Chapter 110: Dogfight

Chapter 110: Dogfight

In order to deal with this elbow, Su Chen was forced to retreat. The Mountain-Beheading Blade appeared in his hand, and he used it to intercept the path of the elbow jab.

The elbow slammed into the blade with a metallic clang.

How violently powerful.

The Ferocious Race individual continued pressing forward and unleashed a follow up kick.

Su Chen could now see the Ferocious Race individual’s appearance; he was quite youthful and had dark skin. His lip had a ring piercing, and his face was covered in inscriptions. His attacks were exceptionally vicious and fast, always coming one after another.

The Ferocious Race always fought like this. Most of the time, they simply attacked using their fists and feet in a seemingly basic pattern, but these attacks all contained an extremely frightening power behind them.


After Su Chen dodged to the side, the Ferocious Race soldier’s kick landed on a nearby boulder, which immediately shattered. He seemed not to notice it at all and continued to attack, unleashing another fist strike. The fist flew right past Su Chen’s face, crackling with energy. A forceful wave of momentum surged forward, blowing away the nearby trees and rocks through its sheer force.

The scariest part of it all wasn’t the power level of this fist strike. After all, most Yang Opening Realm cultivators were able to unleash this kind of power with an average Origin Skill. Actually, they would even be a bit stronger.

The true headache was that Su Chen’s opponent hadn’t yet used his Ferocious Race Origin Skills; he was just attacking with simple punches and kicks.

That was a huge problem.

Generally, trying to fight against a Ferocious Race individual in close-quarter combat was ill-advised. Most of the time, people would actively avoid such a situation. Even a powerful human cultivator might find the tables being turned on them if they engaged in close-quarter combat with a Ferocious Race individual.

However, Su Chen had no choice.

He was still near the military encampment so if he were to utilize the Flaming Phoenix, the brilliant light emitted from the Origin Skill’s contrast against the dark night’s backdrop would quickly be spotted. If large groups of Ferocious Race individuals started to congregate towards where he was, he would be in trouble.

As such, Su Chen could only endure it and stay in close quarters with his opponent, trying to keep all of his attacks as unobstruse as possible.

Staying low-key was the most important when fighting in a dark environment.

This opponent also was unaffected by Fata Morgana, so he could only get knocked around as the fight progressed.

However, Su Chen’s temper began to flare as well when he saw his opponent attacking repeatedly. He snarled, “Did you really think you could do whatever you want just because we’re fighting in close quarters?”

His body began to glow with a faint golden light as a barrier appeared on his body. He swung his arm right at the opponent’s chest.

A light also shone near the Ferocious Race individual’s chest, blocking his attack. His fist careened towards Su Chen’s forehead in response, but Su Chen’s activated his Meg’s Guardian to block the attack, and then he jerked his knee up towards his opponent’s midsection. The Ferocious Race individual responded in kind, and their mutual collision knocked each other a few steps backwards. The Ferocious Race soldier’s totemic inscriptions had protected him, while Su Chen was similarly protected by an Origin Energy barrier. As such, the force from their attacks had been mitigated.

Neither of them were wounded, so immediately after separating, they charged at each other again, attacking with elbow jabs, claws, knees, and even wrestling with one another on occasion. These two mid-tier Origin Qi Scholars suddenly seemed to have devolved to the level of most mortal martial artists. Though their movements were simple, their attacks were extremely fierce and each move carried with it an extreme momentum.

Bang, bang, bang, bang! After a particularly intense clash, the two of them separated again, and the glow on Su Chen’s body — his Origin Energy barrier — had disintegrated. Su Chen swayed slightly as his foot slipped, and the Ferocious Race soldier charged forwards, launching another attack at him. The way he fought was somewhat reminiscent of Cloud Leopard’s fighting style, but with even more savagery and fierceness. Su Chen raised his arms in an attempt to block him but was unable to resist all of the momentum, and his arms were pushed all the way to his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood and stumbled a few steps backwards.

Su Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and admitted, while shaking his head, ”Alright, you truly are powerful.”

He had the Algae Thread Coral Robe to protect him, along with his Adamantine Battle Body and Meg’s Guardian. He originally expected that all this would make up for his deficiencies in close quarters combat, but the opponent in front of him was so powerful that not even the Algae Thread Coral Robe was able to fully withstand it.

Even though his wounds weren’t serious, he still found this hard to accept.

He had cultivated the Flowing Wind Body and the Adamantine Battle Body Technique, giving him quite an outstanding physique compared to most humans. However, in comparison to the Ferocious Race, he was as weak as a fledgling chicken. Even with the aid of defensive Origin Tools and magic barriers, he wasn’t able to withstand his opponents’ attacks. Even though he was pitting his disadvantages against the opponent’s advantages, Su Chen’s prideful heart had difficulty accepting the reality of the situation.

The Ferocious Race soldier leapt forward once again.

“Dammit!” Su Chen cursed. “Come at me!”

A dim light began to glow behind his back as an illusory image began to take shape.

It was his Primordial Incarnation.

In some sense, this was kind of cheating, but in another, it wasn’t.

Su Chen was the one who had invented the Primordial Blood Incarnation. Classifying it under a technique category was very difficult; after all, it wasn’t an Origin Skill because you couldn’t cultivate it, but neither was it a bloodline because there was no bloodline source. It wasn’t a body refining technique either. It didn’t fit neatly into any of these categories, but at the same time you could say that it belonged in each category to some degree.

At least in terms of power output, the increase in physical strength the Primordial Blood Incarnation conferred was enough to bring its user to par with that of the barbaric Ferocious Race.

At this moment, Su Chen allowed the Primordial Blood Incarnation to merge with his physical body, causing his aura to surge.

The Ferocious Race soldier was also a bit taken aback when he saw this. Su Chen viciously exclaimed, “You want to compete in strength? Come and try this!”

An explosive punch boomed through the air.

The Ferocious Race soldier instinctively answered with a punch of his own. The two punches collided, and the Ferocious Race soldier suddenly shot backwards like a kite that had its string cut.

“That’s more like it!” Su Chen said as he nodded with satisfaction. He leapt forwards to close the distance between him and the Ferocious Race soldier, dive kicking in his approach.

The Ferocious Rae soldier rolled backwards to avoid the attack, but he had enough spare energy to counter by kicking at Su Chen. Su Chen didn’t try to dodge and forcefully endured the blow, then laughed, “There was some momentum behind that one, but it was still a bit too weak.”

He reached out with his large hand to grab the Ferocious Race soldier.

An ominous drone suddenly began to emanate from the Ferocious Race soldier.

His entire body immediately lit up as seven different Totemic Inscriptions began to supply his body with power. Even his basic punches were filled with a violent energy. The blazingly bright light pierced the night sky.

“Over there!”

The other Ferocious Race soldiers had finally discovered the battle going on and began to run over as they yelled.

Now that his position had been compromised, Su Chen didn’t hold back anymore when attacking. Black flames roared to life, engulfing his opponent and giving off the impression that it was butting heads with the inscriptions on his opponent’s body. Gradually, the shadowy flames began to eat away at the light of the totemic inscriptions, causing the Ferocious Race soldier’s strength to rapidly decline. A surprised expression appeared on the young Ferocious Race soldier’s face as the power of his totemic inscriptions corroded away.


A palm strike imprinted itself on the young Ferocious Race soldier’s chest, shattering the bones in the area and rupturing one of his hearts.

The young Ferocious Race soldier howled, but he didn’t die. He unleashed another punch, this one glowing white-hot with energy.

Even under these kinds of circumstances, he still wanted, still desired , still dared to counterattack!


Su Chen grunted and lowered his head to inspect himself.

A dark red spot had appeared on his clothes.

This fist had penetrated the Primordial Blood Incarnation, the Adamantine Battle Body, the Algae Thread Coral Robe, leaving behind an imprint on his physical body, wounding him.

Even though the blow wasn’t too serious, Su Chen could sense his opponent’s determination.

“Unfortunately, willpower alone is not enough,” Su Chen stated.

As he spoke, his palm slammed itself on the Ferocious Race soldier’s head, stripping him of any remaining strength with which to fight. Su Chen picked up the Ferocious Race soldier and quickly disappeared into the darkness of the night.

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