Chapter 103: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (2)

Chapter 103: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (2)

Even though they were still trying to persuade him, Su Chen was dead set on his decision.

Everyone eventually finally gave up after all their efforts had come to naught.

Even though they couldn’t monopolize the secret technique, the increase in strength it provided was very real, and it would absolutely save countless lives. As such, everyone was extremely respectful to Su Chen. When Su Chen mentioned that he wanted to buy a few military weapons, everyone agreed to make an exception and let him do so.

Military weapons were pretty uncommon. They might not increase a person’s individual strength directly by much, but they were exceptionally useful in large-scale fights.

Since Su Chen was going to go look for Shi Kaihuang, it was impossible for him to stock up too much. And even after this purchase, he still needed to strategically gather a few more resources.

After a few negotiations, Su Chen’s purse had become thicker, and the number of Origin Rings he possessed had increased again — he had simply bought too many things, and a single Origin Ring couldn’t possibly contain it all.

At the same time, great waves began to ripple through the Dreamrealm again.

It was due to that very familiar name.

Cloud Bat.

After a number of years of complete radio silence, his name once again appeared at the top of the list in the Hall of Knowledge.

Beneath the words “Hemolytic Totem” was a recording of a battle — a recording of the same two soldiers who had been battling before.

As the halos of light lit up on the short soldier’s body, his strength suddenly surged. Everyone who saw the recording was extremely excited, and the low cost of production stunned them as well.

Without question, the Dreamrealm was thrown into turmoil once again.

At this point, Cloud Bat was already quite well-known within the Dreamrealm. Even though he didn’t make many moves, the Dreamrealm always exploded into activity whenever he did.

“Hemolytic Totem...... This is obviously the Ferocious Race’s secret Totemic Inscription technique. He’s just pirating them at this point.” Some people who thought they were clever made comments like these disdainfully.

“You don’t know anything. The Ferocious Race’s secret technique expends physical energy, while this one burns Origin Energy. It’s obviously been improved to be better suited for humans.” Most of the buyers were smarter.

“It has the greatest effect on common martial artists and can raise their strength by many times. It can double the strength of a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator and strengthen a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator a bit, but it won’t be very useful for people at the Yang Opening Realm.” People quickly identified the limits of the Hemolytic Totem.

“It’s great for large-scale battles.”

“It can increase the strength of people with lower cultivation bases.”

“It can also supplement a person’s weaknesses.”

Just like the Exterminating Ferocious Army’s officers, countless intelligent consumers immediately pointed out the advantages of the Hemolytic Totem, as well as its value.

Compared to before, the Hemolytic Totem was now priced a bit higher.

To be precise, it cost a thousand Origin Stones per copy.

The Hemolytic Totem wasn’t a bloodline-less technique, so its importance wasn’t as great, but it was for this reason that Su Chen felt comfortable asking for a price that was a bit more normal. This would ensure that he would profit more than before.

Even though a price of a thousand Origin Stones was not low, it wasn’t a price that was out of reach. In particular, because the Hemolytic Totem was great for group battles, most organizations wouldn’t hesitate to spend a thousand Origin Stones for it, as that was just a drop in the bucket for them.

Apart from the Seven Kingdom’s armies, there were many clans, sects, and people in power who had their own forces.

In addition, unlike most individuals, who would try to save as much as possible, organizations often wouldn’t care too much about small expenses — could you imagine if Gu Xuanmian had run to the other three clans and asked them to make a copy of the Hemolytic Totem for him to use on his subordinates?

Because of this, even though the Hemolytic Totem was expensive, the asking price wasn’t too high in the slightest.

There were hundreds of thousands of Bloodline Nobility Clans scattered throughout the human race, and they all basically had their own subordinates. In addition, Qi Drawing Realm and Blood Boiling Realm cultivators usually made up the foundation of a clan or organization’s strength, meaning that almost every clan would benefit greatly from the Hemolytic Totem. When one added in the various individuals and sects, the sales of the Hemolytic Totem would most likely not be any lower than that of the technique for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline.

In addition, Cloud Bat had already built up a great reputation, and no one was suspicious of him. As such, in just a single day, a hundred thousand copies of the Hemolytic Totem were sold. In the following days, even though the decreased demand caused the sales to decrease, total sales quickly reached more than three hundred thousand.

This implied that anybody with even a modicum of influence had bought the Hemolytic Totem secret technique, and that at least a hundred thousand individuals had bought it.

The Hemolytic Totem quickly spread like crazy amongst the whole human race, and the prestige of Cloud Bat skyrocketed once again.

Countless people guessed at who exactly Cloud Bat was, but this time the secret was much harder to keep.

The reason was the Flowing Gold Fort.

Demonstrating the Hemolytic Totem at the Flowing Gold Fort had revealed Su Chen’s true identity to everyone. Too many people already knew that Su Chen was the creator of the Hemolytic Totem, and when the Hemolytic Totem appeared in the Dreamrealm, the people in Flowing Gold Fort immediately realized that Su Chen was Cloud Bat. They also finally realized that the Cloud Bat, who had developed two techniques for charging into higher cultivation realms without a bloodline, was also Su Chen.

The Flowing Gold Fort immediately exploded with commotion.

Everyone was talking about it.

The more people that knew something, the harder it was to keep it a secret, so the news that Su Chen was Cloud Bat began to spread quicker and quicker within the Dreamrealm.

Most people were hearing the name “Su Chen” for the first time.

Who was Su Chen? What kind of person was he? Why would he do things like this?

Behind the answer to each one of these questions were even more questions. Countless people wanted to figure out the secrets behind Cloud Bat’s background.

All kinds of legends about Su Chen’s origins began to spread.

Some people said that he was a genius from a certain region and that he had been performing miracles since birth. His studies, culture, cultivation, and martial arts were all outstanding.

Others said that he was the descendant of some large Bloodline Nobility Clan and was blessed with high innate talent and understanding of the natural world, which was why he was able to accomplish these miracles.

Another group believed that he was an orphan who had grown up in the wilderness and had been raised by wolves.

Some even said that he was actually of the Arcana Race, since they understood many of the secrets of the natural world and had invented thousands of useful techniques; that was the only logical explanation for his achievements.

Still others said that he was from a different race and had come to distribute all of these secret techniques to bait people into going astray, because passing down bloodlines was the only actual right path for humans to take.

Of course, these theories were all just slander and smear tactics. There was probably more than a few people who just didn’t like Su Chen.

All kinds of rumors and legends began to spread about Su Chen.

Of course, some people also said that Su Chen had come from the Three Mountains Region, with a plain family background, and that he had been blind for a few years and graduated from the Hidden Dragon Institute.

However, these stories were quickly drowned out by all the nonsense. Compared to all the exaggerated rumors, this origin story was too common and simple, as it lacked excitement and strange, bewildering circumstances. Even though it was the closest to the truth, there was no value in spreading it and no one would pay attention to it, so no one spread it.

The truth was thus buried underneath a mountain of fantasy.

That was also good. At the very least, Su Chen didn’t want too many people to pay attention to him.

However, for the people who had the heart, figuring out the truth wasn’t too difficult.

A few people had found him, and there were even some who sent out liaisons to contact him.

There were people trying to rope him in, threaten him, or even kill him directly.

But no matter what their goals were, they were going to be disappointed.

This was because not long after he released the Hemolytic Totem, Su Chen embarked on his journey to the Harvey Plains.

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