Chapter 117: Financial Suppression

Chapter 117: Financial Suppression

The thunder and flames mixed together wildly, before the combined plasma burst forth like an ocean wave.

“Assemble!” Shatan howled piercingly.

At this moment, he no longer had any intentions of underestimating Su Chen.

The remaining Ferocious Race soldiers retreated simultaneously, surrounding the Clairvoyant and standing together.

Their totems began to light up, forming something like a magic barrier. As they joined together, the Ferocious Race soldiers’ totemic light coalesced into a massive sphere of light, with arcane inscriptions swirling across the surface of the barrier.


The flaming phoenix slammed into the golden sphere of light. The flaming phoenix, which had been successful up until now, was actually unable to penetrate the golden circle of light. Sparks flew everywhere as the tiny flames dissipated.

However, the Thunder Blade immediately followed, slamming into the golden sphere and causing it to crack slightly.

In terms of power tiers, the flaming phoenix was more powerful than the Thunder Blade, but the flaming phoenix was an area-of-effect attack so its single-target damage was weaker. Its ability to do overall damage was greater but its focused power was weaker. As such, it was better against targets with weaker defenses, but it wasn’t as effective against opponents with stronger defenses.

The Thunder Blade was the exact opposite. Its overall killing power was much weaker, but it could break through stronger defenses and was great when used against a single target. This was why the Thunder Blade seemed more effective against barrier.

When Su Chen saw this, he gave up on using his Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art. Instead, he focused all his energy on the Mountain-Beheading Blade glowing with lightning, constantly slashing with the blade.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Eighteen Thunder Blades surged forwards simultaneously.

Because the Thunder Blade was a relatively low-tier technique, it was quite simple to use and could be unleashed many times in rapid succession.

As the eighteen Thunder Blades slammed into the golden sphere, it began to crack heavily in a spiderweb pattern.

The next instant, the golden sphere shattered.

A massive wave of energy sent all of the Ferocious Race soldiers flying. Before they could even land on the ground, Su Chen teleported behind one of them like a ghost. He had no strength to punch them with his right hand, having just unleashed eighteen straight Thunder Blades, but the Shadow Flame Glove on his left hand was covered with concentrated Shadow Substance as he clawed at one of the Ferocious Race soldier’s backs.

Shadow Claw.

He easily plucked out that Ferocious Race soldier’s heart.

Without missing a beat, Su Chen immediately teleported to the side as two flying axes whizzed past him. Two more slammed into him, but his Meg’s Guardian was able to keep them at bay; he didn’t even need to use the Algae Thread Coral Robe to protect himself.

“ROAR!” Shatan howled as he leapt into the air. His lightning-covered blade swung through the air repeatedly, demonstrating his anger, and even his howls seemed to carry a devouring intent, as if he were a massive beast circling Su Chen, his prey.

The captain was probably the only person here capable of threatening Su Chen.


With this powerful attack, Su Chen’s barriers finally shattered, but before the lightning-covered blade was able to hit him, four more swords appeared by Su Chen’s side.

Flowerless Defensive Swords.

These were Grade Five Origin Tools

The four Flowerless Defensive Swords appeared simultaneously, and four layers of light completely encircled Su Chen.

Most normal people wouldn’t be able to control four Origin Tools at once, not to mention that Su Chen was also still using the Mountain-Beheading Blade.

However, Su Chen was different from most normal people.

That was because these four Origin Tools were Soul Armaments.

With the Soul Armaments and the riches that he possessed, Su Chen had such tactics at his disposal that no one could use: suppressing others purely through wealth.


A ferocious wave of lightning rolled over the Flowerless Defensive Swords, but the fearsome attack only caused a wave of light to shine out in response.

Su Chen gestured, and the four Flowerless Defensive Swords disappeared, replaced by four more swords.

The Limpid Frigid Swords.

An icy breeze began to blow, and a chilly light emanated from the swords as they surged forwards.

Trapped in the wave of extreme cold, the Ferocious Race soldiers felt themselves freezing over, and their movements became restricted.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Two Ferocious Race heads went flying as blood went flying everywhere.

They couldn’t tell where the attacks were coming from. All they saw was two bloody streaks, proving that two weapons that they couldn’t see had beheaded them.

Flowing Frost Shadowless Swords.

These swords were invisible.

After unleashing the Limpid Frigid Swords, Su Chen had secretly pulled out two invisible swords and cut off two of the Ferocious Race soldiers’ heads.

Now, there were only four people left in the Ferocious Race elite squad.

“NO!” Shatan howled angrily.

This group of elites was the most outstanding amongst the whole tribe. They had undertaken all kinds of extremely dangerous missions in the past, and were exceptionally useful in the ongoing war against the humans. As such, they were seen as crucial tribe members. The tribe’s leader had even said before that Shatan’s group was worth a thousand main soldiers of the Ferocious Race’s army.

Now, however, this elite group of individuals, which could take on a thousand normal Ferocious race soldiers, had been chopped up like vegetables. How could he accept this?

He finally realized that his group were simply no match for their opponents.

He wasn’t afraid of death.

However, he was afraid of not completing his general’s mission.

He finally yelled, “Split up and escape separately! Bring news of this to the commander!”

Su Chen frowned.

This was exactly what he was hoping to not hear.

Not only was the small group in front of him powerful, but they could also use their brains — otherwise, they wouldn’t have been sent here to investigate the remains of the Yellow Dragon Forest.

Upon hearing Shatan’s command, the other three Ferocious Race soldiers seemed to understand and immediately turned around to run. Shatan, on the other hand, took the initiative to charge forwards. He was very clear that someone needed to stay behind to keep Su Chen busy, and that he was the only person capable of doing this.

A killing intent flashed across Su Chen’s eyes, followed by a strange glimmer of light as the three Ferocious Soldiers attempted to escape. Fata Morgana was activated.

The four soldiers simultaneously froze in place.

However, in that instant the Clairvoyant let out a shrill yell. Blood flowed from his eyes as Su Chen’s Fata Morgana was nullified.

The Clairvoyant could see through anything fake, running the gamut from illusions to concealments and disguises. However, this Clairvoyant was obviously not strong enough; even though he had seen through Su Chen’s Fata Morgana, his eyes had been badly injured in the process. Su Chen also grunted in pain as he experienced the powerful backlash. His consciousness was very powerful, allowing him to endure the backlash, but he wouldn’t be able to use Fata Morgana again for some time.

The other two Ferocious Race soldiers took advantage of the opportunity to escape.

“Dammit!” Su Chen cursed. He gestured, and a large group of Soul Armaments split up to chase after those two soldiers.

The Clairvoyant could still see despite the bleeding from his eyes. He furiously sprinted in that direction, using his own body to block the Soul Armaments.

At least six of the Soul Armaments penetrated deep into his body, and the Clairvoyant pressed his hands firmly on the armaments, not letting them leave his body. One was able to dodge the Clairvoyant and stabbed at one of the Ferocious Race soldiers. His arm went flying, but he continued to charge forwards without even looking back.

At the same time, Shatan charged at Su Chen. The lightning-covered blade shone brilliantly as the energy reached new heights. Even Su Chen had to carefully deal with the all-out attack of a Ferocious Race Hero.

Of the two groups of Soul Armaments he had sent out, Su Chen could see that one of them had skewered one of the Ferocious Race soldiers, but the other Soul Armaments had been kept in place by the Clairvoyant’s sacrifice, and that Ferocious Race soldier was now outside of Su Chen’s attack range.

Perhaps it was due to some special technique, but even though he had lost an arm, that soldier’s speed was as quick as lightning. A blood-colored trail was left behind as he sprinted away. He was so fast that Su Chen would have a hard time keeping up with him even if there was no one hindering him.

Even though he had escaped, he wasn’t afraid of death.

He had used his life to escape so that he could report the news to the commander.

Su Chen sighed as he looked at the frenzied Shatan, who was attacking wildly and without reservation.

That Ferocious Race soldier was injured and was activating a secret technique to escape, so it was impossible for him to hold on until he reached the main tribe. But as long as he wasn’t an idiot, he could just find any Ferocious Race individual and pass along the news, and the secret of what had happened at Yellow Dragon Forest wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

Of course, he could also die before he encountered any other Ferocious Race individual, but Su Chen also knew that wishing for this to happen was too far-fetched. It was obvious that he was heading for Gentle Breeze City.

Su Chen knew that he didn’t have much time left on his hands.

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