Chapter 121: Retreat (1)

Chapter 121: Retreat (1)

Su Chen’s words made Li Chongshan and the others pause.

They had finally realized what kind of mistake they had made. Yes, they were truly planning on infiltrating through the territory of an Origin Beast.

Actually, they themselves didn’t have the confidence to say that they would pass this test for sure. Any small deviation from the plan could result in its complete failure.

Under these kinds of circumstances, their opponents didn’t even need to send a large army to ambush them. They just needed to send a small group of soldiers who were unafraid of death to the Death Region and station them there.

Li Chongshan and the others could easily imagine what would happen as soon as the Heavenly Might Army entered the Death Region on their land boats — for the cost of just a few lives, the Ferocious Race could purchase the extermination of the entire Heavenly Might Battalion.

“Scouting team, turn the Heaven’s Eye around and scan the Death Region!” Lin Shaoxuan yelled.

“All troops, fall back!” Li Chongshan made another order.

There was no point delaying any longer. When the Origin Beast awakened, the Heavenly Might Battalion might be wiped out even if they weren’t in the strict boundaries of the Death Region — no one dared to test an Origin Beast’s patience or offensive capabilities. This kind of frightening existence might sunder the heavens if it woke up on the wrong side of its bed.

“Release the land boats. If there are Ferocious Race soldiers actually in there, they have probably already spotted us already. The land boats might trick them into thinking that we’ve entered the Death Region and should help us buy some time,” Su Chen said.

“Prepare a group of people as well. If they find targets, they will try their best to intercept them,” Jun Moxie added.

Everyone felt a chill cover their hearts when they heard this.

The people chosen to carry out this mission would definitely die.

Even so, no one felt like what Jun Moxie had said was wrong. If there were really Ferocious Race soldiers hiding in the Death Region, sending out a team to intercept them was in fact the best tactical move.

“Shen Tian, Han Qiu, take your people and prepare to move out,” Li Chongshan said commandingly.

The two people he had chosen were his two personal captains who had been with him for many years. With the survival of the entire battalion at stake, Li Chongshan could only send the people he valued the most to their deaths.

“As you command!” the two captains simultaneously responded.

They also knew that they would not return once they set off, but they didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

“Use the remaining time you have left to tell your men…… to write down their last words,” Li Chongshan said.

“There’s no need, commander. Everyone has already written theirs down ever since we set out for Leguha Castle. We are all already prepared,” the young captain Shen Tian replied.

The other captain, Han Qiu, laughed. “Commander, please rest easy. We are carefree men. If we die then so be it. As long as you all can kill some more Ferocious Race soldiers in my stead, then my death will not have been in vain.”

Li Chongshan sighed and nodded wordlessly.

Even Su Chen couldn’t resist saying, “Rest easy knowing that the Ferocious Race will be forced to pay a heavy price for this.”

Shen Tian and Han Qiu laughed. “Many thanks, Prince Su.”

“You have saved everyone. We are all very grateful towards you.”

At this moment, one of the scouting parties yelled, “I found them! A Ferocious Race soldier is hidden in a mud pit ten kilometers to the west. Damn, he’s really dug in deep! It took me three tries to spot him!”

“There’s another one here.”

“Here too. Damn, they’ve split up to conceal themselves better.”

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Even though they had been prepared for the news, they still felt incredibly fortunate once their suspicions were confirmed.

If it weren’t for Su Chen, then the entire Heavenly Might Battalion would have been wiped out here.

Concealing and planting these whistleblowers to observe the enemy’s movements was definitely meant to act as a trigger to awaken the Origin Beast. This kind of tactic was vicious and heartless. There was no doubt as to what the outcome would have been.

Yet Su Chen was able to sniff out this kind of tactic. All you could say was that these two rivals were cut from the same cloth.

“Move out!” Li Chongshan said.

Shen Tian and Han Qiu stepped into the land boats and slipped underground, heading towards the Death Region.

At the same time, the Heavenly Might Army began to slowly retreat under Li Chongshan and the other’s directions. Most of the stronger individuals remained at the rear and used all kinds of tactics to create an illusion that they were still there.

No one knew how long their concealment tactics could deceive the Ferocious Race for. Now, all they could do was buy as many seconds as possible.

The Heavenly Might Battalion was truly an elite group of soldiers. After being chased incessantly through the Ferocious Race’s territory, their efficiency had become much higher than before. The ten-thousand-plus man battalion retreated as one with no delays.

They were like a gust of wind, leaving just as quickly as they had come.

Shi Kaihuang and the others were the last to leave. Their presence could further deceive the Ferocious Race for a bit longer.

After watching the last group of people retreat, Guo Wenchang said, “Let’s go as well.”

“Wait for just a moment,” Shi Kaihuang said. “We can give our brothers a bit more time.”

“Can I say something that might not sound that pretty?” Jun Moxie said. “There’s actually no point in doing so.”

“Why do you say that?” Chu Yingwan asked.

Jun Moxie shrugged. “You know that an Origin Beast can catch up to us with just a few breaths even if we were to run ten thousand kilometers away...... What really determines whether or not we die is not our speed but rather how pissed off that guy gets.”

Everyone fell silent.

It was Su Chen who spoke up first, saying, “Would you chase after a mosquito and kill it if it bit you?”

Jun Moxie stared blankly for a moment before shaking his head. “I wouldn’t.”

“But what if it was right next to you? You might try to kill it with a casual swing of your hands, right?” Su Chen said.

Jun Moxie understood what Su Chen was getting at. He laughed, “That comparison does have some merit to it. I hope that it’s as you say.”

“Then what are we waiting around for? Let’s get out of here!” Chu Yingwan said.

Everyone flew into the air.

Shi Kaihuang was just about to grab Su Chen when he pulled out the Flying Moon Shuttle. “I have this.”

The Flying Moon Shuttle flew amongst the group of soldiers, not a single bit slower than the rest of them at all.

“Old Shi, this disciple of yours is quite interesting,” Li Chongshan said.

“He’s the most gifted child I have ever seen, but he shouldn’t have come here,” Shi Kaihuang sighed.

Cheng Tianhai unhappily said, “Listen to what you’re saying. He just saved eight thousand lives.”

“If he survives, he will save even more,” Shi Kaihuang said bluntly.

Li Chongshan understood his hidden meaning. “Is it appropriate to place all of your hopes on a kid like this?”

Shi Kaihuang shook his head and replied, “You only know that the techniques for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm and the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline were developed by me, but what you don’t know is that I couldn’t have done it without him.”


Everyone was stunned.

“Unfortunately, my experience is limited past a certain point, and I won’t be able to go any higher. I can only place my hopes on him,” Shi Kaihuang said casually.

He had told Su Chen before that once he entered the army, he wouldn’t have any more time to research a technique for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline.

However, only he knew that even without this barrier he wouldn’t be able to make any more breakthroughs.

His experiences had limited his ability, making it impossible for him to reach any higher.

However, he knew that Su Chen could.

Shi Kaihuang continued his train of thought, explaining, “I am very happy that he has come to save me, since it means that my appraisal of him wasn’t wrong. However, Chongshan, promise me this — even if the entire Heavenly Might Battalion is exterminated, do not let Su Chen die. He is the hope of the entire human race. I firmly believe that he will break through the restrictions on all bloodlines and achieve a true path of cultivation for the entire human race!”

Li Chongshan was speechless when he heard this passionate confession. He was just about to say something when he sudenly heard Li Chongshan yell, “Quick, look over there!”

He quickly turned around, only to find that the scenery behind them had undergone a massive change.

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