Chapter 91: Instruction

Chapter 91: Instruction

As they exchanged blows, a ton of people began to pour out of the Zhou Clan. However, at this moment, Gu Yaoye, Gu Xuanchao, and the others all arrived on the scene as well.

When Gu Xuanchao saw Zhou Yashan and Gu Qingluo’s battle, he spoke up and said, “Father, I’ll try to persuade Qingluo to stop.”

Gu Yaoye sighed, “Forget it. Her heart is bent on vengeance and is filled with an intense anger that has to be vented before she can calm down. Let her fight and blow off all of her anger. This will be beneficial for her anyways.”

“But the Zhou Clan......”

“I’ll go toe-to-toe with Brother Zhou. Even though the Gu Clan is a Lord-Class Bloodline, we are nonetheless descendants of the Shining Dragon. Not just anyone can push us around. Since Zhou Qingkuang was willing to do something like that, he must pay the price.” As he spoke, Gu Yaoye flew down. His voice boomed towards the Zhou Clan courtyard, calling out, “Gu Yaoye is here to visit Brother Yunkeng. Would you spare me some of your time?”

A grizzled voice spoke out from the Zhou Clan’s courtyard. “I already know the main reason for all of this. Qingkuang’s error is an extremely big one. However, Qingkuang is one of the only descendants with a relatively pure bloodline awakening. His potential cannot be quantified, and Gu Qingluo also didn’t die. Would you give Yunkeng face and spare him? The Zhou Clan is willing to pay a million Origin Stones and place additional tight restrictions on Qingkuang.”

The price Zhou Yunkeng had offered wasn’t low, but Gu Yaoye shook his head. “I cannot make the decision in this matter. You’re better off asking them.’

As he spoke, he pointed at the sky.

Gu Qingluo unleashed claw after claw at Zhou Yashan as she floated in the air. She heard the words that Zhou Yunkeng had said and yelled in response, “Zhou Qingkuang must die! I will not back down on this condition!”

“Hmph!” A disgruntled harrumph sounded out from the courtyard. Obviously, the Zhou Clan’s ancestor was a bit unhappy. “Girl, your bloodline has just awakened. You have no right to be this overbearing. Do you really think that you can do as you please just because you are a descendant of the Shining Dragon?”

These words also encapsulated what Gu Yaoye had said earlier.

So what if you have the Shining Dragon Bloodline?

You can only suffer the fate of being suppressed by the Seven Kingdoms!

If Zhou Yunkeng was willing, he could personally attack and delay the Gu Clan. Once the people from Long Sang Country responsible for dealing with this matter arrived on the scene, Gu Qingluo would not be able to do anything more.

The reason he hadn’t done so was because he didn’t want to destroy the relationship they had with the Gu Clan. However, this didn’t mean that he was afraid of them.

“So what if my bloodline has just awakened? If you won’t hand over Zhou Qingkuang, the entire Zhou Clan will need to pay a price!” Gu Qingluo yelled with anger.

She could sense that she didn’t have much more time. The people responsible for handling the situation were probably already on their way to this location. They had a secret technique designed for pursuing those with Shining Dragon Bloodlines. No matter where she ran to, they would be able to find her. Because of this, those whose bloodlines awakened could only acquiesce silently.

Gu Qingluo had already made her preparations for heading to the Empty Mountain, but it was for this exact reason that she needed to carry out her revenge before she left.

As claw strike after claw strike raked the air, the flames only grew hotter and more intense.

But even though the Scarlet-Eyed Cinnabar Crane’s bloodline was weak in terms of direct combat, its ability to flee was quite impressive. Zhou Yashan knew Gu Qingluo’s weakness, so he didn’t even try to fight her head-on. He just continued to evade her attacks and stall for time.

His thought process was very clear. They had to make reparations for what Zhou Qingkuang had done, but Gu Qingluo’s presence changed everything.

If Gu Qingluo were to stay here, Zhou Qingkuang would die for sure. But if she couldn’t, then the Gu Clan might not be willing to enact revenge on behalf of someone who wasn’t at the Gu Clan anymore. At that point in time, they might choose to take the money and leave.

Because of this, the Zhou Clan was determined to stall for as much time as possible.

“BASTARD!” Gu Qingluo was obviously aware of this, and she only grew more and more agitated.

However, the more agitated she became, the cruder her attacks became, and the less effective her attacks were against Zhou Yashan. She was still a Yang Opening Realm; it was already impressive enough that she could fight on even grounds with someone with seven Lotus Platforms, but defeating that person was simply asking for too much.

Everyone else present had reached a tacit understanding. Since Gu Qingluo was fighting Zhou Yashan, it wasn’t appropriate for anyone else to interfere.

Zhou Yashan knew this as well, so he purposefully ridiculed her as he dodged her attacks, trying to provoke her into falling even deeper into her anger and ruining her rhythm. If he were to counterattack at this point in time, he might even win, but Zhou Yashan didn’t really care about beating his opponent. Just delaying for long enough was the right thing to do.

When Su Chen realized this, he frowned slightly.

Then, he suddenly spoke. “Qingluo, use the Flying Flower Hands to create a net of flowers.”

Even though Gu Qingluo had awakened her Shining Dragon Bloodline, she could still use her Flying Flower Hands. However, that move was much weaker than her Dragon Cloud Claw. If anyone else had told her this, Gu Qingluo wouldn’t have listened, but she trusted Su Chen’s judgment.

As soon as Su Chen spoke, Gu Qingluo unleashed a densely woven net of finger energy at Zhou Yashan.

“Fog Shadow Sieve, Clear Wind Net!” Su Chen said.

Su Chen was the inventor of the Clear Wind Net. He had taught Gu Qingluo this while they were both at the Hidden Dragon Institute. However, this time, Su Chen was asking her to unleash it through the technique Flying Flower Hands. If it were before, Gu Qingluo wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this. However, now that her Shining Dragon Bloodline had awakened, the Origin Energy she had access to was seemingly limitless. Streaks of invisible wind surged forward in the form of a net.

Zhou Yashan was incredibly fast, but even the fastest fly was afraid of a spiderweb. As he shot through the air, countless Clear Wind Nets shot in his direction, quickly enveloping him. The high speed that had made him so difficult to catch actually made it impossible for him to dodge. The razor-sharp strands of the net cut deeply into his skin. His physical strength allowed him to survive the attack; anyone else would have been shredded into bits already.

Shockingly, Su Chen was still calling out, “Dicang, Yinjiao, Xuanmen, Sea of Qi, Sea of Blood……[1. Acupuncture points on the body in traditional Chinese medicine.]”

He called out nearly ten spots to pinpoint in a single breath. Every location he pointed out just happened to be where his weak points were exposed at that point in time.

Gu Qingluo attacked with her Flying Flower Hands without any hesitation. Even though her Dragon Cloud Claw was powerful, she had learned it from her bloodline and wasn’t too familiar with it. However, she had practiced the Flying Flower Hands for nearly twenty years and was extremely familiar with it. She was able to use it extremely naturally; even though it was weaker, with the support of the Shining Dragon Bloodline, it couldn’t be easily ignored. In addition, they were aimed straight at Zhou Yashan’s weak points, giving him quite a headache.

It was at this moment that countless translucent streaks of wind rushed towards him. The faster he flew, the more he ran into. Even though the wounds they left behind weren’t deep, he received tons of them, making Zhou Yashan feel quite uncomfortable.

Anger began to rise in his heart and he switched from evading to attacking. The illusory image of a white crane appeared behind his back and unfurled its wings, generating powerful shockwaves of wind. In the blink of an eye, all of the Clear Wind Net strands were blown away.

“Dragon Cloud Claw to the front right!” Su Chen yelled.

Gu Qingluo’s finger jabs turned into a claw that shot at the opponent.

Zhou Yashan just happened to be charging forward. He hadn’t expected Su Chen to see through the route he was planning on taking, and even take notice of his habitual flight patterns.

This sudden attack from Gu Qingluo made it so that Zhou Yashan was suddenly charging right at Gu Qingluo’s Dragon Cloud Claw.

The claw and its target collided.

Zhou Yashan was indeed fast, but his speed only increased the power of the collision.

With this attack, five bloody holes had appeared in Zhou Yashan’s chest as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Still, he was still a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with seven Lotus Platforms. His Lotus Platforms began to suffuse his wounds with energy, washing away the remnant Origin Energy of the Shining Dragon.

However, in that instant, Su Chen shot a glance at Zhou Yashan.

Fata Morgana.

Zhou Yeshan froze for just an instant.

That instant was like an eternity to him.

Gu Qingluo clawed at Zhou Yashan again, this time aiming straight for his head.

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