Chapter 131: Ancestor (2)

Chapter 131: Ancestor (2)

These eighteen skulls seemed simple, but in actuality each one of them was special and had their own unique abilities.

Cheng Tianhai’s battleaxe slammed into the skull construct. If he had slammed it into the construct’s head, it would deflect off, and if he slammed it into the body, the construct dissolve into black smoke before reforming. The construct’s attacks weren’t easy to deal with either, as the weapon it wielded was also made from the black smoke. Not only did it have ethereal properties, but it would also corrode anything it touched even if it collided with a barrier.

Cheng Tianhai was hit by one of its attacks, and his iron-like skin actually began to rust and turn copper-green. His powerful body was actually as weak as a baby’s against these skulls, shocking him quite badly in his heart. He yelled, “This damned bastard isn’t easy to deal with! Little girl Chu, what are you doing? Why haven’t you used that yet?”

Chu Yingwan snapped at him, “Can’t you see that I’m busy?”

She had her hands full with the poisonous scorpion.

This poisonous scorpion wasn’t a tamed Demonic Beast; rather, it was a poisonous organism that had been refined with a Demonic Beast as the starting ingredient.

The Ferocious Race had a long history of being accomplices to evil. First, they were shepherds for the Beast Race, then they allied with the Arcana Race and became their watchdogs. It wasn’t until the Arcana Race fell that they finally obtained their own identity. This refined poison organism was something that they had picked up from the Arcana Race while they were their dogs, and it was something that the Arcana Race had given up on using.

This was because the poison would also corrode the user’s body, causing it to weaken.

The Arcana Race was already very physically weak, so it was impossible for them to appreciate or use this kind of technique. However, the Ferocious Race’s bodies were powerful enough to endure it.

The skulls and the poisonous scorpion were both produced from this kind of system, and the user paid the same price of a weakened physical body. For this reason, even though the Divine Shrine Ancestors possessed powerful mystical abilities, they had sacrificed the powerful physiques that the Ferocious Race were known for. Their main purpose was to support the lack of Origin Energy sensitivity that most Ferocious Race individuals were subject to.

Because they were used to address a deficiency, the Divine Shrine Ancestors were powerful but not invincible. Their power alone wasn’t enough to suppress an opponent — they needed to be protected by a large group of soldiers.

And when soldiers were lacking, their weak bodies would become their greatest weakness.

As such, even though Chu Yingwan had responded to Cheng Tianhai’s yell that she was busy, her movements didn’t delay in the slightest.

She pulled out something.

It was a fistful of sand.

After pulling out the sand, Chu Yingwan actually dumped it on her own head. As the grains of sand fell, they rapidly covered her entire body. Then, when the pile of sand reached the ground, Chu Yingwan had disappeared without a trace.

Shock appeared on the Head Ancestor’s face.

He chanted a few sentences loudly. No one knew what he had said, but the eighteen skulls turned around and shot back in the Head Ancestor’s direction.

However, he was still a bit too late.

Chu Yingwan’s figure suddenly appeared out of thin air behind the Head Ancestor. The other two Ancestors yelled as they pointed behind him; however, the Head Ancestor seemed totally unaware and stood there, completely motionless.

No, he was moving, but his movements were incredibly slow.

Chu Yingwan raised the spear in her hand and sighed, “I wasn’t planning on using this Time Sand, but finishing you all off would be too annoying otherwise. Oh well.”

As she spoke, she raised the silver spear in her hand and pierced the Head Ancestor’s heart.

The Head Ancestor seemed to not feel anything and slowly moved to the side, wanting to escape from Chu Yingwan’s control.

However, his struggling was futile.

Chu Yingwan stabbed her spear three more times into his spine, cutting off his Life Spring, destroying his Qi Roots, and wiping out his Magic Lines. These three areas were the vital points of the Ancestors. If any one of them were left intact, he might have been able to survive; however, Chu Yingwan’s attacks were extremely precise, not sparing a single vital point.

At this moment, the Time Sand’s effect ceased, and the Head Ancestor’s movements suddenly sped up as he escaped from Chu Yingwan’s control.

Chu Yingwan didn’t chase after him. She stared coldly at him and said, “You’re already dead.”

The Head Ancestor turned around to stare at Chu Yingwan in fear and shock before his head fell off of his body and bounced along the ground.

The eighteen skulls had finally reached the Head Ancestor’s side, and with his death, the skulls all screamed in unison before disappearing into a black smoke that gradually dispersed away.

The two remaining Ancestors howled with rage and began to unleash as much power as they could.

Following their cries, a large group of Ferocious Race individuals came charging out of the Divine Shrine.

These people were the guards of the Divine Shrine, with many of them having a specialized profession.

“A group brawl? My favorite,” Chu Yingwan said indifferently.

She gestured, and the Blue Mountain Company’s warriors all charged forwards to greet the Divine Shrine’s warriors.

A bloody metallic light lit up the night sky above the city.

“Time Sand......” Su Chen muttered as he watched Chu Yingwan kill the Head Ancestor.

Time Sand was an incredibly rare treasure. Just as he had observed a few moments ago, it was able to affect an opponent’s perception of time.

The Head Ancestor of a Divine Shrine was an extremely frightening individual. In terms of strength, even the tribe’s chieftain couldn’t compare to him. Chu Yingwan and the others had dared to challenge him precisely because of this Time Sand. They had first waited for the Head Ancestor’s eighteen skulls to all be activated, and then used the Time Sand to suddenly assassinate the opponent. The Head Ancestor had other ways of defending himself even without the skulls, but the sudden slowing of time he experienced made it impossible for him to activate them on time. His weak physique meant that his ability to endure attacks was much weaker, which resulted in Chu Yingwan killing him immediately.

If it were the Chieftain who had been targeted by the the time slow, Chu Yingwan might have stabbed him repeatedly without killing him.

Unfortunately, this treasure was a consumable, and it disappeared after being used.

Su Chen glanced at the scene somewhat pitifully, then turned his attention towards the Divine Shrine — now that the Divine Shrine’s guards had all come out, it was a great opportunity for him to search the Divine Shrine.

The shrine was simple and unadorned in appearance. The Ferocious Race was always a bit primitive; even though they had tens of thousands of years of history and development, their lives were still as simple as ever.

To them, this was tradition, and it was this tradition that gave them strength.

The tribe’s Divine Shrine was the most strictly guarded location in the Ferocious Race tribe’s territory, but now that the humans had taken the city, all of their tight defenses were useless.

The guards of the Divine Shrine had perished, and the Divine Shrine itself was now totally open. No one was there to stop Su Chen from entering.

He walked into the Divine Shrine right through the front door and found a few humans and Ferocious Race guards still fighting it out nearby. Because the human army had the absolute advantage, Su Chen didn’t pay them any extra attention and took another route.

After leaving the main hall, Su Chen found himself in a flower garden.

Even though the Ferocious Race was crude, their Divine Shrine’s flower garden had quite a few nice things in it, including quite a few rare resources such as Three Lives Fruits, Yellow Palace Ginseng, Thousand-Petal Red Lotus, Moltenflame Dragon Grass, and more.

However, Su Chen didn’t even spare these resources a second glance and continued walking forwards.

Even though these things were worth money, they still had a price tag on them. Only knowledge was priceless, and that was precisely what he was after.

If he didn’t harvest them, the army behind him would harvest them, and in the entire Heavenly Might Battalion, he was the best alchemist present. One way or another they would fall into his hands.

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