Chapter 100: Xiao Feinan

Chapter 100: Xiao Feinan

The Hemolytic Totem was probably Su Chen’s most practical invention.

Its greatest benefit was that it could directly increase a person’s strength in a simple and straightforward manner. The most significant drawback, however, was that once applied, there was no room for further improvement. As a person’s personal strength increased, the Hemolytic Totem would eventually be tossed aside in favor of something else, which was why it was only used on low-level cultivators. It was for this reason that Su Chen had never used the Hemolytic Totem on himself. He only used this skill as the basis to make Origin Conducting Tools like the Shadow Flame Glove.

Even so, it was still a very practical way to raise someone’s strength, and the critical point was that it was incredibly cheap and easy to make.

Cheap meant that Su Chen could manufacture it in very large quantities.

In a large-scale fight, practicality was the most important.

What would it mean if you were able to simultaneously increase the strength of a bunch of low-tier cultivators by around 20-100%?

They would absolutely wipe the floor with any opponent.

However, the Immortal Temple probably wanted this item the least out of the three listed.

The reason was very simple; they didn’t have an army.

No underground organization could gather a large number of followers, and a general lack of members meant that the full potential of the Hemolytic Totem wouldn’t be brought out. They would rather have the Primordial Blood Incarnation or Soul Armaments.

Unfortunately, Su Chen wasn’t willing to hand those things over as they both increased the strength of an individual.

The reason Su Chen was willing to let go of the Hemolytic Totem was because it didn’t affect a person’s individual strength, though it would have profound impacts on the human race as a whole.

The Hemolytic Totem had originally been developed in the Goldwater Ruins, when the Ferocious Race had competed against him. Now, it was being given away again while in the Ferocious Race’s territory; in a sense, perhaps everything had come full circle.

He said, “And I won’t just give it to you. I will publicly distribute it within the Dreamrealm.”

“Then what use would we have for it?” Shi Mingfeng said unhappily.

If everyone had it, then in some sense it was the same as no one having it.

“There are two kinds of Hemolytic Totems. One is the kind that can directly accept an Origin Skill, while the other accepts Origin Substances. The biggest difference between the two is that there is no way of improving the former, while the latter can be improved upon,” Su Chen said.

There was no way to improve the default Hemolytic Totem, but the power of Origin Substances could be amplified and utilized in new Origin Skills.

Su Chen’s earlier Shadow Servants only possessed the Shadow Substance, and they already had the Shadow Claw ability, which was one usage of the Shadow Substance.

Su Chen would release the Hemolytic Totem, but he was planning on keeping the method for extracting Origin Substance a secret from the public.

“I will teach you a method for extracting and using Origin Substance,” Su Chen stated.



Shi Mingfeng thought for a moment, then said, “You mean the technique that you used to defeat all the pirates that one time?”


“It’s pretty good in water battles but it isn’t as useful in battles on land. What would be the point of giving that to us?”

“Quite the opposite; it’s very useful,” Su Chen replied. “Why would the Immortal Temple fight battles on land? Are you still planning on stirring up trouble in Long Sang Country? As an underground organization, survival is probably the most important priority for you, right? The Dragonfish Origin Substance allows you to be like a fish in water, and anywhere there is water, it will be your playground. Is there a shortage of water on this continent? You’ll be able to go anywhere you want within a body of water. While your attacks won’t become more powerful, you will be able to easily keep yourselves safe!”

“Then it would make more sense for you to give us the Shadow Substance. We can keep ourselves even safer that way.”

“But you can also use it to kill. I would prefer that whatever I give you won’t be able to be used as an instrument of murder. That was the case at the Spirit Burying Terrace, and that is still the case now.”

“Your own life is at stake and you’re still worried about all of these things?”

“So do I not need to worry about these things if my life is at stake? I will abide by these ideals even if I were in the heart of enemy territory, let alone about to embark on my expedition. This is what’s known as principles. If I gave up on them so easily, what kind of reasoning would that be?”

Shi Mingfeng was rendered totally helpless against him. “Nonetheless, you’re giving me far too little. The exchange is far too disadvantageous for us.”

“The Black Flame wouldn’t say the same thing if they were here.”

“The Black Flame?” Shi Mingfeng was stunned.

The Black Flame was the Arcana Race remnant organization that had been set up in the Sea Race’s territory. Obviously, this meant that their territory was filled with water. Unfortunately for the Arcana Race, they had a very hard time surviving amongst the Sea Race. As such, they usually lived on top of an island. Out of the five organizations spread amongst the five major races, they were having the hardest time. Right now, their main goal wasn’t to recover the Arcana Race’s glory, but to just survive.

This was an organization that had been created with the sole purpose of surviving.

If they had something like the Hemolytic Totem that would allow them to breathe and move about freely inside the sea......

Shi Mingfeng could absolutely imagine what kind of price they would be willing to pay.

They didn’t even need the Immortal Temple to pass it along to them; they just needed to ask Su Chen for it themselves.

Even though survival was difficult in the Sea Race’s territory, but there were quite a few treasures in the sea!!!

When he thought of this, Shi Mingfeng couldn’t help but sigh, “Prince Su, you truly are conniving. But are you really just planning on handing over the Hemolytic Totem just like that?”

“The reason I invented it in the first place was to have it increase the strength of the human race. That in turn will relieve some of the pressure on me.”

“That’s all?” Shi Mingfeng didn’t really believe him.

“I’ve been spending a lot of money lately.”

“Fine, then,” Shi Mingfeng replied.

The matter was decided just like that.

Su Chen then left his room and headed in the direction of the Heavenly Mist Battalion.

The Heavenly Mist Battalion’s headquarters were to the south of the city. Upon arriving, Su Chen glanced at the people on guard and said, “Su Chen is here to greet Duan Jiangshan and Duan Quchang.”

Xiao Feinan was already the Heavenly Mist Battalion’s commander and held quite a high status. Not just anyone could meet him, so Su Chen had to think of a way to find Duan Jiangshan.

He knew that Duan Jiangshan was looked favorably upon by Xiao Feinan and had been promoted to First Lieutenant, putting him in charge of three hundred soldiers. This rate of promotion was quite fast.

As he spoke, Su Chen stuffed a few Origin Stones into his hand.

The soldier ran off to do Su Chen’s bidding happily, given that he had received some tangible benefits. Soon after, Duan Jiangshan emerged.

His carefree attitude from back then was the same. When he saw Su Chen from a distance, he began to yell, “When I first heard that a little Su Chen was here to look for me, I didn’t believe it at all, but look at you! You’re really here. What stray winds blew you over?”

“A ferocious storm,” Su Chen replied. “A ferocious storm that came from the north.”

Duan Jiangshan was momentarily taken aback before he understood. “Shi Kaihuang?”

Su Chen nodded.

Duan Jiangshan put his arm around Su Chen. “Follow me into the barracks. I can’t tell you anything, so you’ll have to see Commander Xiao. Commander Xiao has a strong impression of you and still brings you up from time to time. He was quite upset that he wasn’t able to get you to stay, and will definitely be very happy that you’re here.”

Half an hour later, Su Chen greeted Xiao Feinan in the battalion’s barracks.

Xiao Feinan had just returned from an expedition, and traces of fatigue could be seen on his face. When he saw Su Chen, he just nodded his head in greetings. “I already know why you’re here. Unfortunately, I cannot help you; when the Heavenly Might Army first disappeared, I requested many times to send reinforcements, but I was rejected every time......”

Su Chen replied, “General Xiao, you misunderstand. I’m not here to ask you to send out troops on my behalf. I know that it’s very difficult for the Flowing Gold Fort to send out reinforcements under these circumstances.”

“Oh? Then what are you here for?” Xiao Feinan was slightly taken aback.

“I just want to know who gave the order for the Heavenly Might Battalion to attack.”

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