Chapter 107: A Mighty Invention

Chapter 107: A Mighty Invention

The battle on the plains started suddenly, and the end came just as quickly.

The flames receded and the hazy smoke faded. Only the female Ferocious Race individual was left standing. Though most of them had survived the battle, their hands and feet were broken and their bodies subsequently tossed to the side.

Su Chen slowly walked towards the female commander. “Based on your bone-divining techniques, I imagine you are an esteemed Ancestor. I had heard that there were bone diviners in the temple who can use simple ceremonies to scry with bones, but I initially thought that it was just a wild rumor. It seems now I was actually the ignorant one all along.”

The female drew her bone dagger and stared at him viciously.

“HA!” she yelled piercingly as she swung the bone dagger at Su Chen.

Su Chen casually reached for the opponent’s wrist. Originally, he was planning on grabbing it, but the Ferocious Race female agilely avoided his grab. The right bone dagger slashed at Su Chen’s lower half while the left bone dagger raked towards his throat. Her attacks were quite vicious and decisive.

Su Chen sucked in a cold breath in shock. His response, however, was not slow, and he dodged to the side. At the same time, a formless wave of energy rolled off of his body as the Primordial Blood Incarnation roared to life. Even though the female’s attacks were fast, her magic ability was far inferior to that of Su Chen. She had no way of dodging and was sent flying by Su Chen’s palm strike.

Unexpectedly, the inscriptions on the female’s face lit up as she flew through the air. Her figure shimmered and then split into multiple figures, all of which simultaneously landed on the ground and charged at Su Chen. At the same time, the toothed head garment on her forehead began to ring at a low frequency, causing Su Chen to feel a bout of dizziness.

Being able to make Su Chen dizzy given his consciousness power meant that this technique was obviously extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, that was all that Su Chen felt.

He squinted his eyes and coughed. And in response, the female’s tooth ornament began to crack repeatedly, until half of it disappeared in the blink of an eye. Su Chen had purposefully left the other half of the bone ornament intact because he wanted to research it.

Next, Su Chen pulled out his Mountain-Beheading Blade and swung it horizontally. The illusory images all shattered under the destructive momentum of the blade, and only the right-most figure remained — the female’s true body, of course. She stood there, stunned and clearly dazed by what had just happened.

Who the hell was her opponent? Even her Confusion Bone Ocarina was ineffective?

An instant later, Su Chen grabbed the female’s forehead. “Will you answer me now?”

“Ha!” the woman opened her mouth wide, and a vicious spurt of consciousness energy shot towards Su Chen’s mind. At the same time, she shoved her knee at Su Chen’s midsection and then leaned forwards to take a bite out of Su Chen’s throat.

Su Chen ignored her completely. He slammed his palm into the female’s leg and drove it deep into the ground like a nail, then lowered his head. The female suddenly seemed to be going in for a kiss.

The female instinctively shrunk back, but Su Chen leaned in and bit down on the woman’s mouth.

“AH!” the female cried out bitterly.

The lower half of her lip had been torn clean off.

Su Chen spat out the mouthful of flesh. “If you like biting, I’ll bite you. You Ferocious Race all like to use your mouth too much, but mouths are supposed to be used to eat. But your flesh is putrid and I don’t like it.”

“HISS!” the woman let out a snake-like hiss.

Su Chen answered her with a heavy punch. He coldly said, “I like it when my opponents have some guts. That means that I can be as violent as I want. I heard that the Ferocious Race all have strong bones and would rather die than yield, but in my experience that’s a lie. All life fears death. The Ferocious Race is alive and thus also fears death. Any lifeform that doesn’t fear death has died a long time ago. However, I do believe that there are still some people with tough bones amongst the Ferocious Race. How about you? How tough are your bones?”

“Tougher than you think!” the female replied.

Su Chen laughed. “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

As he spoke, he lifted the woman from the ground. In a quick flurry of moves, Su Chen broke her hands, feet, joints, and sent a powerful wave of Origin Energy to snake through her body, rendering her immobile.

Once he completed these precautions, Su Chen tossed her onto a Single-Horned Rhinoceros. “From this point onwards, you are my captive, my slave, and my research subject. You can choose to not answer any of my questions, and I hope that you are able to maintain your resoluteness. After all, I like to find the answers myself.”

As he spoke, Su Chen gathered the rest of the Ferocious Race members and placed them onto the Single-Horned Rhinoceroses as well, before herding them together and leaving. A single vial of medicine was enough for him to gain control over these beasts, which had given the Ferocious Race captives quite a shock.

He had completely cleaned up the battlefield so that for some time, no one would realize that a troop had disappeared. Then, he disguised himself as a Ferocious Race individual again, as there were very few people who could see through his disguise. By the time the Ferocious Race realized that something was wrong, Su Chen would be long gone. Even if the head ancestor of the temple were to get involved, he might have a hard time uprooting Su Chen.

By the time the Harvey Plains received news of this and was thrown into a huge uproar, Su Chen was already thousands of kilometers away.

Within the Ill Wind Valley.

This was a small valley located in the middle of the Harvey Plains.

It was raining.

However, even the fiercest rain couldn’t wash away the fear in the hearts of the Ferocious Race soldiers.

“AHHH! Please, spare me! I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”

Terrified howls echoed through the gorge.

“Sorry, there’s nothing valuable that you can tell me,” Su Chen said as he cut into the Ferocious Race soldier in front of him.

This wasn’t the first time he had dissected a Ferocious Race individual. He had done something similar back at the Goldwater Ruins. However, that was a long time ago, and Su Chen’s knowledge base had grown greatly. His ability to form theories and put them into practice had improved significantly, and there were too many new things that he wanted to try out.

In particular, there was a kind of experiment that was inappropriate to perform on a human, but now he finally had an opportunity to test out his train of thought.

After cutting open that Ferocious Race soldier, Su Chen poured a vial of medicine into his body. That Ferocious Race soldier twisted and strained against the restraints, howling in pain. It was obvious that his intestines were decaying under the influence of the medicine, slowly melting away into water.

Very quickly, the Ferocious Race soldier stopped struggling.

His intestines had completely disappeared, only leaving behind an empty stomach cavity.

“Demon! He’s a demon!” the Ferocious Race soldiers began to wail and cry out.

“When your soldiers invaded the border and cut open pregnant mothers and ripped their children’s heads out, this is exactly how they cursed you,” Su Chen replied calmly. “Believe me, what I am doing is not much worse than what you have done. In addition, I have a good reason for doing all of this, one that might eventually lead to the end of a war.”

“What exactly do you want?” the Ferocious Race female asked, trembling.

She was called Reina.

One of the Ferocious Race individuals that Su Chen had frightened half to death had told him that.

Unlike her fierce, leopard-like attitude from before, the current Reina only knew fear.

Su Chen replied, “I’m researching a medicine that will only be effective on the Ferocious Race.”

A medicine only effective on the Ferocious Race? Reina didn’t understand the meaning behind these words.

Su Chen then continued explaining. “A kind of poison that is only effective against the Ferocious Race. If I succeed, a single vial will be enough to kill thousands if not tens of thousands of Ferocious Race individuals.”


Reina and the other Ferocious Race soldiers were stunned.

Su Chen smiled toothily. “This way, us humans won’t need to dirty our hands to wipe you all out. Perhaps with just a few tens of medicine vials, the Ferocious Race will be driven to extinction. Don’t you think that this is a very mighty invention?”

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