Chapter 130: Ancestor (1)

Chapter 130: Ancestor (1)

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

A number of shadows darted towards the chieftain in midair one after another, as well as the powerful existence hiding in the shadows.

Following a thunderous boom, multiple figures flew into motion, illuminated by the lightning and flames.

Styma howled angrily because he now had two additional opponents to deal with.

Shi Kaihuang and Jun Moxie.

The three of them attacked Styma at the same time, causing the situation to immediately shift.

This was something that Li Chongshan had anticipated far in advance.

In terms of pure power, Li Chongshan wasn’t weaker than Styma.

However, in terms of combat style, Li Chongshan couldn’t possibly fight as boldly and unrestrainedly as Styma. The Ferocious Race were natural warriors and didn’t know what exhaustion was when they started fighting, as if they had a endless supply of energy. Most of the time, their attacks would hit just as hard at the end as at the beginning.

Because of this, directly fighting with Styma put Li Chongshan at a disadvantage.

This was true even if he had the support of the Scarlet Flame Demonic Tiger and the five-leveled Divine Palace.

However, Li Chongshan had still chosen to do so.

This was because he had a very clear understanding that, in a battle between two armies, morale was the most important factor. This was especially true at this critical juncture, where they needed to press forward with their offense the most. A general who fought from the shadows wasn’t going to inspire as much morale as a general who fought an opponent head-on — see, our general faced off against their chieftain, so we humans are stronger than them!

He could use this method to subtly create this kind of thought in his soldiers, stimulating their courage and desire to do battle.

On the other hand, he was also brave enough to do this because he had calculated that this battle wouldn’t take very long.

When they were already at a heavy disadvantage, who would care about the rules?

It could be said that, from the beginning, everyone was waiting for the Head Ancestor to make a move.

The Head Ancestor’s appearance was essentially the signal for the one-on-one battle to end, as it served as a justification for them to gang up. As such, as soon as the Head Ancestor attacked, the rules of the one-on-one battle had been violated.

Shi Kaihuang pressed down with his palm, activating the Sumeru Void technique, which caused Styma to feel like his lower half had suddenly been submerged in water as his movements were greatly restricted. A large Buddha-like palm whistled towards the ground, and under its immense pressure, Styma’s lightning was snuffed out.

Jun Moxie’s method of attacking was somewhat creepier.

He wielded a small lamp, whose flame flickered in the wind yet didn’t go out. It flashed repeatedly with light.

Every time it flashed, Styma’s aura would weaken, while Li Chongshan’s five-layered Divine Palace would grow brighter. The Scarlet Flaming Tiger howled even more fiercely as the flames on its body actually turned white.

White-hot flaming spears shot at Styma, and he was unable to fend off the attacks with his blade of lightning. The bright totemic inscriptions on his body began to detonate under the onslaught of the flames, and even his iron-like physique was unable to resist the attacks.

All he could do was howl and thrash about angrily; when faced with the simultaneous attacks of three opponents, he found himself powerless.

At the same time, Cheng Tianhai, Lin Shaoxuan, and Chu Yingwan charged at three separate Ferocious Race soldiers. In comparison to Styma, their opponents were much older.

The Ferocious Race individual at the front had a white beard and strange inscriptions drawn across his face. In front of his neck hung a chain of skulls from real people that had been shrunk down to a smaller size. The eye sockets of each skull glowed with a mysterious blue flame.

The other two wielded long canes and seemed equally ancient.

These three old men were the Shivering Chill Divine Shrine’s three Ancestors.

Unlike normal Ferocious Race Heroes, Ferocious Race Ancestors were obviously more suited to using arcane techniques to do battle. The Head Ancestor pulled off his skull necklace and tossed it in front of him as he muttered a chant. The necklace of skulls began to gnash their teeth as they charged at the three generals.

Lin Shaoxuan slashed his sword three times. The sword light slammed into those skulls but was unable to destroy them. The skulls continued to advance quickly as they spit out a black smoke from their mouths.

“Careful, that’s Soul Devouring Smoke,” Chu Yingwan yelled. A Lotus Platform appeared at the center of her forehead and shone protectively, preventing the poisonous smoke from getting close to her.

However, those skulls continued to clatter and gnash their teeth, causing the opponents’ hair to stand on end, and even their attacks to become slightly weaker.

These Ancestors only had average combat capabilities, but their tactics were all slippery as an eel. The skulls alone were enough to temporarily prevent the three generals from carelessly advancing.

And at this moment, the other two ancestors also attacked.

Another Ancestor pulled out a mirror at this moment and a light shone out from its surface at Cheng Tianhai.

Just as the light from the mirror was about to land on Cheng Tianhai, Lin Shaoxuan charged over. He was an Origin Qi Scholar that specialized in speed, and was incredibly quick; in the blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of Cheng Tianhai. The light shone onto Lin Shaoxuan, who felt his vision go blurry as he almost fainted. An instant later, he watched an exact replica of himself walk out of that mirror and charge in their direction.

“So this is witchcraft? It really is quite interesting!” Su Chen muttered to himself as he watched the scene unfold from afar.

The Ferocious Race was able to survive here for tens of thousands of years not just because of the Origin Energy Temple. They also had their own established traditions, history, and unique cultivation systems.

However, Su Chen wasn’t worried about Chu Yingwan and the others. After having fought so many battles against the Ferocious Race, everyone knew of their tactics and abilities, and no one would fall into a trap like that so easily.

Indeed, an instant later, Cheng Tianhai charged forwards, hacking at the Lin Shaoxuan mimic with his large axe.

His style of battle somewhat resembled Styma’s. They both charged forwards resolutely, but he didn’t fight side-by-side with Li Chongshan because he was needed to deal with these Ancestors.

The Lin Shaoxuan mimic was only about half as powerful as the real Lin Shaoxuan, but this half-power had been forcibly taken from the real Lin Shaoxuan. In other words, unless this illusion was killed, Lin Shaoxuan wouldn’t be able to recover back to his full strength. Thus, to kill these mimics as quickly as possible, they needed a powerful and vigorous warrior like Cheng Tianhai.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The battleaxe violently slammed into the mimic Lin Shaoxuan’s body, causing a resplendent light to burst forth. The mimic Lin Shaoxuan shattered like a piece of stained glass dropped on the floor, refracting light everywhere as it broke apart into tiny pieces, each of which contained a tiny Lin Shaoxuan.

“HA!” Cheng Tianhai howled as his axe began to shine with a bloody luster. It charged at the wave of refracted light, sending all of the shattered fragments flying.

The Ancestor immediately shrieked with rage. The mirror in his hands began to crack before finally shattering.

If this illusion was destroyed too quickly, the damage sustained by the illusion would be transferred onto the mirror.

Lin Shaoxuan’s speed was incredibly fast but his defensive capabilities were low. On the other hand, Cheng Tianhai had both strong offensive and defensive capabilities. This meant that their best plan of action was to have Lin Shaoxuan expose himself to the mirror’s shining in Cheng Tianhai’s place, and Cheng Tianhai could then immediately respond with an explosive burst of power, quickly destroying the mimic. Their coordination had been impeccable.

This Divine Shrine Ancestor’s killing blow had been nullified just like that.

The final Ancestor cried out as he pulled out another item. It was a large poisonous scorpion that increased in size as soon as it appeared in the air, then scuttled menacingly towards the three of them as soon as it landed on the ground.

At the same time, the Head Ancestor began to chant once again. The spinning skulls in the air began to morph, and the poisonous smoke gathered on the skulls’ surface, gradually taking on a new form. There were a total of eighteen skulls before, and at this moment they had become an eighteen-skull construct that actually wielded a weapon of its own as it charged at the three generals.

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