Chapter 97: Reckless Purchasing

Chapter 97: Reckless Purchasing

The next morning, Su Chen left Swallow River City.

He left on one of the Flight Network’s Dragon Boats — and his trip was actually the inaugural flight. It was quite interesting that Su Chen was both the network’s inventor and its first guest.

The flight was set for Long Coiling City.

It wasn’t strange for the first flight to be headed for the capital of the country, and Su Chen was originally planning on going there anyways.

Once he arrived at Long Coiling City, Su Chen headed straight to the Flying Moon Workshop.

Cui Miaoling was there to greet him.

Even though it had been a few years, Cui Miaoling still had a very deep impression of Prince Su’s deep pockets. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and greeted him. “Prince Su, it’s been a few years.”

Su Chen cut right to the chase. “I’m here to buy a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.”

“A Cloud Piercing Shuttle?” Cui Miaoling was taken aback. “The last Cloud-Piercing Shuttle......”

“......Was eaten by a Demonic Beast.”

Cui Miaoling felt her heart bleed.

A Demonic Emperor Shuttle worth a few billion Origin Stones had been eaten just like that. How can you say it that so callously without even blinking?

Su Chen didn’t wait for her shock to subside before continuing to say, “That’s why I want to buy two this time.”


Cui Miaoling almost fell to the ground.

Are my ears deceiving me?

She opened her eyes wide and stared at Su Chen. “You aren’t joking around, are you?”

“Not at all. I want the best ones, ideally at the same level as the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. If there are still shuttles that require powerful consciousnesses to control, that would be even better.”

Cui Miaoling sucked in a mouthful of cold air as she tried to calm herself. “Treasures like that can’t be requested, only encountered by chance.”

Su Chen interrupted Cui Miaoling. “Then regular top-tier ones will be fine too.”

Cui Miaoling’s heart trembled once again.

She quickly took out a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle. It was curved like a moon and sharp at both ends, giving it the shape of a small boat.

“This is the Silver Moon Shuttle. The Flying Moon Workshop gained its name from producing this model.”

“I know the Silver Moon Shuttle. It’s the flagship product of the Flying Moon Workshop and sells well every year. But what I want aren’t the things that everyone has but the ships that are treasures amongst treasures.”

Cui Miaoling chuckled. “Of course. Since Prince Su wants top-tier items, how could we possibly try to deceive Prince Su with mediocre items? Please, take a close look — even though this Silver Moon Shuttle looks like any other Silver Moon Shuttle, its interior has been heavily modified and replaced with top-quality materials. This shuttle’s defensive rating is 130, and it can travel 35 paces in a single breath. It also has an Origin Formation so that you can resize it at will.”

Numbers were often enough to reveal the truth.

When he heard this number, Su Chen knew that this thing was good.

“What’s the drawback?”

“If you want to talk about drawbacks, the biggest is that it has no offensive capabilities. Since Prince Su wants two shuttles, I was thinking that Prince Su could choose one that specializes in escaping and one that specializes in combat.”

“How much?” he asked.

“A hundred million.”

“What about the combat one?”

Cui Miaoling pulled out another Cloud-Piercing Shuttle. “This is the Burning Sun Shuttle. Its defensive rating is 120, and it can travel 23 paces in a single breath. It comes with a spatial Origin Formation, a Burning Sun Cannon, and a high-tier offensive Origin Formation. The offensive Origin Formation is composed of twelve minor Origin Formations that can unleash three Origin Skills in total. Finally, the shuttle allows its user to unleash Origin Skills from within the shuttle via some of the Origin Formations. As such, the user can attack from within the shuttle. However, only long-range Origin Skills will have an effect when used through this method; close-range Origin Skills can’t be used.”

This was truly a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle built for battle. Its speed was so-so, but its defensive capabilities weren’t weak and it came with both pre-installed Origin Skills and allowed its user to unleash Origin Skills from within the shuttle. That would truly be much more convenient for combat.

Su Chen asked, “How much?”

“Also a hundred million. Since Prince Su wants to buy two shuttles, I can give them to you at 10% off for a total of 180 million.”

One of the shuttles was specifically meant for escaping. It was even faster and had a higher defensive rating than the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. The other was useful for combat and could multiply Su Chen’s strength while he was in the air. It wouldn’t be outdated even if he were to use it in the Light Shaking Realm.

The price was similarly extraordinary. Each shuttle cost a hundred million Origin Stones.

Su Chen didn’t waste more of his breath. He nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll take it.”

A transaction worth a few hundred million had been completed in just the span of a few minutes. Cui Miaoling felt dizzy just thinking about it.

“There’s one more small favor that I would like to ask of Miss Cui.”

“Prince Su, please just tell me what you need.” At this moment, Cui Miaoling was willing to sleep with him, let alone help him out with a small favor.

Unfortunately, Su Chen didn’t have any eyes for her. He just handed her a piece of paper. “Please help me gather everything listed here.”

Cui Miaoling took one look at it and almost fainted. “A hundred thousand Sky-Pealing Thunder Kernels? Prince Su, are you trying to level Long Coiling City? And a thousand kilograms of Nightmare Snake Poison…… A thousand kilograms? Have you gone mad? This is an incredibly rare poison, and you’re trying to buy it by the kilogram? And what is this? Marching Pellets? That’s fine, but why do you need a million? What are you trying to do?”

“You ask too many questions. I’m just asking you whether or not you’re able to help me buy these things.”

Cui Miaoling said helplessly, “No one can buy all of this. Even if you were to search through all of Long Coiling City, you might only find a hundred kilograms, no, a hundred vials of Nightmare Snake poison. As for Sky-Pealing Thunder Pellets, I can at most find five hundred for you, as well as fifty thousand Marching Pellets.”

Su Chen shook his head. “That’s too few.”

“Then there’s really nothing I can do,” Cui Miaoling said as she shook her head.

Su Chen might have the money, but the items might not necessarily be there. Everything he was searching for was rare and hard to concoct, so there were limited quantities.

Su Chen thought for a moment, then said, “First get everything that you can, then search for some substitutes. That should be fine, right?”

“Substitutes……” Cui Miaoling thought for a moment, then replied, “It’s not impossible for me to think of something, but you’re asking for too many things here that are simply too varied in their usage.”

Su Chen said, “This is a big transaction, right?”

Cui Miaoling understood the meaning behind his words and smiled. “Yes, I understand what Prince Su is saying. I will activate as many people as possible to search for the resources that you need. But as for the price……”

Su Chen pulled out an Origin Card and placed it in Cui Miaoling’s hand. Cui Miaoling beamed with a smile when she saw the number on top of it.

Lavish transactions required a lavish spending style.

Once she received this massive order, the first thing Cui Miaoling did wasn’t to send people to procure the resources. Instead, she called the storekeepers of all of the large shops within Long Coiling City over and explained the situation to them, soon after distributing the responsibilities to them.

The pay was good and the quantity was high, so the various storekeepers happily agreed. Those who had the products already in stock supplied those, while those who didn’t began searching. For a while, all of Long Coiling City was busy searching for what Su Chen wanted to buy. A few of the quicker-witted storekeepers also sent people to the nearby cities to import resources in, milking the surrounding cities dry and profiting handsomely.

Within the span of a few days, the resources that Su Chen needed had been gathered in their entirely. This made it so that any resource Su Chen was buying was suddenly in short supply across the city, causing the prices to shoot up.

At this moment, Su Chen took the resources he had bought and headed for Flowing Gold Fort.

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