Chapter 109: Infiltrating the Barracks

Chapter 109: Infiltrating the Barracks

After nearly ten days of constantly flying, Su Chen finally arrived at the Bloody Wastelands.

He had encountered a number of Ferocious Race security checkpoints along the way, but with his disguising abilities, he was able to easily get through.

The other Ferocious Race individuals had long since submitted to his control. Not a single one rebelled against Su Chen’s tyrannical abuse, as the ones who did had already died.

However, once he reached the Bloody Wastelands, Su Chen ran into a problem — he didn’t know where the Heavenly Might Army had gone next.

The Heavenly Might Army had initially been at the Raging Flames Mountain when he left Leguha Castle.

However, they wouldn’t stay in the same place for ten days. Obviously, they had left a long time ago, even before Su Chen had known where they were.

This was because the news that the Ferocious Race received was always a bit delayed.

Otherwise, if the pursuers had access to the information any earlier, the Heavenly Might Army might have already been wiped out.

At the same time, this also implied that the Ferocious Race individuals who were pursuing the Heavenly Might Army would only fall further and further behind as time went on.

As such, if Su Chen wanted to find the Heavenly Might Army, he had to find them even faster than the Ferocious Race and also make a move before them.

Su Chen had tried to reach out to them through the Dreamrealm, but it was obvious that none of them had ever tried to enter the Dreamrealm, mayhaps because they would reveal their location as soon as they appeared.

“I can’t afford to wait. All I can do now is to try and guess how they will move,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

If he wanted to determine what direction the Heavenly Might Army was traveling in, he would need to get an idea of the Heavenly Might Army’s situation, as well as some information that couldn’t be transmitted through the Dreamrealm.

Su Chen decided to pay the local city hall a visit that evening.

But first, he found a cave to stow the remaining Ferocious Race individuals in before entering the city that evening.

The city he was in was called Gully City. The Ferocious Race soldiers stationed here had participated in a mission to chase after the Heavenly Might Army not too long ago; even though their involvement had been quite superficial due to them never even seeing the Heavenly Might Army, they definitely had some way of gathering information on the Heavenly Might Army’s movements.

As such, Su Chen was going to try to get a feel for what was happening in their barracks and see if he could find anything helpful.

Because the Ferocious Race was inherently undisciplined, their organization was not worth mentioning no matter how strong their army was.

One of the Ferocious Race soldiers on guard didn’t take his responsibilities seriously and was sleeping out there in the open. Su Chen stood behind him, staring helplessly at his opponent before knocking him out. Was there really a difference between being knocked out and sleeping? Would it have been better for him to have just walked past?

Su Chen blatantly walked through the barrack’s main gates.

His destination was a large golden tent in the middle of the barracks, which was most likely the Ferocious Race’s main tent.

By utilizing the darkness as a part of his disguise, Su Chen snuck close to the gold tent.

His luck was pretty good, as there wasn’t anyone in the tent.

Su Chen directly walked in and saw a bunch of notices stacked up neatly on a nearby bookshelf.

Su Chen picked them up and skimmed them over. The first one he looked at was a report regarding the whereabouts of the Heavenly Might Army.

Even he was in disbelief that he had found what he was looking for so easily.

This was way too simple.

He flipped through it even as he was in dumb shock.

The Ferocious Race’s army didn’t have any news on where exactly they were headed, but they did have a lot of information about the Heavenly Might Army’s general vicinity. In particular, they had sent search teams all over the place in hopes of figuring out which direction the Heavenly Might Army was headed towards. For instance, before the Heavenly Might Army had appeared near the Raging Flames Mountain, they were heading towards the Direwolf Tribe’s Gongga City.

Gongga was known as the “Pearl of the Bloody Wastelands” because it was one of the few wealthy cities on the Bloody Wastelands. However, due to its interior location, it wasn’t very heavily guarded, and the Heavenly Might Army had easily slaughtered their way through the city. They had done quite a good job, and what Su Chen had found was precisely detailed information about Gongga City.

Su Chen noticed that, of the items that had been pillaged from Gonga City, Origin Stones were preferred over food and resources, especially earth-type and wood-type Origin Stones.

This gave him some interesting information to be mulled over.

Before sacking Gongga City, the Heavenly Might Army had passed through more than ten cities, and the losses from each city were carefully documented here as well. Su Chen glanced over them one by one.

He was just getting into it when he suddenly heard some footsteps coming from right outside the tent’s door.

The footsteps were so fast that the owner of the footsteps entered the room almost as soon as Su Chen heard his arrival.


The general who had just pushed open the flaps to the tent stood there in shock.

This Ferocious Race general had quite a bit of facial hair, a pair of copper-colored eyes, and a powerful aura. Actually, most Ferocious Race individuals were like this, their main feature being bulging muscles and fierce facial expressions.

The beard was probably the only distinguishing feature of this general from the rest of his race, as most Ferocious Race individuals didn’t keep their beards.

That Ferocious Race general stared at Su Chen wide-eyed. “Who are you? Why are you in my tent?”

He had actually asked a question first.

Of course, this was because of Su Chen’s Ferocious Race disguise.

Su Chen was a bit unwilling to put the information back. “I came here to clean up the tent for you, general, and started carelessly flipping through these reports.”

His words were calm and collected, but his acting was half-hearted and his expression seemed frozen in place. This acting job really was terrible; even a pig would be able to tell that there was no sincerity behind his words.

“Bastard!” the Ferocious Race general roared. He was just about to attack when a strange light flickered across Su Chen’s eyes, causing him to become a bit dazzled and stunned.

The Ferocious Race had weak consciousnesses and were probably the weakest in terms of being able to defend against consciousness assaults. Naturally, the Ferocious Race general immediately fell under Su Chen’s influence with just a single glance from him.

Su Chen ignored him and pooled together the rest of the reports before sauntering out of the tent — in any case, he had been discovered, so he might as well just take everything he wanted with him.

His steps seemed unhurried and calm, as if the Ferocious Race army was nothing to him. It wasn’t until he was outside the tent that he heard a commotion start from inside.

The general had regained consciousness.

The Ferocious Race general was a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, but the reason he had been knocked out by Su Chen for so long was in part because of the improvements Su Chen had made to Fata Morgana. Another important reason was obviously the weak consciousnesses that most Ferocious Race individuals possessed. After awakening, the general let loose an enraged howl. A large bunch of Ferocious Race soldiers began to run in his direction.

Su Chen, however, coldly laughed and mysteriously disappeared into the darkness.

His disguising technique allowed him to camouflage himself with a dark color, meaning that he was able to blend into the background quite well.

He casually left the barracks and began to head back to Gully City.

As he was walking, however, he suddenly saw a figure charge out of the barracks straight at his direction at high speeds.

Not good! Su Chen cried out silently to himself.

There was a Ferocious Race individual here who had actually discovered his presence!

That Ferocious Race was quite self-confident. He hadn’t called for any help and just charged at him alone.

He was extremely quick and closed in rapidly on Su Chen, unleashing a powerful punch when he drew close.

Su Chen glanced at him. That person’s figure trembled momentarily, but he was unaffected by Fata Morgana’s influence, and his fist continued to descend onto Su Chen’s head.

“Huh?” Su Chen exclaimed in amazement and dodged to the side, unleashing a fist of his own in response. The Ferocious Race individual didn’t even try to dodge; he used his body to forcefully resist Su Chen’s attack and brought his elbow down on Su Chen’s arm.


An explosion of energy radiated outwards from the point of impact.

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