Chapter 128: Siege (2)

Chapter 128: Siege (2)

Aurora City was high on the list of Ferocious Race cities in terms of pure defensive prowess.

Even though it wasn’t as iron-clad as Flowing Gold Fort, Aurora City also had its own defensive system. There were many defensive Origin Formations scattered throughout the city, as well as many Thunderfire Crossbows that were specifically used to target attackers from long-range.

Even so, these defensive strategies were meant to be used against enemies outside the city walls. Once they managed to sneak into the city, the only line of defense left was the soldiers themselves.

The Ferocious Race soldiers, who had lost quite a bit of territory, didn’t panic. They charged forwards boldly, waving their blades in the air. Some didn’t even bother putting on body armor, deciding to do battle with just their weapons.

Even so, bravery couldn’t win against cold steel, and fearlessness could not defeat discipline.

The valiant yet unprepared Ferocious Race soldiers would never be able to defend themselves against the human soldiers, who had made ample preparations for battle.

Immediately after charging into Aurora City, all of the soldiers began to pour into the heart of the city under their respective commanders. They weren’t in a hurry to take control of a part of the city. Instead, they unrelentingly pushed deeper and deeper into the city. As they flooded every street and alleyway of the city, they slaughtered every Ferocious Race individual they came across.

The Ferocious Race were all natural-born warriors, and there was no distinction between a commoner and a soldier. Every one, even if they were a woman or child, could become an outstanding warrior as soon as they picked up their weapon.

Because of this, the Heavenly Might Battalion made no exceptions in their massacre, and they didn’t let any commoners escape.

The requirement Li Chongshan had given them was that not even a single blade of grass could remain standing wherever they walked.

Such was the nature of battles between races. This was the ultimate manifestation of the enmity and hatred between the two races — there was no compassion, no mercy. The only thought in every soldier’s mind was the ongoing slaughter.

They would either exterminate their opponents first, or their opponents would exterminate them.

Cheng Tianhai and his Seamount Garrison took point and charged into every street and alleyway of the city. Their job wasn’t to kill, but rather to disrupt the Ferocious Race’s defensive formations and instill a sense of panic, which would prevent their opponents from regrouping.

Jun Moxie and his Dragon Mountain Garrison played the part of the cleanup crew. They followed closely behind the rapidly advancing Seamount Garrison, wantonly killing the Ferocious Race individuals that had survived the initial charge. Their goal was to do as much damage as possible.

Lin Shaoxuan and his Hidden Mountain Garrison were responsible for keeping watch from the city walls. Even though the city walls had been taken, there were still many Ferocious Race soldiers resisting and because they were on the patrol shift, they were well-armed and had maintained a certain degree of organization. More importantly, there were still many Thunderfire Crossbows mounted on the city walls. Not only did the Hidden Mountain Garrison have to kill the guards on the city walls, but they also had to turn the Thunderfire Crossbows around so that they could use it against the Ferocious Race soldiers still in the city.

Aurora City was immediately engulfed in a fierce massacre. Blood and flames flew high into the sky, staining the entire city scarlet.

At the same time, this was like a hunting game. The human soldiers hunted their way through the Ferocious Race army, running right through them as if they were rotten wood.


An earth-shattering howl reverberated through the night.

Following this howl, a massive battleaxe descended from the air out of nowhere, swinging at a charging group of soldiers.

The group of ten or so soldiers raised their shields at the same time, bracing themselves for the blow as their shields gathered together to form a singular stout shield of light. Even so, this battleaxe strike cleaved right through the combined shield like it was air.

As the shield shattered, the axe continued to fly through the air, slamming into the ten-man team’s captain and bisecting him. It continued onwards, its momentum totally unhindered, until it eventually slammed into a section of the city walls, causing it to collapse.

A massive figure walked out of the shadows.

His brawny physique caused him to tower over everyone else like a mountain. The battleaxe he carried in one hand looked like it could split a mountain, and a bunch of throwing axes were slung over his back.

“DIE!” the Ferocious Race warrior yelled again, pulling out another flying axe from his back and tossing it at another group of soldiers. Even though those ten soldiers also did their best to try and defend themselves, their captain suffered the same fate of being cut in half.

Having wiped out two ten-man teams and their captains, the gigantic Ferocious Race warrior leapt forwards again, jumping in between the two teams. His body began to glow with a radiant light as he swung his massive battle axe at the ground at the same time.


A massive wave of energy began to radiate from him as the center, undulating across the ground and coursing through the eighteen soldiers from the two squads. They cried out tragically as the waves of energy sent them flying. Without their captains to lead them, their combined defensive formation could not be activated, and their average martial artist physiques were unable to withstand the violent energy. They were actually killed in a single blow.

“ROAR!” The Ferocious Race soldier tilted his head back and let out another fierce roar.

Even so, his rampage was about to come to an end.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Countless streaks of light arced across the sky as a squad of blue-garbed soldiers landed in front of his feet.

They were also a ten-man team, but their bodies glowed faintly with the luster of Origin Energy.

This group of soldiers were all in the Qi Drawing Realm, and their captain was at the Blood Boiling Realm.

“It’s a Temple Warrior with high-tier totem inscriptions. Everyone, be careful.”

“Roar!” The Ferocious Race warrior chopped down with his battleaxe.

However, his axe was not able to penetrate through his opponents’ defenses so easily this time.

The powerful barrier of light glowed brilliantly, withstanding the hacking attack of the battleaxe. At the same time, streaks of light began to rain down from the sky behind them, slamming into the gigantic warrior. Two groups of common soldiers had charged forwards again, wielding heavy crossbows that shot out volley after volley.

The lights on the warrior’s body flashed repeatedly but when faced against the unyielding torrent of attacks, it was still not enough. He howled and raged, wanting to charge out of the encirclement of Origin Qi Scholars, but he just couldn’t escape. Gradually, he began to run out of energy.

Finally, after yet another volley of crossbow bolts landed, the warrior’s defensive barrier was completely destroyed. Even more crossbow bolts continued to rain down on him, turning him into a pincushion almost immediately.

Having finished off the massive warrior, the squad of Origin Qi Scholars retreated, focusing their attention on another target.

This squad of Origin Qi Scholars were from the Heavenly Might Battalion’s Blue Mountain Company.

There were only a thousand people in the Blue Mountain Company, but they were all Origin Qi Scholars who had been hand-picked from a large group of soldiers. They were the elites of the Heavenly Might Battalion.

The Ferocious Race soldier they had been fighting was one who had been baptized once by the Origin Energy Temple and whose totemic inscriptions were already at the high-tier level. His strength should have been equivalent to that of someone at the peak of the Yang Opening Realm, but the Blue Mountain Company had stopped his attack with just nine Qi Drawing Realm cultivators and a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator. And with the aid of two normal squads, they had managed to defeat that warrior, demonstrating their superiority and strength. The leader of this squad was Chu Yingwan.

Su Chen had watched the Ferocious Race warrior go down. He couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

This was the power of an army. They could turn numbers into actual strength. If he had faced an army like this back in Clear River City, he would have probably died.

However, this kind of elite group was extremely rare, even among the human armies.

Of course, determining the outcome of a battle also depended on the performances of the powerful individuals!


Energy surged forth as a column of light shot into the sky. Another massive figure appeared, followed by a booming roar, “Li Chongshan, do you dare come out and fight me!?”

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