Chapter 129: Siege (3)

Chapter 129: Siege (3)

Styma floated in the air, staring angrily at his surroundings.

He knew that he had lost this battle, and that Aurora City was doomed.

However, as chieftain of the Shivering Chill Tribe, even if he died, he needed to do so by going out in a blaze of glory.

The moment he appeared, he had unintentionally exposed himself to all of the firepower in the city. In that instant, Li Shaoxuan ordered all of his soldiers to immediately aim at Styma with their Thunderfire Crossbows. They would have fired, if it weren’t for Li Chongshan’s response.

His voice floated through the air in response to Styma’s call. “If Chieftain is the one inviting me, then how could I, Chongshan, not respond in kind?”

As he spoke, he stepped out from a group of soldiers, floating towards the sky.

In terms of Origin Skill cultivation, the Spirit Burning Realm Li Chongshan was obviously much stronger than Styma. He floated very casually through the air, giving off a leisurely and calm aura.

However, the Ferocious Race did not care for elegance, and they did not fight with Origin Skills either.

Styma howled as he watched Li Chongshan approach. The blade in his hand began to glow, flickering with lightning and roaring with thunder as he stabbed at Li Chongshan.

This simple blade strike exuded a shocking aura of death that seemed to propagate infinitely before everyone's eyes.

In that instant, a thought surfaced in everyone's minds: ‘Impossible to block.’

Even so, when faced with this frightening attack, Li Chongshan stepped forwards to meet it. His body began to hum as it vibrated with energy, as if there were countless bells buzzing beneath his skin. The humming was almost celestial in nature, and the faint image of a divine palace appeared behind him.

This divine palace released a bright radiance as it began to exert its influence on the lightning-covered blade, preventing it from descending.

“Burning Spirit Divine Palace!” Su Chen blurted out.

The Light Shaking Realm had Lotus Platforms, while the Spirit Burning Realm had Divine Palaces.

These Divine Palaces were equivalent to upgraded versions of a Lotus Platform. They were the truest manifestations of a person's cultivation power.

The Divine Palace in front of him had five levels, implying that Li Chongshan was an expert with a Fivefold Palace. The peak of the Spirit Burning Realm was at eight levels, so Li Chongshan was quite advanced even amongst for Spirit Burning Realm cultivators. In comparison, Gu Yaoye and the other three ancestors of the four big Bloodline Nobility Clans were all roughly at this level. However, they were also much older than Li Chongshan, a testament to Li Chongshan's outstanding talent.

The five-leveled palace protected Li Chongshan's body like a fortress. His defensive power was innumerably greater than that of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. When the blade of lightning collided with the Divine Palace, sparks flew everywhere as streaks of light arced through the sky.


Styma howled savagely as he waved his blade again. The lightning running across the surface of the blade grew more and more intense, and the inscriptions on his body also began to flicker ominously.

He opened with a killing move, going all-out from the very beginning.

In this life-or-death situation, he couldn’t afford to hold back. It was impossible for him to slowly advance during this battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Eighteen blades of lightning slammed into the Divine Palace repeatedly, knocking Li Chongshan around like a ping pong ball and forcing him back. The flashes of lightning would occasionally crash into the nearby buildings, reducing them to rubble. A few soldiers also accidentally touched the tendrils of lightning for just a moment, but they were instantly incinerated. The higher-level officials were forced to intervene.

Converting a numbers advantage into pure strength only worked when the gap between cultivation tiers was limited to a certain level. Ten elite Qi Drawing Realm cultivators under the leadership of a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator could defeat a Yang Opening Realm cultivator, but ten times those numbers wouldn’t ever be enough to deal with a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

“Li Chongshan, die!” Styma yelled loudly. Another eighteen fierce attacks sprang forth.

The Ferocious Race’s style of battle was very simple and crude. All of their cultivation was focused on increasing their brute strength and raw defensive ability. Even the Origin Energy they received from the temple’s baptism was treated as such. The lightning tendrils flickering across his blade were a result of his baptism. When paired with his own frightening physical power, the might he was able to unleash was far greater than that of a normal Spirit Burning Realm cultivator.

When faced with such an opponent, the best strategy wasn’t to charge forwards recklessly but rather to use a human’s natural agility to wear down the opponent, slowly grinding him to death.

However, Li Chongshan ignored this conventional logic. He chose the dumbest and most inexplicable tactic.

He used the Divine Palace to forcefully endure Styma’s attacks. Multicolored light scattered everywhere, to the point that Styma actually found it hard to keep his eyes open.

Then, he watched as the Divine Palace began to open its doors, and a massive tiger covered in raging flames emerged, opening its maw to bite down on Styma.

Scarlet Flame Demonic King!

Unlike lower-tier Origin Qi Scholars, Li Chongshan’s bloodline had congealed to around 40% purity, which made the Scarlet Flame Demonic King he formed much more realistic. It already seemed to have a physical form and could partly unleash a Demonic King’s true power.

Even though it was just a fraction, that was already frightening enough.

The Scarlet Flame Demonic Tiger charged forwards, causing the raging flames on its body to surge high into the sky. Its massive paw raked at the ground, making it seem as if the sun was about to collide with the earth.

Styma swung his blade fiercely. Streak after streak of lightning flew through the air, slamming into both the tiger and Li Chongshan. The excess lightning from the unrestrained energy sent thunder and lightning crackling all over the place, lighting up the sky.

Only two people were involved in this frightening battle, but Su Chen felt as if he had returned to Swallow River City, as if he were once again watching the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators fighting against the Demonic King. Unlike then, however, the area Swallow River City had covered was larger, and the effects were more widespread. On the other hand, the forest also concealed some parts of the battle and made it hard to see the entire fight clearly. Right now, Su Chen could clearly observe the exchanges of the two experts in front of him and understand it better.

He stared intently at the battle, his microscopic eye being utilized to its maximum extent as he observed the two of them trading blows.

Perhaps it was because he had been using the microscopic eye for so long, but Su Chen’s eyes could see things in quite high detail, and he could even capture the flow of energy. It was for this reason that he could observe the adaptations and fundamental attributes of both fighters’ styles.

At Swallow River City, he had been too busy focusing on saving lives and had had no spare time to observe the fight. Now, however, he had the opportunity to watch closely.

This was also the highest-caliber battle Su Chen had ever personally witnessed, and it had a profound and deep impact on him.

“So that’s how it is...... So that’s how it is...... I understand now! I understand now!” Su Chen muttered incessantly to himself as his eyes lit up.

Many of the questions he had been unable to understand before suddenly became extremely simple. Su Chen’s path towards reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline was advancing greatly the longer he watched the battle.

If before the path in front of him was filled with darkness, then at this moment a ray of light had appeared, illuminating a way to advance for Su Chen.

With a direction in place, he could begin to pave the road!

At this moment, Su Chen’s confidence that he would be able to create a technique for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline had grown significantly.

Li Chongshan and Styma were still fighting in midair, keeping themselves quite busy.

If no one interrupted them, the two of them might have fought all the way until the sun rose.

However, at that moment, a strange sound could suddenly be heard.

It was as if someone was muttering next to one’s ear. It was impossible to clearly hear what was being said, but there was a mysterious quality to it, and it made the listener feel like their consciousness was flickering slightly as their movements slowed.

Li Chongshan, however, laughed loudly when he noticed the strange situation. “So you’ve finally made a move? Your Majesty the ancestor, we’ve been waiting for you!”

As he spoke, the situation suddenly changed.

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