Chapter 96: Iron Cliff’s Mission

Chapter 96: Iron Cliff’s Mission

By the time Tang Lifeng had returned, the couple was no longer fighting with another.

Gu Qingluo lay in Su Chen’s embrace, crying constantly.

All she did was cry.

Occasionally, she would fiercely jab at him a few times.

The pain caused Su Chen to grit his teeth and regret injuring himself so heavily.

When she saw Tang Lifeng arrive, Gu Qingluo knew that she couldn’t delay any longer. She stared at Su Chen, teary-eyed. “Be careful when you go to the Ferocious Race’s territory and don’t try to be a hero. Remember that there’s someone waiting for you.”

“Yes.” Su Chen nodded seriously.

The next instant, Gu Qingluo’s tone changed. “No, there’s actually two people.”

Her voice became a bit sour.

Su Chen could only sigh.

Thankfully, this note of sourness disappeared rapidly. Gu Qingluo wrapped arms around Su Chen and stayed there a bit longer before Tang Lifeng finally coaxed her to leave.

Gu Qingluo left along with Su Chen’s heart. He looked as if his soul had been stolen from him.

A person felt the pain of separating from a loved one the most keenly at their moment of parting, especially if it was unknown if the other side would ever return.

For just a moment, Su Chen wanted to fight Tang Lifeng and take Gu Qingluo away.

However, he knew that there was no point in doing so. The world didn’t revolve around him, and neither did he have the ability to do as he pleased.

Also, Shi Kaihuang’s survival was still unclear.

As such, he hurriedly tried to regain control of his state of mind and then walked down the mountain.

Because he had flown recklessly and blindly to that mountain, Su Chen didn’t know where he was now. It wasn’t until he reached the bottom of the mountain that he realized that he was in Fanyang City, which was completely opposite of where his goal was. It would be at least a three day journey from here to Swallow River City. That would be enough time for him to calm himself down.

Three days later, he arrived in Swallow River City. His state of mind had improved greatly, and he had regained most of his former calm.

First, he went to the Gu Palace and greeted Gu Xuanmian and Gu Yaoye.

Su Chen didn’t put on a pretense of politeness. He directly told them that he had already married Gu Qingluo. Even though Gu Qingluo had left, the Gu Residence would need to accept him as a son-in-law of theirs.

Of course, he also handed over control of the Flight Network.

Within the Su Palace.

“...... The matter is settled, then. From today onwards, you don’t need to worry about the Flight Network. The medicinal pavilion will continue operations, and Li Shu and Zhou Hong will be in charge of that. They will be responsible for gathering resources, while the residence itself will be under Mingshu’s control.”

“Yes!” The Su Residence’s subordinates bowed their heads obediently.

“I’m headed to Flowing Gold Fort tomorrow and might not be back for some time. Everything here will be under your control.”

“You’re in that much of a hurry?” Li Shu said in shock.

Su Chen sighed. “Instructor’s life hangs in the balance. If it weren’t for the fact that I know that being hasty doesn’t always equate to success, I would have left already.”

“Master, be careful!” Li Shu said earnestly.

He was very clear that Su Chen’s trip was going to be fraught with danger.

Su Chen nodded. “If there’s nothing else pressing, then you may all go. Iron Cliff, stay for a second.”

Everyone filed out of the room slowly. Eventually, only Iron Cliff was left.

Su Chen said, “Iron Cliff, this time I will be heading into the territory of the Ferocious Race. It’d be better if you didn’t come.”

“Why is that?” Iron Cliff opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“The journey to the Ferocious Race territory will be very dangerous. Surviving won’t be dependent on just strength but also on this,” Su Chen said as he pointed at his own head. “My goal this time is primarily to help Instructor, and bringing you along might not be that useful. Actually, you might just slow me down.”

Su Chen didn’t mince his words. He knew that if he tried to be too considerate of Iron Cliff’s feelings, he would definitely say that he wasn’t afraid of death and that his only request would be to follow after Su Chen. As such, Su Chen just told Iron Cliff directly that bringing him along would only slow him down. Iron Cliff stared at him slack-jawed, unsure of what to say.

He was weaker than Su Chen, and dumber as well. Even though he was incredibly loyal, that wouldn’t be of much use where Su Chen was going.

He could only acknowledge what Su Chen had said. However, his face was thoroughly red, and his heart was filled with unwillingness.

When he saw him like this, Su Chen smiled slightly. “Do you feel dissatisfied?”

Iron Cliff nodded his head, depressed.

“I understand,” Su Chen comforted. “But just because you can’t come with me doesn’t mean that you can’t help me.”

Iron Cliff stared at Su Chen quizzically, unsure of what Su Chen was trying to say.

Su Chen said, “Have you heard of the Limestone Mountain Range?”

Iron Cliff nodded silently.

“The Limestone Mountain Range borders the Harvey Plains and runs from north to south. Once you cross over that mountain range, you’ll be in the plains. However, the mountain range itself is quite dangerous, and it is actually the territory of the Beast Race. Humans and the Ferocious Race can’t just casually walk in as they please, so they can only set up a defensive perimeter on the outside.”

Iron Cliff’s heart jumped. “Master means......”

“I’m hoping that you can go there and take care of a problem for me.”

Iron Cliff said loudly, “I am willing to go through fire and flames for Master!”

Su Chen shook his head. “I don’t need you to die for me. I just need you to accomplish this mission for me. You are my backup plan, and I hope that I never have to use you. However, if I ever need you, I hope that you won’t disappoint me.”

Iron Cliff’s heart sank when he heard this.

At this moment, he didn’t dare say that he had the confidence to complete the mission.

When Su Chen saw Iron Cliff like this, Su Chen smiled slightly. “It’s good that you can’t promise me. Anyone who has that much confidence without even knowing what the mission is usually won’t do a good job. But a person without any self-confidence also won’t do a good job.”

As he spoke, he suddenly changed topics. “Iron Cliff, you’ve been with me for twenty years now, right?”

“Twenty-three years and four months,” Iron Cliff replied.

“Twenty-three years, huh? Time really does fly. Now that you mention it, you are the one that has been by my side the longest. Qingluo, Instructor, Xianyao...... none of them have been with me as long as you. You know most of my secrets and everything that I have been doing, so you also understand me the best. Iron Cliff, you have been with me for twenty-three years, but you might not have noticed the changes that you yourself have also gone through.”

Iron Cliff was completely confused.

Su Chen continued, “The last time I sent you to delay Zhou Qingkuang, you did a great job. Tell me, does a normal Cliff Race individual have that many tactics at his disposal?”

Iron Cliff slowly shook his head.

Most Cliff Race individuals had simple thought processes and simple natures. Fighting to the death was usually easier for them than using their heads to resolve problems.

However, Iron Cliff was different.

He had followed Su Chen for over twenty years, doing experiments and cheating other people. He usually used his brain more than his fists.

Being a research assistant had taught him patience, and scheming against others had taught him how to plan. Both of these personality traits had combined to make him an uncommon Cliff Race individual. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have delayed Zhou Qingkuang in such a beautiful manner.

If you live with a lame person, you will learn to limp.

Su Chen continued, saying, “That’s why you must believe in yourself. Believe that you are already outstanding. And what I need is for you to utilize these outstanding attributes to their maximum potential.”

Iron Cliff loudly proclaimed, “Master, please rest assured that Iron Cliff will complete his mission!”

“Good.” Su Chen handed Iron Cliff an Origin Ring and said meaningfully, “You can use any resources and any method to complete the mission I am about to give you......”

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