Chapter 116: Thunder and Fire

Chapter 116: Thunder and Fire


With a massive boom, Su Chen flew into the air. An illusory image appeared behind his back as he landed on the ground — he had used Whitetower Teleportation to avoid the combined attacks from the six Ferocious Race soldiers, but he didn’t expected to be suddenly assaulted by the Ferocious Race captain as soon as he had regained his footing.

As he wiped away the blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, Su Chen chuckled slightly. “You are truly the elite.”

“A Ferocious Race individual?” The Ferocious Race captain was stunned.

The Clairvoyant howled loudly, “He’s not of out Ferocious Race, he’s a human!”

“So that’s how it is.” The captain immediately understood. “I heard that a human infiltrated our territory a few days ago and most likely had the ability to disguise himself. He wiped out hundreds of teams, infiltrated the army’s main barracks, stole information related to the Heavenly Might Army, and then killed a Bone Diviner and a Soulless. It seems like you’re the one they’ve been talking about.”

Su Chen didn’t try to conceal his appearance any longer. He reverted back to his original appearance and said with a slight smile, “It seems like my reputation precedes me.”

“Regardless, your reputation will come to an end today,” the captain stated coldly.

“I feel like my reputation will include defeating a Clairvoyant and an elite investigations team instead after today.”


He launched a punch.

When there was no more to be said, it was time to fight. Su Chen didn’t hesitate, and his opponent didn’t dilly-dally around either.

The six Ferocious Race soldiers attacked simultaneously, intense pressure bursting from their bodies as light began to flow along their Totemic Inscriptions.

They all had mid-tier Totemic Inscriptions.

Even though Su Chen’s strength was enough to deal with the six people attacking him simultaneously, he chose to retreat in order to conserve energy. As he leapt through the air, his figure seemed to turn hazy as he escaped like an agile bird. Even though the current Su Chen couldn’t fly yet, he was more than capable of taking around a dozen or so steps in midair.

The Ferocious Race were extremely proficient at close-quarters combat, but they weren’t good at attacking from a distance. Pulling open the distance between them and then using the Flaming Phoenix to wipe them all out was a great idea.

However, at the same time that Su Chen flew into the air, the six Ferocious Race soldiers simultaneously pulled out the same item.

A throwing axe.


Six axes flashed in his direction, all glowing with a chilly light.

This move shocked Su Chen and put quite a bit of pressure on him. Thankfully, the Mountain-Beheading Blade had returned to him, and he let out a yell as he swung the blade through the air. Sparks flew everywhere as the six flying axes were sent clattering away. Even as they flew back, the axes actually readjusted their flight paths in midair and returned to their owners. However, even though Su Chen had just driven back one wave of attacks, he still had another to deal with.

His move was simpler yet sharper than the rest.

He swung his blade.

The surface of his blade glowed with lightning and electricity sparked off quite menacingly. The moment he struck, the sky lit up as if lightning had suddenly struck down from the sky and shattered the darkness of the night.

The sizzling streak of energy shot towards Su Chen. He had the distinct feeling that there was no way he was going to be able to withstand this blow.

A Blood Boiling Realm’s Origin Qi!

Even though that didn’t sound impressive, and it was far below Su Chen’s Yang Opening Realm cultivation base, that combined with his high-tier Totemic Inscriptions gave him the ability to unleash powerful torrents of Origin Energy that far surpassed his cultivation base.


The massive Primordial Blood Incarnation illusion appeared, and the Mountain-Beheading Blade expanded, then swept through the air and collided with the streak of lightning. Sparks flew everywhere, creating a beautiful, scene reminiscent of fireworks.

Su Chen’s body flew back into the sky before he had an opportunity to land.

Damn, I’ve been sent flying again, Su Chen cursed silently.

Increasing the distance between him and his opponents would allow him to attack from afar, but he would also lose the ability to unleash his full strength. The end result was that even though he had activated the Primordial Blood Incarnation, Su Chen was still forced to back off.

Thankfully, he hadn’t received any fatal injuries; the Qi and blood flow in his body had merely been momentarily disrupted.

Su Chen finally landed back on the ground. The Ferocious Race captain didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to attack and instead said, “You’re quite powerful, but your strength is not as great as your arrogance.”

Su Chen’s expression was serious. “I have fought many Ferocious Race soldiers on my way here, but few are as sober and composed as you.”

The Ferocious Race captain didn’t seem delighted when he heard this. He positioned his blade in front of his chest and declared, “My name is Shatan!”

“I didn’t ask for your name.” Su Chen flipped his left hand over, and a sea of flaming molten droplets appeared in the air.

Theurgy Arts: Flaming Phoenix Ascends.

The flaming phoenix in midair tilted its head back and screeched piercingly, then shot towards the Ferocious Race squad.

“Out of the way!” Shatan howled fiercely as the inscriptions on his entire body shone brightly.

The lightning-covered blade struck again, splitting the clouds this time. The tip of the blade shone brightly before shooting towards the flaming phoenix.

The flames and the lightning streak collided, and the resulting violent explosion caused a flash of light to shine forth. The flaming phoenix shrieked as the blaze on its body burned even brighter. The powerful flames engulfed the lightning, completely dissipating the energy of the lightning.

The blustering flame energy charged towards Shatan, slamming into his high-tier Totemic Inscriptions and causing them to flash and flicker unstably.

The flying axes were thrown into the air again as the soldiers fought bitterly to protect their captain. Even the soldiers responsible for guarding the Clairvoyant flew into action. Eight flying axes flew through the air with shocking killing intent, attempting to break through the dense swath of flames.

However, the majestic illusory image just waved its blade, knocking aside all of the flying axes that flew in his direction.

“Insignificant creatures!” the massive illusory image boomed.

It could actually speak.

Its words represented Su Chen’s will.

This was the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s improvement. In this moment, the illusory image had combined with his physical body. Even Su Chen’s physical body seemed to expand at this moment.

Su Chen’s blade struck out viciously, cutting into one of the soldier’s bodies. Even though that Ferocious Race soldier’s inscriptions flickered violently, the blade was able to go right through his inscriptions. The soldier flew through the air as blood sprayed from his wounds.

“Serey!” Shatan the captain howled sorrowfully.

However, he hadn’t even finished crying out when the blade strike slammed into another one of his soldiers.

The cold, biting steel had drunk of the blood of two Ferocious Race soldiers, and it was growing excited. It trembled with anticipation as its transparent wings unfurled, then charged towards the Ferocious Race captain. Just as the captain struck out with his lightning-covered blade, however, the Mountain-Beheading Blade began to crackle with similar lightning energy.

Thick tendrils of lightning wrapped around the enlarged Mountain-Beheading Blade, transforming it into a massive lightning-covered blade that then slammed into the captain’s lightning-covered blade. With a loud cracking sound, the frenzied lightning on the surface of the blade exploded forth, slamming into the captain’s chest and causing his entire body to seize up.

“How...... how is this...... possible......” Shatan’s eyes were wide with disbelief.

Su Chen’s massive fist descended, glowing with a fiery steel sheen, into another Ferocious Race soldier. “There’s nothing impossible about it, silly. You’re just a piece of trash who has gone through two baptisms at the temple and relies on his physical strength to act recklessly. But your understanding of Origin Energy is far too shallow.”

As he spoke, the phoenix gathered in his left hand again, but his right hand began to glow with a wild, barbaric thunder energy.

The two Demonic Lord cores Su Chen had obtained from Gu Yaoye had been consumed a long time ago. He activated his thunder and fire power to the greatest extent, then released them simultaneously. A Thunder Blade and a Flaming Phoenix surged forwards towards Shatan.

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