Chapter 127: Siege (1)

Chapter 127: Siege (1)

Crimson Army Peak, Aurora City.

This city was located in the western stretches of the Permafrost Wastelands, and it belonged to the Shivering Chill Tribe.

The Shivering Chill Tribe was a large tribe that had historically dominated the Permafrost Wasteland. During the height of their power, they were strong enough to fight for control over the whole Blood and Iron Country. Even though they had never sat on the throne before, they were constantly very close to the top throughout the tens of thousands of years of Ferocious Race history.

Even now, they were an extremely strong tribe in the Permafrost Wasteland.

Aurora City was the ancient home of the Shivering Chill Tribe.

According to Su Chen’s plan, Aurora City was a checkpoint that absolutely needed to be taken. This was because the Extremity Ice Wolf Origin Cores found here were a crucial resource for passing through the Danger Crater.

The reason they had chose to attack this place first was primarily because this was going to be the hardest preparation they had to make.

They had to break the hardest bone first before the Ferocious Race was able to respond and heighten their defenses. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult to break through if the opponent increased their defenses any further.

The second reason was that since this place was the ancient home of the Shivering Chill Tribe, not only did it possess a large military presence but also contained the tribe’s Divine Shrine, which was where the Ferocious Race kept all their information. By taking this Divine Shrine, that was the equivalent of possessing the entire wealth of the Ferocious Face’s information, meaning that he did not have to take as many detours when performing experiments. In addition, the Hemolytic Totem had been derived from the Ferocious Race’s Totemic Inscriptions, so the Divine Shrine might contain large quantities of resources for making the Hemolytic Totem, which could then be used to further increase the Heavenly Might Battalion’s power.

Late in the night.

The stars twinkled in the dark sky.

At the front of the city, a group of Ferocious Race soldiers was sitting around drinking wine and scarfing down meat. In the middle were two Ferocious Race soldiers arm wrestling each other around a table made of ice.






The crowd of onlookers yelled and cheered them on incessantly.

The two Ferocious Race soldiers struggled as their eyes bulged and their foreheads began to turn purple.

Finally, one of the soldiers began to slip, and his arm was slowly pressed down.

The back of his hand finally fell onto the ice table’s surface.


A few of the Ferocious Race soldiers began to cheer loudly.

“Nicely done, Gurr! You’re worthy of the title ‘Red Dragon!’ I knew I was right to bet on you!”

“I won again!”

“Beautifully done!”

“AWOO!” The victorious Ferocious Race soldier waved his arms as he basked in the praise. A few of the other soldiers waved around large bags of money as they danced around him.

In contrast to their joy, there were a few Ferocious Race soldiers who seemed quite depressed.

“Damned Hanza, you said you could beat him.”

“I shouldn’t have trusted this bastard.”

“This useless thing! Trusting him was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

The Ferocious Race soldiers who had lost complained to vent their dissatisfaction.

The Ferocious Race soldier who had been called the Red Dragon raised his hands high in the air. “Anyone else?”

No one answered his call.

It seemed like everyone had given up challenging him.

At this moment, no one noticed a cloud of dust silently encroaching onto the city.

A battalion of soldiers was advancing silently under the cover of the night.

The darkness concealed the battalion’s movements. The stars tonight were quite bright, making the darkness itself stand out, an obvious target — that is, if those soldiers hadn’t been so oblivious.

It wasn’t their fault. After all, they were in the backlines, and the soldiers here weren’t used to fighting.

However, these excuses weren’t important. What mattered the most were the results.

The darkness rapidly closed in, getting closer and closer to the city walls.

The soldiers atop the city walls were still chugging down wine and making a ruckus, pushing each other around and making fun of each other.

Finally, one of the soldiers stepped away from the group momentarily.

Perhaps because he had drunk too much, he wandered around the city walls, swaying back and forth before he finally stopped at a corner of the city, pulling down his pants and relieving himself.

At this moment, he finally noticed that something off in the distance was wrong.

A moving wave of darkness.

At first, he was a bit taken aback. He rubbed his eyes, and after confirming that his eyes weren’t deceiving him, he said to another nearby soldier instead of reacting immediately, “Tuer, look at that. What is that? Is my eyesight going?”

The soldier named Tuer also walked over. He had drunk quite a bit as well, and he didn’t realize what the strange scene outside the city walls was either. He said, “I’m not too sure — maybe it’s fog?”

The first soldier said, somewhat in a daze, “I think I should go and find the commander to take a look at it, or at least use the Eagle Eye.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s just some fog; it’s no big deal,” Tuer said disdainfully. He looked down, then said, “Your appendage is about to freeze off.”

“Oh.” The soldier finally remembered that his member was still hanging out, so he hurriedly began to relieve himself.

The fog had already reached the walls of the city. Liquid flew off of the walls and rained down on the fog below.

The soldier chuckled with satisfaction.

Then, a shocking scene appeared before his eyes.

The dark fog suddenly shot up the city wall, and a covered face suddenly appeared before his eyes.

“This is......”

The two Ferocious Race soldiers simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air as they realized what was happening.


The humans had managed to sneak in right under their eyelids.

Just as they were about to cry out.


Blade light flashed through the air, and two heads flew in an arc through the sky.

As two fountains of blood suddenly began to spurt from their necks, a high-ranking human officer clad entirely in grey armor appeared at the top of the city walls, wielding his steel blade.

Drops of water were in his hair — pee from the aforementioned Ferocious Race soldiers.

Anger and killing intent appeared in his expression, combining to give him a unique aura. The high-ranking officer raised his blade and swung it through the air. “Attack!”

Immediately following this command, soldier after soldier mounted the walls of the city, charging towards the partying Ferocious Race soldiers below.

At this moment, the Ferocious Race soldiers finally reacted.


Shrill cries began to ring out, but before they could travel far they were quickly silenced by a slash to the throat. A Ferocious Race soldier clutched at his wound, unwilling to fall to the ground, but another streak of light flew forward and cut off his head, forcing his cries to cease.

Even so, there were other soldiers who were starting to cry out.



“We’re being ambushed!”

The warning cries rang throughout the city.

But just as these warnings came out, they were all silenced by a cold blade light.

In order to conceal the secret ambush, Li Chonghai and all the other generals of the Heavenly Might Battalion had personally taken to the field as the vanguard.

The person who had gotten pissed on was Cheng Tianhai.

Even though so many experts had simultaneously unleashed powerful attacks and killed many Ferocious Race soldiers, there were still one or two who were able to escape through the fishing net and send out a warning.


The crisp clash of metal ripped apart the calmness of the night.

This time, it wasn’t just individual Ferocious Race soldiers crying out. The entire city was now on alert.


A clear shout rang through the sky. At this moment, even a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator would have a hard time suppressing the alarm.

However, it was already too late.


With an extremely loud squeal, the doors to the city were opened, and the human army rushed in like a tidal wave.

“Attack with full force!” Shi Kaihuang yelled out coarsely.

The battle for Aurora City had officially begun.

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