Chapter 137: Immaculate Cultivation Technique

Chapter 137: Immaculate Cultivation Technique

“......Very good. The water is boiling now. Prepare to add the Vicissitude Grass...... No, that’s too much. A bit less...... A bit less...... Alright, put it in the blending vessel now and prepare to stir......”

As he stood in front of the main tent, Su Chen directed the soldiers on how to prepare the medicines needed to create the Hemolytic Totem.

Even though he had already given them the recipe, creating it on such a large scale while producing ten or more vials at a time was quite difficult. As such, Su Chen needed to watch from the side and provide pointers from time to time.

The increase in calculatory ability provided by the consciousness crystal to Su Chen had greatly improved his ability to analyze situations, and he didn’t feel encumbered at all by large quantities of numbers. If he could make one vial of medicine, then he could make a whole cauldron, and if the conditions were met, even a whole pool was possible.

Under his instruction, the medicine inside the cauldron began to change and transform, every bubble within Su Chen’s calculations.

No accidents occurred. Everything was mixed together precisely and carefully.

“Alright, raise the cauldron!” Su Chen yelled.

The soldiers quickly extinguished the flames and poured the medicine inside into individual bowls.

This kind of medicine had become quite prevalent in the human kingdom. Yet because it was a new medicine, everyone’s success rate in concocting the medicine was relatively low. Any successes would be carefully stored and sealed in jade vials to be sold later for a high price. Here, however, it was being mass produced by the cauldron and then stored in normal bowls. If people back at home were to see this, they might die of shock.

The concocted medicine was being immediately distributed amongst the battalion. Trained officials were responsible for helping inscribe the soldiers, so there was really no need to store the medicine properly.

“Alright, everyone from Seamount Company has it now,” Cheng Tianhai said.

“The Dragon Mountain Company as well,” Jun Moxie said.

“The Hidden Mountain Company as well,” Lin Shaoxuan said.

“The Blue Mountain Company is still missing forty-eight portions,” Chu Yingwan said.

“Once we finish making this cauldron, we’ll be done perfectly. No waste necessary,” Su Chen laughed.

Of course, this was all a result of his calculations.

“Good man! That’s really something,” Chu Yingwan chuckled as she smacked Su Chen on the arm.

The matter of him being seen naked had already passed, and no one paid any mind to it. They were all soldiers and had experienced bloody carnage before. They didn’t even care for their own lives, so seeing someone else’s bare bottom wasn’t worth mentioning. Chu Yingwan had seen enough bare bottoms to fill an entire company, so Su Chen’s wasn’t anything worth writing home about.

“With the Hemolytic Totem, the soldiers’ strength will increase by around twenty percent. That’s all due to your help!” Li Chongshan said with delight.

“Only twenty percent?” Su Chen felt quite dissatisfied.

This was no surprise — the Hemolytic Totem was indeed useful, but for the Heavenly Might Battalion, whose elite soldiers were already used to working together, the Hemolytic Totem would only give them a few more combat options. Its effectiveness in increasing the power of combined skills was also limited. When factoring in the fact that the Hemolytic Totem was useless on higher-level cultivators, the average increase in strength was only around twenty percent.

To Li Chongshan, this twenty percent was already very satisfying, but Su Chen felt like it was far too inadequate an improvement.

Thankfully, he wasn’t planning on only relying on the totemic inscriptions.

“Since that’s the case, then let’s add this as well,” Su Chen said as he pulled out a small book.

“What is this?” Li Chongshan asked with some curiosity.

“A kind of heart cultivation method that I developed. I call it the Immaculate Cultivation Technique,” Su Chen replied.

“What does it do?” everyone asked simultaneously.

Having known Su Chen for so many days, everyone had gradually come to understand Su Chen better as a person. Anything that he took out definitely wouldn’t be common.

As they expected, Su Chen’s response was not ordinary in the slightest. “It should be able to help cultivators more clearly sense the presence of Origin Energy and absorb it more efficiently...... What I mean is, it should improve the rate of absorption of Origin Energy, and thereby increase their rate of cultivation.”

Everyone immediately began to discuss amongst themselves.

From the very beginning, the ability to absorb and utilize Origin Energy was what distinguished commoners from Origin Qi Scholars. Even though in theory anybody could absorb Origin Energy and become an Origin Qi Scholar, in reality this was not an easy accomplishment. This was obvious from the fact that almost everyone in the Heavenly Might Battalion was still a martial artist.

Over the past tens of millions of years, humans had developed all kinds of tactics and methods to absorb and utilize Origin Energy. Even though the rate of absorption had gone up, that increase was still limited.

Su Chen had his microscopic eye, so his ability to absorb Origin Energy was many times faster than most people. Not only that, but in his free time Su Chen would even try to use the microscopic eye to observe the Origin Energy flowing through the air, trying to adapt his cultivation technique and increase the rate at which he could absorb Origin Energy.

Obviously, he was not doing this for himself. One aspect of it was that he was fascinated by the process, but the other aspect was that he wanted to find a way for all humans to cultivate more rapidly.

Because he could directly observe Origin Energy, Su Chen’s talent in research was unparalleled. Even if he didn’t come up with anything particularly meaningful, Su Chen was able to find many news ways of absorbing and utilizing Origin Energy just by trying things out casually.

He was very clear about what techniques had the highest success rates or the best efficacy.

After all, no one understood the core principles behind the use of Origin Energy better than him.

This Immaculate Cultivation Technique was a compilation of everything that Su Chen had accumulated over the years, which he had then trimmed and improved to turn into a complete cultivation technique.

“This kind of method lowers the necessity of talent to an absolute minimum. If Body Tempering martial artists at the peak of their realm cultivate it, they should be able to reach the Qi Drawing Realm within a month,” Su Chen said.

“Reaching the Qi Drawing Realm in just a month?” Li Chongshan was startled.

That speed was too fast, wasn’t it?

“Yes,” Su Chen replied confidently. “However, it’s best to supplement their diets with lots of meat from Vicious Beasts. In addition, it’s only really effective for martial artists. I haven’t been able to develop a similar technique for the Qi Drawing Realm yet. After all, this is just something that I was looking into in my spare time, and is not the main direction of my research.”

When he got to that last part, Su Chen felt a bit embarrassed.

However, everyone else who heard it felt like they were going to cry.

A cultivating technique he had researched in his spare time was able to greatly reduce the time it took to reach the Qi Drawing Realm from the peak of the Body Tempering Realm? If that had been his main focus, what would have happened?

But that wasn’t the most important thing. The most important thing was that most of the soldiers in the Heavenly Might Army were peak Body Tempering Realm martial artists!

The Flowing Gold Fort was guarded by elites. Even though martial artists were of the lowest tier, almost all of them were in the eighth or ninth layer, and even more were at the very peak of the Body Tempering stage. As such, every year there would be a sizable number of martial artists who became Origin Qi Scholars, ensuring that there was always a stable number of Origin Qi Scholars amongst the battalion’s ranks. That group of Qi Drawing Realm cultivators made up the battalion’s lowest-ranking officers; even though they weren’t particularly powerful, they were the most important. They all possessed the cohesive teamwork that should be shown by a group of trained elites, a certain level of personal strength, and also a certain amount of leadership qualities.

And with Su Chen’s way of doing things, the Heavenly Might Battalion’s foundation would be directly upgraded to Qi Drawing Realm cultivators. This was truly a substantial improvement.

That was the same as all of their soldiers becoming like the Blue Mountain Company.

Li Chongshan and the others’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets. “Are you sure?”

Su Chen nodded. “If you can guarantee a steady supply of beast meat, it will only be faster and not slower.”

“Why didn’t you pull this out earlier? This is good stuff!” Cheng Tianhai, whose personality was a bit more impulsive, grabbed the manual from Su Chen’s hands and cradled it like a treasure.

Su Chen said with some embarrassment, “I only recently managed to collate everything together.”

With his new calculator, Su Chen’s first accomplishment was this Immaculate Cultivation Technique. Organizing and compiling knowledge was something that his calculator was perfectly suited for.

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