Chapter 83: Demonic Calamity (7)

Chapter 83: Demonic Calamity (7)

The moment the blade strike surged forward, everyone suddenly saw the sky lighten up quite a bit.

It was like an arc of lightning, shining harshly against the backdrop of a dark night sky.

Then, a wave of red began to spread like ink across the sky.

The nearby spectators watched as a human figure appeared amidst the horde of beasts and began wreaking havoc, swinging a massive blade back and forth. Razor-sharp waves of compressed energy swept through the horde of beasts, eliciting enraged howls as the battle raged.

After all the Light Shaking Realm and higher level cultivators rose to the skies to fight with the Demonic King and Demonic Lord, the highest ranking cultivators in the city naturally became that of the Yang Opening Realm.

Even so, they could only watch as someone who seemed as powerful as a Light Shaking Realm cultivator unleashed a bloody onslaught against the beast horde, seemingly transcending all possible limits.

This boundless fighting intent was converted into a pure killing energy, and the massive Primordial Blood Incarnation was like a fantastical being descending from the heavens, ruthlessly swinging its massive blade and reaping the souls of any living being that approached him.

Ten or so Vicious Beasts, along with a few Demonic Beasts, all charged at Su Chen.

Su Chen gestured with his left hand. Wave after wave of fiery flowers appeared in the air, then converged to form a flaming phoenix.

The flaming phoenix surged into the sky, waves of flames rolling off its wings that immediately swallowed up the surrounding waves of beasts.

As the flames began to burn, the Vicious Beasts were immediately turned into ashes.


The people worrying on his behalf behind him cried out in happiness.

Regardless of the death and destruction around them, even more beasts charged forwards fearlessly.

The Beast Drawing Medicine had attracted two main targets.

The more powerful Demonic Beasts were chomping at the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, while the weaker ones chased after Su Chen.

They might be weaker than him, but their numbers were far superior.

Behind him, large groups of Origin Qi Scholars were slaughtering the Beast Race from the rear, so there weren’t too many remaining now. Perhaps they would be completely wiped out not too long from now.

However, to Su Chen, there wasn’t much of a difference.

The remaining beasts were all charging in his direction. He wasn’t confident that he would be able to hold on at that point, and wait for the rest of the Origin Qi Scholars to reach him.

He could only fight as hard as he could right now.

“Su Chen, hold on!” Gu Qingluo yelled loudly.

She attacked furiously, but there were so many Vicious Beasts that it was impossible for her to charge all the way over there.

She could only pray desperately.

Pray that Su chen would be able to hold on for just a bit longer and that the stronger Demonic Beasts wouldn’t find Su Chen.

However, fate was rarely ever so merciful.

A Chain-Tailed Tortoise charged at Su Chen.

It was a mid-tier Demonic Beast, and a strong one for that tier. Its strength was comparable to that of a low-tier Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

It was originally charging at the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, but it had been attracted by the scent of Su Chen’s boiling Blood Qi. It recognized that consuming this human would be of great benefit to it. As such, it waggled its way towards Su Chen, its massive tail arched high in the air. A bloody aura emanated from its body as it ran forward. The blade moved in response, its strike forming an invisible streak that rippled across the beast’s tail, sending the chain-like tail flying. The tortoise howled in pain and tried to draw its head into its shell, wanting to retreat. However, the razor-sharp blade light stabbed forwards again, slamming into the hard tortoise shell. With a crack, the tortoise shell split in two, and the blade light penetrated deep into the shell. Such a powerful Demonic Beast had been cleaved in two immediately.

This scene shocked everyone present. This was a beast as strong as a low-tier Light Shaking Realm cultivator, and yet it had still been cleaved in two with a single blow?

Su Chen’s face paled slightly.

Even he hadn’t anticipated being able to release such a powerful blade strike.

“Is this the strength I can unleash when I am at the edge between life and death?” Su Chen seemed to have realized something.

He had always been hoping to participate in an actual life-or-death battle at some point so that he could experience the burst of strength that came from being in such a situation.

However, because of the way that he always acted, he never had the opportunity — after all, he could not pointlessly throw himself into a perilous situation.

Now, however, he felt it.

He felt the pressure of the life-or-death situation squeezing out even more potential from his body.

This was a kind of latent potential hidden in his body. It was a real, powerful, heroic kind of strength.

He finally understood.

He understood why contemporary Origin Skills had superseded Ancient Arcana Techniques and become the main cultivation system of the human race.

Because only in this way would the hidden potential of humans be drawn out!

This was something that Ancient Arcana Techniques could never achieve.

“This kind of hot-blooded style of fighting...... It’s very good!” Su Chen sighed with praise. Every cell in his body was full of energy, as if they were rejoicing at his rebirth, growth, advancement, and other similar feelings.

In any case, this sudden explosion of power was actually the result of his accumulated knowledge; it had manifested itself in this life-or-death situation. It was also the foundation of the human race’s strength.

Su Chen understood. He began to laugh with joy.

The Mountain-Beheading Blade began to glow once more.

A violent wave of wind surged forwards in all directions, and fresh blood spilled everywhere.

Su Chen began to release all the energy in his body. His bloodthirst and anger pushed him to use every technique at his disposal. There was no more careful calculation or planning involved; all he felt was the hot blood coursing through his body, pushing it to its limits.

He was experiencing the feeling of truly letting loose with all his might, totally immersed in the rush of attacking recklessly.

Blade Qi recklessly flew through the air, slicing countless beasts to shred. One powerful beast after another toppled to the ground.

The bystanders watched as Su Chen walked amongst the beast horde like a god of death, reaping life after life. The Mountain-Beheading Blade slashed and sliced everywhere, leaving behind deep scars on the ground.

The hills had transformed into plains and the plains into valleys. How was this a Yang Opening Realm expert? He was obviously at least in the Light Shaking Realm.

No, perhaps not even a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would have so many techniques they could use or attack with such overwhelming might.

Waves of flames rushed forward as Blade Qi soared recklessly through the air, threatening to burn apart the very atmosphere itself though they left as quickly as they had come. The Primordial Blood Incarnation seemed capable of utilizing the profound truths of the universe.

In that instant, Su Chen was like an immovable titan, spilling rivers of blood.

He didn’t know how many times he swung his blade or used an Origin Skill. All he knew was that, as he fought, the number of the beast horde was beginning to dwindle, and he himself was growing more and more tired.

Towards the end, his Origin Energy had been totally drained. Su Chen had no way of using any more Origin Skills and could only rely on ferociously attacking with his blade. Even so, the beast horde didn’t dare get too close to him.

Even these low-intelligence beasts knew the meaning of fear. No matter how strong the allure of the Beast-Drawing Medicine was, it couldn’t triumph over the innate feeling of fear.

They paced around him and eventually backed off.

The main reason was that the rest of the human Origin Qi Scholars had finally arrived.

They had slaughtered their way past the layers of hindrances and pushed through from the rear, killing off the rest of the Demonic Beasts.

The three-headed eagle, the eight-legged spider, and the walking tree were all wiped out by the furious onslaught of the human Origin Qi Scholars. Some had even died with fragments of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle still in their mouths.

The beast horde was finally driven back.

Su Chen wasn’t actually aware of this. He was still heroically waving his sword.

When Gu Qingluo rushed over to him, Su Chen completely ignored her and continued to swing his sword.

Gu Qingluo was almost hit by him. She cried out, “Su Chen, it’s me!”

“Qingluo?” Su Chen froze slightly, and his muddled vision became slightly clearer. He stopped waving his blade, and a familiar, blurry image appeared in front of his eyes.

“Qingluo, it’s you...... so that must mean that we’ve won.” He smiled slightly.

“Yes, we won,” Gu Qingluo wept as she embraced Su Chen.

Su Chen finally relaxed, and he toppled to the ground.

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