Chapter 89: Origin Beast Awakening

Chapter 89: Origin Beast Awakening

A shockingly powerful and thick wave of energy began to undulate from Gu Qingluo’s body.

Gu Qingluo, who had originally been lying flat on her back, began to float in the air.

Blazingly intense energy radiated from her body, causing the nearby temperature to climb to unbearabe heights. The servants within the room all gradually became unable to withstand the heat and backed out of the room. Only Su Chen and Gu Yaoye remained in the room. Gu Qingluo’s garments fluttered everywhere as the energy poured out from her body, as if she was a willow tree standing at the edge of a cliff.

“Really, she really…… awakened,” Gu Yaoye said, trembling.

No one was clearer than him that the current Gu Qingluo had awakened her bloodline.

Her Origin Beast Bloodline had awakened!

He stared at Su Chen. “How did you do it?”

Su Chen’s gaze was full of sorrow. “When I was in Long Coiling City, I reverse-engineered the formula for a top-tier Bloodline Awakening Medicine and refined this vial. Because there was never really any need, I just kept it on me……”

Su Chen always seemed to be researching more and more areas. The Bloodline Awakening Medicine was just something he had looked into on the side. Because it was a medicine that already existed, reverse-engineering its formula wasn’t too difficult for Su Chen. He had never taken it too seriously, but it had unexpectedly found a use today.

Reverse-engineering a top-tier Bloodline Awakening Medicine?

Gu Yaoye was stunned.

Perhaps to Su Chen, this wasn’t even worth mentioning, and only inventing things the likes of which had never been seen before was impressive to him. However, to Gu Yaoye, this was a magnificent feat.

Even so, despite having accomplished this magnificent feat, no trace of happiness could be seen in Su Chen’s eyes. His expression was heavy and sorrowful.

Yes, all he felt was sorrow.

Su Chen was very clear what her bloodline awakening would mean.

They would be separated!

Everything was over, from the moment that Gu Qingluo awakened her bloodline.

Even so, Su Chen didn’t have a choice.

He could either sit there and watch Gu Qingluo die, or he could stimulate Gu Qingluo’s bloodline into awakening.

The answer was obvious.

The pressure from Gu Qingluo began to subside.

She slowly floated back down onto her bed, and then opened her eyes.

They were tinged red.

As she stared at Su Chen, a tear rolled out of Gu Qingluo’s eye.

Su Chen understood that she already knew everything.

The moment her bloodline had awakened, she knew exactly what had happened.

“Qingluo!” Su Chen said, his voice trembling.

Gu Qingluo shook her head slightly.

Su Chen reached out to try and grasp her, but Gu Qingluo suddenly dodged to the side, brushing past the back of Su Chen’s hand.

She shot past Su Chen and bolted through the door.

“Qingluo!” Gu Yaoye realized what Gu Qinguo was about to do, and he reached out to try and stop her as well.

However, even though he was a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator, he wasn’t able to catch her either.

Gu Qingluo flew out the door like a gust of wind, past both Su Chen and Gu Yaoye.

She was also only a Yang Opening Realm cultivator, but she easily ignored the restrictions of cultivation tiers and flew through the air on her own.

“Not good!” Gu Yaoye yelled. He waved his sleeves, rolling Su Chen into them, and then shot into the sky. Gu Xuanmian also chased after them.

It wasn’t just him. Even Gu Xuanyu, Gu Xuanchao, and a bunch of others had rushed over when they heard the news. When they saw Gu Qingluo soaring through the sky, they were all simultaneously taken aback and yelled out, “Bloodline Awakening?”

An instant later, they all jumped in the air to chase after Gu Qingluo as well.

Gu Qingluo flew at the very front, while everyone else chased after her.

However, in terms of speed, they were actually unable to catch up to Gu Qingluo.

Gu Qingluo casually walked through the air. The floating clouds in the sky were like stepping stones for her. With every step she took, a white cloud would pass by. Su Chen wouldn’t be able to achieve speeds like that even if he were constantly activating Whitetower Teleportation.

The most shocking aspect was that Gu Qingluo was merely strolling about. She was far from using her full strength.

When he saw this, Gu Yaoye shook his head. “So that is exactly what happened. She originally possessed a predisposition towards awakening, which was why it occurred so easily. Now that she has awakened her bloodline, her power has soared to extreme heights.”

As he spoke, Gu Yaoye’s figure flashed like lightning as he shot forward at maximum speed, turning into a column of light. He yelled from behind Gu Qingluo, “Qingluo, you need to calm down!”

Gu Qingluo didn’t even turn around. “Ancestor, I am very calm. This is a decision I made while calm.”

Gu Yaoye was agitated. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re planning on doing. You’re going to the Zhou Clan, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am going to the Zhou Clan,” Gu Qingluo replied. “Zhou Qingkuang plotted against my life. I must get collect on this debt from him.”

“Aiya, do you really need to go that far? We can handle the matter with Zhou Qingkuang……”

“I don’t want you to handle it. I want to take care of it myself,” Gu Qingluo replied coolly.

After her Origin Beast Bloodline had awakened, her state of mind had gradually calmed down due to the influence of the bloodline.

Actually, it wasn’t really calmness per se — it was the transcendent attitude of an incredibly powerful individual, one that would not be bossed around.

Gu Yaoye was still trying to convince her otherwise. “The Zhou Clan is still a Demonic King Bloodline Clan, and they similarly have Spirit Burning Realm cultivators who are even stronger than me. It’s not appropriate for you to do something like this. Why not not take a bit of time to make your decision……”

Gu Qingluo countered, “Do I still have time to weigh my options?”

Gu Yaoye was taken aback.

Of course he knew that Gu Qingluo didn’t.

The Six Kingdoms kept a close watch on anyone with the Gu Clan bloodline. As soon as someone’s bloodline awakened, they would immediately send someone to deal with it.

The reason Gu Qingluo was rushing over to the Zhou Clan as soon as she awoke was because she knew that she didn’t have any time to waste.

That was why she was going to head straight for the Zhou Clan.

“Su Chen, you try and convince her. No matter what, you are still her fiancé. She’ll listen to what you have to say,” Gu Yaoye said helplessly.

“Convince?” Su Chen replied. “Why do I need to convince her? Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions. Since that Zhou Qingkuang dared to harm my fiancée, then he should be willing to face the consequences for his actions.”

“What?” Gu Yaoye was taken aback.

Su Chen said to Gu Qingluo, “Qingluo, if you want revenge, how could you not bring me, your fiancé, along?”

“Su Chen, you……” Gu Qingluo stared at Su Chen in shock.

“Or do you feel like I’m no longer worthy of you now that your bloodline is awakened?” Su Chen asked.

Gu Qingluo’s eyes welled with tears. “You know that’s not what I meant. How could you say that?”

Su Chen smiled. “Then is this really okay? So what if you’ve awakened your bloodline? So what if you need to go to the Empty Mountain? You are still my fiancée. The Seven Kingdoms’ law only states that anyone who awakens an Origin Beast Bloodline must go to Empty Mountain and be closely supervised, but they don’t prohibit marriage, do they? No rule states that someone with an Origin Beast Bloodline can’t marry someone without a bloodline, right? I will go wherever the woman I am marrying will go. What’s wrong with that?”

When she heard this, Gu Qingluo laughed through her tears. “People usually say ‘if you marry a chicken, follow the chicken’[1. Essentially means that you should follow what your spouse says or where they go.], but you replaced that chicken with me, huh?”

“This is my wish. Tell me, will you bring me along with you to exact your revenge?”

Gu Qingluo grabbed Su Chen’s hand. “Of course I’m willing! Since you said that you will go where the woman you are marrying is going, then you need to follow through!”

“Of course,” Su Chen replied.

However, he couldn’t help but suddenly think of Zhu Xianyao.

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