Chapter 113: Heavenly Might’s Seven Heroes

Chapter 113: Heavenly Might’s Seven Heroes


A glittering saber slashed through the air, splattering blood all over the ground.

This branch of soldiers was extremely well-drilled and disciplined. One Origin Qi Scholar commanded a group of ten or so people, and they were all mounted on Long Sang Country’s unique Thousand Mile Buckskin Horses, which could bear heavy burdens and had great endurance and speed to boot.

Group after group of soldiers all charged down the mountainside, wielding their spears and sabers. Their onslaught was as ferocious as a raging inferno, but their emotions were as cold as ice.

Their lips remained sealed as they silently swung the weapons in their hands, advancing, retreating, and carrying out their officer’s commands without saying a word.

Even though the Ferocious Race were savage, courageous, and unyielding, they were being crushed by this unified and organized battalion of human soldiers. Their heads had been split open like a rhinoceros that had charged into a thick steel wall.


One of the tribe’s heroes howled courageously as he swung his battleaxe and charged forward. A small group of ten human soldiers stepped in and stabbed out with their long spears, making it incredibly difficult for him to get close to them.

That hero was obviously not an ordinary warrior. As he chopped down on the extended spears, his massive battleaxe glowed with a bloody light, sparkling and flashed brilliantly in response. However, the ten-man squad remained calm and steady as faint white inscriptions began to shine from their bodies and weave together in the air. The ten spears collided with the battleaxe.

Even though the battleaxe was extremely heavy, the ten spears were able to knock it aside. Then, the ten Thousand Mile Buckskin Horses backed up a bit before stopping.

At that moment, the ten soldiers drew their sabers and slashed at the Ferocious Race Hero.

The ten blades combined into one that shined with a razor-sharp light, and it stabbed towards the hero, forcing him back.

“AGH!” A piercing cry broke the silence of the battlefield.

The ten spears whistled through the air.

Pu, pu, pu, pu!

They pierced through the hero’s chest, stabbing him full of holes. The Ferocious Race hero toppled to the ground, drained of his strength.

The ten-man squad withdrew their long spears.

Even though they were just martial artists, their impeccable coordination and a few special tactics were enough for them to unleash power equivalent to an Origin Qi Scholar’s. That was why the hero of this tribe had been killed.

One team after another charged forward, trampling their enemies underfoot. The small tribes nearby were quickly razed to the ground.

Perhaps only the leader of this tribe was capable of posing any problems to these squads, and his power was enough to force five squads to deal with him simultaneously. Two of the soldiers had also been wounded in the process.

Even so, that was all he could do.

“A minute.” After the final Ferocious Race individual fell, Li Chongshan glanced at the time-measuring hourglass in his hands, then frowned. “Still a bit too slow.”

The leader of the Heavenly Might Battalion didn’t seem that extraordinary, and he kept his words simple and plain. However, he had a certain stately disposition about him, and people found it impossible not to hang onto every word that came from his mouth.

“We’ve been on the run for many days in a row. The soldiers must all be tired,” Shi Kaihuang said.

At this moment, Shi Kaihuang didn’t look like the unkempt, disheveled old man from before. Instead, his martial attire gave him the imposing aura of a battle-tested soldier, and even his age seemed to have turned back. However, this battle-tested soldier’s left arm had disappeared sometime ago, and one of his eyes was also blinded.

He sat atop a horse.

A person could regenerate their limbs once they reached the Light Shaking Realm. If Shi Kaihuang had lost a limb and wasn’t able to regenerate it, then he had either been struck by some kind of special attack that prevented his regenerative abilities from activating or he was just too weak.

No matter that the explanation was, his future would be fraught with suffering.

However, Shi Kaihuang didn’t seem to mind. He watched the charging soldiers quietly.

The Ferocious Race were being slaughtered, but the human generals were more concerned about their energy expenditure.

One of the soldiers suddenly toppled to the ground while he was in the middle of charging forwards.

He hadn’t been hit by any attacks. However, at this moment his lifeforce had been squeezed to its limits.

The Ferocious Race tribe was in a miserable state, but so too were the human soldiers.

They were tired, weary, wounded, and close to despair.

Yet they still continued to fight on, refusing to surrender.

They used any tactics they could to attack and fight. Even if they were to die, they would ensure that it came at a heavy price for their opponents.

“The prerequisite materials for the plan have been gathered. Everything should be easier from now on,” a female general added on from besides Shi Kaihuang. Her name was Chu Yingwan, and her martial attire and large physical stature similarly gave her an imposing manner. Yet she was also quite a beauty. Who knew how many young men admired her? However, she had eyes for no one save Shi Kaihuang, and her feelings for him were very complicated.

“Hopefully we can do it before the Ferocious Race is able to react,” Li Chongshan sighed. “The closer we get to the end, the more precious speed becomes. There is no such thing as a flawless plan, and the Ferocious Race will discover our true intentions sooner or later. If we haven’t completed our plan yet by then, everything will have been for naught.”

“We will. We will absolutely succeed!” a person to the left of Li Chongshan said. This person was actually not wearing a martial uniform but an azure robe. He was called Guo Wenchang, the Heavenly Might Battalion’s strategist.

To Guo Wenchang’s left was a brawny man. He smiled toothily when he heard Guo Wenchang’s words and said, “Even if we fail, all that happens is that we die. If we can have a good fight with those Ferocious Race bastards, I don’t mind dying.”

His name was Cheng Tianhai, the Heavenly Might Battalion’s number one combat general.

“Cut the crap. If you keep talking like that, Cheng Tianhai, it’ll really come true. You never have anything good to say,” another general immediately butted in. This person had a pale, egg-shaped face, and his chin was quite elegantly sculpted. Upon first glance, some might confused him for a woman. However, he was a man through and through; it was just that his manner of speaking and tone were a bit feminine.

It was indeed rare for a feminine general to exist in this world that was dominated by battle-tested males.

This person’s status was not low either. He was on Shi Kaihuang, Li Chongshan, and the others’ levels, meaning that he was one of the Heavenly Might Battalion’s Seven Heroes.

His name was Jun Moxie.

This Jun Moxie was making an elegant hand gesture as he stared unhappily at Cheng Tianhai. Cheng Tianhai chuckled and didn’t say anything more.

Another young general next to Chu Yingwan spoke up. “We’ll do our best and plan for the worst. Old Cheng’s words aren’t exactly wrong.”

Jun Moxie rolled his eyes at this young general. “You’re the only one who knows how to talk like this. You’re the youngest one here, so you should have the most hope and optimism. How come you get to act like such an old fart? What’s the logic behind that?”

The young general laughed. “You aren’t mature enough yourself, and yet you blame other people for being too mature? What kind of logic is that?”

Jun Moxie harrumphed, then turned around and ignored him.

This young general was known as Lin Shaoxuan. He was known as the Heavenly Might Battalion’s number one genius. Apparently, Li Chongshan liked him quite a lot, and intended on raising him up to become the Heavenly Might Battalion’s next commander.

Li Chongshan, Shi Kaihuang, Guo Wenchang, Cheng Tianhai, Chu Wanying, Jun Moxie, Lin Shaoxuan — these seven were the main pillars of the Heavenly Might Battalion, responsible for bearing the main burden of the army. Their main goal at this moment was to figure out how to escape from the Ferocious Race’s territory.

For this goal, they were willing to pay any price!

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