Chapter 118: Lookout

Chapter 118: Lookout

Near the Lonely Swan Desert.

This place connected the Harvey Plains and the Permafrost Plains. Any further east and one would be in the infamous Death Region.

There were many places on the Primordial Continent where life could not exist. The Death Region was obviously one of these places.

This lifeless place had existed for tens of thousands of years and throughout its existence, nothing living had ever entered the Death Region and come out the other side alive.

When the Illustrious Divine Dynasty had forced the Ferocious Race all the way back to the Permafrost Wastelands, they had once tried to pass through the Death Region so that they could and attack the humans from the rear, pulling off a miraculous rout in the process.

However, this plan ultimately failed. Two hundred thousand Ferocious Race soldiers had entered the Death Region, but no more than a thousand soldiers returned.

The lucky Ferocious Race soldiers who had survived finally relayed what exactly existed in the Death Region.

An Origin Beast.

It slept in the middle of the Death Region, and destroyed any living being that would dare disturb it.

From that day onwards, no living creature would ever dare challenge that dark area filled with the aura of death.

A path through the Death Region wasn’t even considered when traveling from the Ferocious Race’s territory to human territory. This was because, according to their concept, there was no possible path to be taken!

However, the situation today was very different.

A human army was approaching the entrance to the region from afar.

They advanced silently. Even though there were many of them, no one was making a clamor, demonstrating the impeccable discipline of a powerful army.

Shi Kaihuang sat atop his Thousand Mile Buckhorse and gazed at the dark region off in the distance. From afar, it looked like a massive maw, waiting to devour any living beings that even thought of trespassing.

Now, the Heavenly Might Battalion, which numbered in the thousands, was planning on challenging this region of death.

“No matter if we succeed or not, we are destined to go down in the annals of history,” Shi Kaihuang sighed.

“If we fail, it’ll be over in a matter of minutes. I still feel like it’s better to turn around and slaughter to our heart’s content,” Cheng Tianhai muttered.

“Shut your mouth, you scoundrel. You can afford to not care about your own life, but you can’t do that with your own soldiers. More importantly, there must be some of us who will be able to return alive so that we can tell the higher-ups everything we know,” Chu Yingwan replied unhappily.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have any Dream Monarchs. Otherwise the situation wouldn’t be such a pain,” Lin Shaoxuan said.

“Soldiers are all poor. Who has the money to buy higher authority tiers?” Li Chongshan laughed.

Spending hundreds of millions of Origin Stones to obtain a title in the illusory Dreamrealm was a bit out of a reach in the realm of possibility for these hardened veterans.

“That’s true. What a pity, Old Shi! You gave all your money to your disciple; otherwise, you probably could have reached the Dream Monarch level,” Guo Wenchang said.

Shi Kaihuang replied indifferently, “It wouldn’t be any use even if I were a Dream Monarch. They wouldn’t let us send out any information anyways. The only person who would have profited from all of this fighting would be the Lord of the Dreamrealm.”

“Don’t worry. My beautiful plan will definitely succeed.” Jun Moxie’s slanted eyes glittered with excitement as he stared at the darkness ahead of them. “When we pass through the Death Region and return home, we will be known everywhere as heroes. I can already hear the cries of praise and worship.”

“What an overconfident man,” Chu Yingwan frowned as she said disdainfully.

“What do you know?” Jun Moxie shot Chu Yingwan a dirty glance.

“Okay, okay, let’s stop squabbling. We’ve already reached the entrance. Everyone can get off of their horses and rest for a bit. Send out an investigations team to scout the surrounding area so that we will be prepared as best as we can be. There cannot be any nosie or fires. We’ve already expended so much energy to get here, and we cannot fail at this point in time,” Li Chongshan said.

As the commander of the Heavenly Might Army, his words were the will of the army. Everyone agreed, then began to direct their own troops.

However, the investigations team had just set out when they came back, yelling in alarm, “A Cloud-Piercing Shuttle is heading this way right now!”


Everyone was stunned.

Had the Ferocious Race discovered their movements? How was it possible for them to be this quick?

“Wait a minute, did you say it was a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle?” Shi Kaihuang asked the investigations soldier.

“Yes, sir! The Heavenly Investigations Eye saw it himself. A Cloud-Piercing Shuttle is heading right in our direction, and it should arrive soon. Should we shoot it down?” the investigations team soldier replied.

“How could the Ferocious Race have a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle?” Someone else — namely, Guo Wenchang — had also realized this contradiction.

The Ferocious Race had their own air force. They relied on incredibly powerful poisonous wyverns for transportation. Thankfully, there weren’t many of them, and they were hard to tame, so it was rare to encounter them.

“Could it be a fellow human?” Lin Shaoxuan muttered to himself.

“What human would be this bold as to fly in Ferocious Race airspace?” Li Chongshan sighed.

The skies were never peaceful. There were many frightening Demonic Beasts flying about at high altitudes. The skies were the territory of these Demonic Beasts even in the airspace above the cities of the five major races. However, these Demonic Beasts wouldn’t come down easily, and the five major races wouldn’t go up easily.

The human race was in okay shape. Every year, they would take the initiative to clean up a few of the Demonic Beasts at high-altitude, preserving the safety of their airspaces. In contrast, the Ferocious Race allowed the Demonic Beasts to do as they pleased, as they helped them to defend against the human armies.

Because of this, the Heavenly Might Army had never even considered flying back home. It wasn’t just that most of them didn’t know how to fly — it was that flying through the air was exceptionally dangerous.

However, this Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was zooming in their direction seemingly without a care at all, giving everyone quite a shock.

“Let’s go take a look!” Li Chongshan said.

The Heavenly Might’s Seven Heroes began to walk in that direction.

On the mountain slope, a Heaven’s Eye was currently set up there. It was one of the humans’ ways of gathering intelligence. It could observe targets from extremely far away, but it could not see through the large-scale concealment used in battle.

Li Chongshan stared at the sky for a brief moment. Indeed, a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle appeared in the crystal, shooting in their direction.

It was worth noting that the top of the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was open, making it possible to clearly see the person within the shuttle.

Because he was getting closer, Li Chongshan could see the figure quite clearly. He blurted out, “He’s human.”


“It’s really a human?”

“How could this be? Why is someone bringing a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle over right now?”

“Careful! It could be a human traitor who is working for the Ferocious Race.”

“So what should we do? Should we shoot it down? That Cloud-Piercing Shuttle is extremely fast and will soon reach a distance where they can see us.”

They began to discuss amongst themselves as they watched the shuttle approach.

If the human on the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle was a traitor, then he would expose everyone’s plans as soon as he saw them.

“Shoot him down!”

“Shoot him down!”

“Shoot him down!”

Everyone began to call out.

This matter was related to the army’s safety as a whole. At this moment, they would rather kill an innocent person than let a guilty one get away.

At this moment, it was Shi Kaihuang’s turn to lead.

He took one glance at the sky before his figure trembled. “Su Chen!”

“What?” Everyone was stunned, unsure of what the name Su Chen was supposed to mean.

Shi Kaihuang began to yell loudly, “It’s my disciple! That person is my disciple! He’s here to save us!!!”

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