Cultivation Technique had successfully reached the second level.

At this level of technique, the rate at which soldiers could cultivate from the Qi Drawing Realm to the Blood Boiling Realm had greatly increased along with the compressibility of its Origin Energy, the power of the user’s Origin Skills, and the cooldown rate of those skills. However, because it was everyone’s first time cultivating the technique, it was impossible for them to bring out its full potential. As the technique began to sink in, however, the soldiers very quickly began to recognize the changes that were happening to them.

The Heavenly Might Battalion was evolving and growing stronger at an unprecedented rate.

Two days later, Su Chen upgraded it from the Blood Boiling Realm to the Yang Opening Realm, and even created a version for the three or four layers from the Yang Opening Realm all the way to the peak of Yang Opening.

Because it was something that was constantly being trimmed down and improved upon, the calculator brain was exceptionally effective at working on it. Su Chen’s rate of calculation was nearly a thousand times that of an ordinary individual’s.

As such, something that Su Chen could do in one day might take someone else three years to accomplish under normal circumstances.

Even Su Chen himself was stunned by this speed.

After reaching the fourth level of the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, Su Chen had successfully improved the compressibility of its Origin Energy by 400%.

This implied that someone at the Yang Opening Realm would have Origin Energy five times denser than someone cultivating a normal technique, and their strength would be a bit more than double someone else’s at the same tier as them. In other words, even if Su Chen were to use the same Origin Skill as someone else, his skill would be almost twice as effective. As for his flagship techniques, they would become even more frightening.

Su Chen’s Sea of Qi had also become a real sea at this point. His Origin Energy had begun to liquify, and a large quantity of his Origin Energy was now being stored in the form of liquid droplets. Every droplet contained extremely dense amounts of Origin Energy.

However, to Su Chen this was still not enough.

It hadn’t completely turned into a liquid yet.

There was still room for the Immaculate Cultivation Technique to improve.

Su Chen’s end requirement was for the Immaculate Cultivation Technique to condense his Origin Energy by a factor of seven and completely turn it all into liquid. This way, it would serve as a great foundation for his further formation on Lotus Platforms.

As such, a new round of experiments began anew.

Two days later, the Immaculate Cultivation Technique reached its fifth level.

Four days later, it reached the sixth.

The density of Su Chen’s Origin Energy had reached seven times that of what it was before. At the same time, Su Chen could sense that, at this point, the Immaculate Cultivation Technique had been perfected. It had reached a point where it was impossible to improve it any further.

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