Chapter 90: Flying on a Tool

Chapter 90: Flying on a Tool

After flying for a bit, the two of them very quickly arrived at the sky above Crane City.

Gu Qingluo pointed at one of the large courtyards below them. “That’s the Zhou Clan over there.”

“I’ll go get them.” Su Chen was going to call them out.

However, Gu Qingluo said, “There’s no need. Let me take care of it.”

As she spoke, she reached out with her hand. A palm made from condensed clouds slammed down towards the ground.

Su Chen was given quite the shock as he watched Gu Qingluo’s overbearing attitude.

Something that most Light Shaking Realm cultivators would struggle to do, Gu Qingluo had accomplished with ease. An Origin Beast’s Bloodline really was something else.

Just as it seemed like the Zhou Clan was about to be flattened, a palm strike rose into the air in response and collided with Gu Qingluo’s palm that was made of clouds, dispersing it into water vapor.

A voice spoke: “May I know the name of the person who has just arrived? Zhou Yashan greets you. If there’s anything you want to say, we can talk cordially. Is there any need to start with killing blows?”

“Using killing blows from the start?” Gu Qingluo laughed coldly. “If I really used a killing blow from the start… Zhou Yashan, do you really think you could handle it?’

When he heard this voice, Zhou Yashan was obviously taken aback.

Next, a person suddenly flew into the sky from the Zhou Clan, joining them in midair. His face was adorned with a long beard, giving him a bit of an immortal’s aura. He stared at Gu Qingluo, his eyes filled with shock. “Qingluo? Why are you here? How did you……”

Zhou Yashan had met Gu Qingluo before, so he recognized her immediately. However, there was no way he could have anticipated that Gu Qingluo would suddenly become an expert this powerful. Gu Qingluo’s previous attack was unleashed quite casually, but Zhou Yashan had to exert quite a bit of effort to drive it back.

However, he immediately realized something, and his expression shifted drastically. “Your Origin Beast Bloodline awakened? How is this possible?”

Gu Qingluo said, “I don’t want to waste time talking with you. Hand Zhou Qingkuang over!”

“Qingkuang?” Zhou Yashan’s expression changed yet again. “What does this have to do with him? Didn’t he travel to the Gu Clan to propose marriage?”

Killing intent appeared on Gu Qingluo’s face. “Don’t waste my time. Hand him over. Now.”

Zhou Yashan finally realized something. “Did my son get himself into trouble? I am willing to make reparations to Fairy Gu for this.”

In terms of seniority, he was higher than Gu Qingluo, but given that he had called Gu Qingluo Fairy Gu, it was obvious that he now considered Gu Qingluo to be his equal.

After Gu Qingluo’s Origin Beast Bloodline had awakened, her temper had become much more explosive. Now that she carried with her the confidence of a supremely powerful individual, she no longer had any intentions of speaking more with Zhou Yashan. She just said, “I don’t need you to make any reparations. I just need his life.”

Zhou Yashan’s expression turned ugly. “Fairy Gu, even if your Origin Beast Bloodline has awakened, that doesn’t mean that you can treat my Zhou Clan like this. Did you really think that you are invincible now that your bloodline has awakened?”

Gu Qingluo ignored him. It was Su Chen who spoke this time. “Patriarch Zhou, Prince Zhou Qingkuang tried to poison Qingluo. If it weren’t for the fact that her bloodline had awakened at that moment, she might have already been killed.”

“WHAT?” Zhou Yashan was stunned.

“We’ve already explained the reason. Would Patriarch Zhou please hand Zhou Qingkuang over now?” Su Chen said.

“This……” Zhou Yeshan hesitated. “This matter is no small thing. Please give me a bit of time. After I get to the bottom of things, I will give Fairy Gu an answer. Is that okay?”

This proposal of his was completely reasonable, and there was nothing inappropriate about it. However, to Gu Qingluo, he was obviously trying to stall for time.

And what Gu Qingluo lacked the most at this moment was time.

When she heard him say this, the killing intent in her heart surged. “I have no time to waste my breath on you. If you won’t hand over Zhou Qingkuang, then you will die!”

As she spoke, she unleashed a palm strike.

This palm strike seemed totally normal, but a blast of air surged forward as a boundless energy emanated from her palm. Immediately afterwards, the air in front of her became scorchingly hot.

The Shining Dragon was an extremely powerful fire-type beast. After Gu Qingluo’s bloodline had awakened, all of the Origin Energy in her body had turned into fire-type Origin Energy. Every time she attacked, the air in front of her would become blisteringly hot. At this point, Flying Flower Hands or frost-type skills were all pointless, because Gu Qingluo now possessed a completely new set of Bloodline Origin Skills.

Gu Qingluo was using the Shining Dragon Bloodline’s Undying Flame. A casual attack from her would send flames flying in all directions.

Zhou Yashan saw the sea of flames rushing towards him and countered with a palm strike of his own. The two palm strikes collided, and a shockwave of energy rippled out from the point of impact. Zhou Yashan was actually forced backwards a few steps, giving him a bad scare.

He was the Patriarch of an entire clan with Seven Lotus Platforms, but Gu Qingluo could fight with him even though she was only at the Yang Opening Realm. Actually, she was even more powerful than him. How could he not feel afraid?

All that could be said was that an Origin Beast’s Bloodline was simply impossible to fathom. Even the gap of an entire cultivation realm couldn’t suppress it.

Gu Qingluo attacked with palm strike after palm strike, leaving Zhou Yashan totally helpless. He could only let out a long sigh. An illusory white crane afterimage appeared behind his back as he shot off into the distance.

The Zhou Clan’s Scarlet-Eyed Cinnabar Crane Bloodline excelled in speed. Though its combat prowess was only average at best, its ability to escape was unrivaled.

As he flew away, he yelled out, “Gu Qingluo, don’t go too far!”

“You’re the one who’s gone too far!” Gu Qingluo yelled in response. She rapidly unleashed a number of strikes towards Zhou Yashan, generating even more flames in the sky. Even Su Chen was completely stunned.

“Did you really think that having an Origin Beast Bloodline was enough for you to do as you please?” Zhou Yashan’s gaze turned cold. The white crane afterimage appeared behind his back again as it flapped its wings in one hard stroke. An array of feathers appeared in the sky before shooting at Gu Qingluo, the surfaces of the feathers glowing with a frigid energy.

Gu Qingluo was holding Su Chen with one arm and had no way of utilizing her full strength. Even she felt a bit of apprehension when this scene unfolded itself before her eyes.

Su Chen said, “Let me go.”

“I can’t, you’ll fall down,” Gu Qingluo yelled.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m not so weak as to be such a big burden on you,” Su Chen laughed as he tossed the Mountain-Beheading Blade into the air.

The Mountain Beheading Blade spiraled a few times in midair before reorienting itself underneath Su Chen’s feet. Su Chen stepped onto it.

When she saw Su Chen using this method to fly in the air, Gu Qingluo was slightly taken aback before she laughed. “That’s pretty good!”

“This is my first time trying,” Su Chen replied with a slight smile.

Flying on a tool was an improvement Su Chen had made after creating the Soul Armaments. It had taken some adjustments to make it so that the Mountain-Beheading Blade could support his own weight. He had just finished the improvements a few days ago and had yet to really try it out, but an opportunity had unexpectedly presented itself today.

He controlled the blade to go right behind Gu Qingluo. Without Su Chen holding her back, Gu Qingluo could attack to her heart’s content. Flames shot from her palms repeatedly, gathering together to form a large dragon claw that slashed at Zhou Yashan.

Zhou Yashan knew that this was the Shining Dragon Bloodline’s Dragon Cloud Claw. Gu Qingluo’s bloodline was still at its preliminary stage, but the Dragon Cloud Claw she formed already gave off a fragment of a dragon’s aura. Its majestic power automatically struck a bit of fear into his heart. However, he was still a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with seven Lotus Platforms. With a low growl, seven Lotus Platforms appeared on his forehead, revolving and glowing with boundless Origin Energy.

The white feathers grew even more solid. Simultaneously, the illusory Scarlet-Eyed Cinnabar Crane hooked its beak towards Gu Qingluo.

The Cinnabar Crane’s beak collided with the dragon claw, causing the sky to suddenly darken.

Zhou Yashan’s Lotus Platforms rotated furiously; at the same time, a strangely contoured red seal appeared at the center of Gu Qingluo’s forehead. Light flowed across the seal in a dragon-like fashion, activating her bloodline to its limit. The power of the Dragon Cloud Claw increased.

Su Chen instinctively began to observe what was going on with his microscopic eye. He fully took in both Gu Qingluo’s and Zhou Yashan’s techniques in that moment.

After constantly using it for over twenty years, Su Chen’s microscopic eye had grown even more dependable and could even dissect most attacks on the spot. However, he was rarely able to witness a battle on this level. The only other time it had happened was when the beast horde had attacked the city, and he was too busy trying to save everyone. At this moment, however, he had finally found an opportunity to closely observe the battle between two high-leveled Light Shaking Realm-level cultivators.

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