Chapter 136: Elevation

Chapter 136: Elevation


Su Chen cradled his head as he cried out bitterly. Origin Energy incessantly emanated from his body that actually seemed to possess an inherently destructive element. Su Chen’s clothes were instantly turned into ashes, causing Patelocke’s heart to beat wildly.

Matters involving the consciousness were never something to take lightly. Su Chen had made it sound easy, but in actuality, making changes like this could easily turn someone into a vegetable if they weren’t careful.

However, Su Chen had still chosen to do it without any hesitation. Patelocke knew that this was because of the deep love for research that Su Chen had deep in his heart.

As a scholar overlord, a former Arcana Master from the Arcana Kingdom, he absolutely understood and empathized with Su Chen’s sentiment.

To more deeply understand the profound secrets of the world and to find answers to the questions that he wanted to solve, Su Chen was willing to use any method to resolve the issue, even if he risked sacrificing his own life.

The consciousness crystal itself wouldn’t be able to give Su Chen any answers, but it could greatly increase Su Chen’s ability to find those answers.

If successful, this would probably be one of Su Chen’s most useful tools after those eyes of his.

Even though Su Chen had never told Patelocke about his microscopic eyes, Patelocke would have to be a major idiot if he couldn’t tell that Su Chen’s eyes were special after having followed him for so long.

And also because he wasn’t an idiot, he had never asked about it, though he never pretended like he had no idea either.

Everything had happened naturally.

“AH! AH! AH! Ah...!”

Su Chen’s howls of pain continued as his voice began to diminish.

His eyes rolled back into their sockets, giving him the image that he had drowned. His entire body was covered in sweat.

He remained like this for some time, yelling and whimpering, before his body finally began to return to normal.

Su Chen finally stopped straining his neck, and he sat in place, relaxing into complete motionlessness.

“Su Chen! Su Chen!” Patelocke called out quietly, as if he were trying to awaken someone who had been sleeping.

“Mmm,” Su Chen groaned in a low voice.

“As long as you’re fine.” When he heard Su Chen reply, Patelocke let out a long sigh of relief.

“What a terrible experience,” Su Chen replied.

As he spoke, he began to stand up.

Because his clothes had been burned to tatters, Su Chen’s faintly glowing body was completely naked, giving him a bit of a saintly aura. Patelocke was quite shocked.

His consciousness was the part that had been resculpted, but his physical body had somehow also developed a kind of mesmerizing aura to it.

No, it was actually his eyes that were glowing with a unique kind of energy. Even Patelocke, a spiritual entity, was affected by it.

“It seems like some incredible change has occurred?” Patelocke couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, it’s not really that incredible. It’s just that my consciousness has been elevated,” Su Chen replied casually.

“Consciousness elevation?” Patelocke was stunned. “You actually achieved consciousness elevation?”

Consciousness elevation was a common expression amongst most Spirit Race individuals. Simply put, it signified an improvement of the fundamental level of his consciousness, and it could be considered a unique way of advancing for the Spirit Race.

Consciousness elevation was exceptionally difficult. Even few Spirit Race individuals could accomplish it, but Su Chen had somehow managed to do it.

“Mhm. I didn’t expect to elevate my consciousness either. If it weren’t for the fact that I had absorbed the Spirit Race individual’s memories, I wouldn’t have been able to confirm this,” Su Chen replied, shaking his head.

“Then the strength of your current consciousness......” Patelocke asked.

Su Chen thought for a moment, then tilted his head and said, “It should be around two thousand units now.”

“It’s doubled.” Patelocke was once again shocked. “There probably aren’t many people among the entire human race that have a stronger consciousness than you. Right now, your consciousness can even leave your physical body, granting you immortality in a certain sense. That should only be possible for someone at the Thought Manifestation Realm, but you’ve managed to achieve it now.”

Patelocke’s voice was filled with wonder and praise.

“You say that, but I’m still at the Yang Opening Realm,” Su Chen replied.

The human cultivation system had its own rules, and a person could only really temper their consciousness after they reached the Spirit Burning Realm.

First body, then soul was the progression of strength under this system.

It could be said that Su Chen had broken that rule. Before his cultivation of Origin Energy had reached the appropriate level, his cultivation of his soul had advanced by leaps and bounds. From this point of view, Su Chen truly had managed to surpass the original system.

“If anyone tries to treat you as an ordinary Yang Opening Realm cultivator, they will definitely suffer a huge loss,” Patelocke said with some resentment.

Su Chen agreed with a slight smile, “That is true.”

“So how did the molding process go?” Patelocke didn’t forget to ask about that; after all, molding the crystal was Su Chen’s original goal in the first place.

“I’ve already completed it.” Su Chen pointed at his own head and continued, “Right now, my sea of knowledge has basically been split into two relatively independent spaces that can interact with one another. One side is better at performing calculations and can automatically record all of the data I obtain from my research experiments. It can also simulate and anticipate the possible outcomes of a novel experiment. It’s not just useful for storing down what is already known; it can also be used to predict certain things that are not known yet. Of course, the prerequisite is that I must possess the appropriate method of calculation.”

“This is already very impressive.” Patelocke sighed with praise.

With his microscopic eye and his consciousness calculator, Su Chen now had a much smoother path than anyone from the Arcana Race had ever walked.

“However, I also expended a large amount of my consciousness energy,” Su Chen sighed. “My consciousness power could have been even higher, but completing the molding required more consciousness energy than I had anticipated, so I have to expend quite a bit to maintain it.”

“This is already a very good ending. You can’t really ask for more.”

“That’s true.” Su Chen’s eyes glimmered with anticipation. “Do you know, I can now calculate all kinds of answers in seconds. There are a total of thirty seven ingredients on my workbench, which can be refined into 128 different medicines. However, there is only one good formula that can utilize all those ingredients without wasting anything. You are three feet six inches from me, the remaining fuel in the crystal lamp over there is enough to last it three hours and thirty-one more minutes, there are twelve ants crawling along the leg of the table over there, and a group of soldiers just walked past the tent. The soldier second in line has a wound on his foot......”

As he spoke, his voice grew quieter, and his eyes shone with euphoria.

The ability to assimilate the nearby surroundings and accurately analyze it was too wonderful.

Not only could it be used to analyze experiments, but it could also be used in battle.

Patelocke was dumbfounded when he heard this.

“You’re sure?”

Su Chen replied, “Do you need me to demonstrate it to you? There’s a person walking over here. They should enter the room as soon as I count to three. One...... Two...... Three......”


The covering of the tent flew open wide. A person walked in — Chu Yingwan.

“Su Chen…… Oh, Heavens!”

Chu Yingwan hurriedly turned away.

Su Chen discovered that he hadn’t put on his clothes yet.

“Dammit...... Give me a moment.” Su Chen scrambled to throw on some clothes.

“I said that there is no such thing under the Heavens that is truly invincible...... There are always some things you can’t anticipate,” Patelocke guffawed loudly.

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