Chapter 105: Secrets of the Illusion Realm

Chapter 105: Secrets of the Illusion Realm

The Ferocious Race’s taverns were incredibly simple and unrefined. The beds were weaved together from grass and covered with a beast hide.

This was the case regardless of the season.

Su Chen closed his eyes as he lay down on the grass bed. He activated the seal on the back of his hand and began to sink into the Dreamrealm.

This was a bit risky, but Su Chen had no other options. He absolutely had to obtain some precise information about the Heavenly Might Army. He hadn’t been able to get any from the wine tavern, so he could only try to find something in the Dreamrealm.

However, Su Chen immediately realized that something was wrong when he entered the Dreamrealm.

He was still in a garrison city, but it wasn’t the one he was in before. Instead, it was a small, rather desolate town. The space was not nearly as strange as the multicolored castle in the human realm. Instead, Su Chen was greeted by a vast expanse. And the moment he appeared on one of the town’s wide main streets, a few bucktoothed Ferocious Race individuals standing not too far from him were staring at him in shock — he had reverted back to the appearance of a human.


Su Chen knew that he was in trouble.

“A human!” Indeed, one of the Ferocious Race individuals began to yell and charged at him.

“Courting death!” Su Chen harrumphed as he made a hand gesture. A large wave of fiery droplets began to converge and formed a massive phoenix that charged forward, turning the nearby Ferocious Race individuals to ash.

Of course, those Ferocious Race individuals wouldn’t actually be killed. Their consciousnesses still remained intact, and they would resurrect on the spot, and then very quickly spread the news that there was a human who had infiltrated the Ferocious Race territory to the others. In addition, Su Chen received a warning and a fine for attacking in a restricted area, but with Su Chen’s wallet that wasn’t an issue for him.

Su Chen didn’t hesitate to spend a bunch more Dream Droplets to summon Lulu.

As soon as Lulu appeared, Su Chen shouted, “Change my appearance, fast!”

“You will need to pay thirty thousand Origin Stones a day, but if you increase your privilege tier to that of a Dream Monarch, it will only cost you a thousand a day.”

“Do it!” Su Chen said decisively.

He had just put the Hemolytic Totem on sale and had a few hundred million Dream Droplets in his bank that he hadn’t used yet.

“Got it!” Lulu happily twirled in a circle, and a sea of Dream Droplets seemed to vanish into thin air. At the same time, Su Chen’s privilege tier began to skyrocket past the Dream Officer rank and to that of a Dream Monarch’s. At the same time, Su Chen’s figure began to morph as he assumed the form of a Ferocious Race individual.

“Get me out of here!”

Lulu grabbed Su Chen’s hand and they disappeared on the spot.

Not long after they disappeared, a horde of Ferocious Race individuals charged over.

One of the Ferocious Race individuals who had been “killed” by Su Chen earlier howled, “I swear that he was here just a moment ago!”

An exceptionally tall Ferocious Race individual glanced around them, then said, “Either he’s left the Dreamrealm or he’s changed his appearance. Regardless of what he did, if he has suddenly appeared in the Ferocious Race’s Dreamrealm, that means that a human has entered the Ferocious Race’s territory. Notify the cities near the southern Harvey Plains border and ask if there have been any news of a human appearing. If not, then it’s possible that this human has the ability to disguise himself. Tell them to go look for the Heavenly Eye Ancestor!”

Even though this Ferocious Race individual had a tall and crude appearance, he spoke in an incredibly rational manner. Upon closer inspection, it was possible to see that there was a unique insignia on his forehead. That insignia meant that the Ferocious Race society considered him an intelligent individual.

On the other side of the Dreamrealm, Su Chen arrived at the Ferocious Race’s Hall of Information.

Because of the typical Ferocious Race tendency to undervalue knowledge and information, not much information appeared on the list, and not many Ferocious Race individuals were present here either.

But because there wasn’t much information, anything that did show up was always important.

Su Chen quickly scanned the information present, hoping to be able to find some clues on the whereabouts of the Heavenly Might Army.

Just then, a few Ferocious Race individuals hurriedly arrived on the scene, apprehensively gazing at any individuals who were there.

Su Chen looked over the information as if nothing was happening, then leisurely walked off towards the side.

One of the Ferocious Race individuals stared at him suspiciously and walked over. “Hey, you seem a bit unfamiliar. Where are you from?”

“Get the hell out of my way!” Su Chen barked.

A powerful, majestic aura suddenly exploded from Su Chen’s body.

After reaching the Dream Monarch tier, Su Chen could clearly sense that his Dreamrealm avatar had changed. It was as if a large door had opened before him, in some sense giving him a completely different experience from before.

His consciousness energy had been carried over from the real world into the Dreamrealm.

In other words, this was the experience that a person with a powerful consciousness would normally have, but the suppression of the Dreamrealm made it impossible to sense things so clearly. Once he reached the Dream Monarch tier, however, this suppression had obviously weakened, allowing Su Chen to perceive his surroundings in a much more detailed manner.

Normally, Su Chen wouldn’t have been able to confirm this, but the moment he unleashed his anger on that Ferocious Race, he felt his aura condense, and a formless pressure begin to exude from his body. That Ferocious Race individual was so badly frightened that he unconsciously retreated a number of steps.

The Ferocious Race were known for their fearlessness and bravery, so the fact that he had been frightened into backing down was a testament to the power of Su Chen’s aura.

The Ferocious Race retreated a few steps and stared at Su Chen in shock. “You…… you…… who are you?”

“Are you even worthy of asking?” Su Chen didn’t waste his words. He opened his eyes wide, and a violent wave of energy surged from his body. The Ferocious Race individual was unable to withstand the immense pressure and vaporized into a cloud of smoke on the spot.

He could even scare someone to death? Su Chen was stunned.

Then, he realized that he was in the Dreamrealm, a world that existed in the consciousness realm. With his consciousness power, which was already at eight hundred, it would have been more surprising if he couldn’t squash that Ferocious Race individual to death, since they were widely known for having weak consciousnesses.

Of course, that Ferocious Race individual hadn’t really died, and he resurrected after his dream representation shattered, but he seemed dazed and confused after he reformed because he was so badly scared by Su Chen.

As Su Chen watched that Ferocious Race individual disappear, he didn’t say anything more and quickly scanned the rest of the contents.

“Found it!” Su Chen’s eyes lit up.

He had finally found a piece of information about the Heavenly Might Army. It said that they were located near the Raging Flames Mountain.

This piece of information was a bit more encouraging because it had been sent out a month ago. In other words, they were still alive as of at least a month ago.

Su Chen was incredibly excited. He didn’t wait any longer and left immediately. With his aura being as powerful as it was, none of the other Ferocious Race individuals dared to provoke him — even though they were quite brave, no one would knowingly send themselves to their deaths.

After finding a secluded location, Su Chen quickly disappeared from the Dreamrealm.

When he woke up, he had returned to reality.

His surroundings were peaceful and quiet, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Su Chen lay on the beast hide blanket as he reexamined everything that had just happened.

The moment he had unleashed his own consciousness energy, he had felt something unique. It was as if he were a fish in the sea or a bird in the sky. He felt incredibly unconstrained, free, and comfortable, as everything he was sensing suddenly filled his consciousness.

Su Chen knew that this was most likely one of the secrets of the Dreamrealm.

The Dreamrealm was formed from the consciousness energy of the Lord of the Dreamrealm; or actually, to be more precise, it was the combined efforts of him and the Dream Spirits that had formed this consciousness world.

“Dreaming” was just a way to access this consciousness world. And when a person’s consciousness entered that realm, that person’s physical body would lose its perception of the outside world, making it seem as if a person was deep inside of a dream.

However, the truth of the matter was that this place was where people connected on a conscious level.

Su Chen had finally understood the intrinsic essence of the Dreamrealm.

To most other people, it wouldn’t make any difference even if they realized it, but to Su Chen, this revelation had opened up an entirely new door to Su Chen’s worldview — after all, it was about time for Fata Morgana to receive an upgrade.

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