Chapter 82: Demonic Calamity (6)

Chapter 82: Demonic Calamity (6)

On that day, the citizens of Swallow River City saw the most courageous thing they had ever seen — a Cloud Piercing shuttle flying through the air as a large horde of beasts trailed behind.

They were howling and frothing at the mouth as they chased the shuttle in a mindless frenzy.

They had gathered into a mob as they all charged at that shuttle, as if it were some kind of delicacy. They had given up on all other targets.

And behind the beast horde were a large number of Origin Qi Scholars chasing them and attacking wantonly.

The sounds of battle and thunderous explosions rang throughout the air, accompanying the drumming beat of hordes of beasts charging across the surface of the ground.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle very quickly reached the outskirts of Swallow River City. He couldn’t fly too high or too quickly.

If he flew too high, the beasts wouldn’t be able to reach him and would soon give up and return to the city; if he flew too fast, the beasts wouldn’t be able to smell the Beast-Drawing Medicine once he got out of range and would also give up on their pursuit.

As such, he needed to carefully control his speed and height so that the beasts would be able to see him but not catch up.

He weaved back and forth as the beast hordes chased after him like a leaf being blown along by violent winds.

The beasts weren’t idiots, especially the Demonic Beasts. They had an uncommonly sharp intellect that rivaled that of a human’s.

They didn’t only chase the shuttle; there were other things they could do.


A streak of lightning slammed into the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s body.

Even though it wasn’t from the Lightning Serpent Demonic King, sparks still flew off the protective barrier of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

The shuttle’s barrier wasn’t destroyed by the attack, but it did rock slightly, causing it to slam into a tree before continuing to advance.

Next, a cloud of dark fog surged forward.

This black cloud floated very low above the ground, only about 100 feet or so. However, it carried with it a frighteningly destructive aura. It flew above the shuttle, drizzling yellow droplets of liquid down onto the shuttle. When these droplets landed on the barrier, they sizzled corrosively. Su Chen was forced to use a bunch more Origin Stones to sustain the shuttle’s barriers.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was powered by Origin Stones. In theory, as long as there were enough Origin Stones, it would never be destroyed.

However, theory was just theory. An extremely powerful attack could outstrip the barrier’s ability to absorb Origin Energy and replenish itself, and there were also a few attacks that could pierce through barriers to attack the shuttle. And most importantly, Su Chen didn’t have an unlimited supply of Origin Stones.

Yes, he had a lot of money. Even now, he still had around 1.2 billion Origin Stones.

However, he couldn’t possibly keep all of those Origin Stones on himself.

Most of the Origin Stones were kept in a bank or within the Dreamrealm. With enough time, he could pull them out, and then he would be able to fight with these beasts for as long as necessary.

However, he didn’t have this opportunity, so he was burning through the Origin Stones he had on hand quite rapidly.

“It seems like I still need to prepare more medicines in the future, as well as a bunch of Origin Stones,” Su Chen laughed bitterly.

He glanced behind him. The beast horde was closing in on him.

The dark cloud in the sky had dissipated after expending all of its energy, but next an extremely large fireball came crashing towards the shuttle.

The fireball was as large as a house and had come from the mouth of an Armor-Plated Flaming Rhinoceros. It had only expanded after it left the rhinoceros’s mouth. Finally, it began to descend like a meteor shower onto the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. The shuttle was tossed about violently in the sky as it rolled and trembled. Su Chen was sent for quite the spin.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s energy was drained rapidly. In the blink of an eye, two more Demonic Beasts closed in.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Seven or eight streaks of white lightning slammed into the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, causing it to tremble even more violently. Even worse, some of the attack power had snuck through the barrier and landed on the body of the shuttle, causing the shuttle itself to sustain some damage.

“Damn!” Su Chen hurriedly tried to bring the shuttle back under control and stop the jolting. Because he was using his consciousness energy to control the shuttle, waves of consciousness attacks came at him one after another. If it weren’t for the fact that his consciousness power was incredibly strong, he probably would have passed out already.

“Su Chen! Hurry, fly into the air!” Gu Qingluo’s anxious voice came to him.

She was currently flying through the air towards him as fast as she could.

Because of the attraction of the Beast-Drawing Medicine, the Demonic Beasts were completely ignoring her and continuing to chase after Su Chen.

Su Chen glanced at her and smiled slightly.

He knew that Gu Qingluo would come for him. If this were to continue, he wouldn’t be able to hold on forever. However, leaving the whole city and everyone in it to die was something that he couldn’t bring himself to do.

He still hadn’t forgotten the promise that he had made.

Protection was the focus of his original promise and the foundation of his vow.

How could he back down now that his promise was being put to the test?

As such, he only smiled slightly and continued to drive the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle onwards.

Countless Demonic and Vicious Beasts chased after him as the attacks came in relentless waves. However, Su Chen felt no fear.

He could see that, because of him, the human Origin Qi Scholars were furiously hacking away at the beast horde, and the number of beasts was decreasing at a noticeable rate. In addition, the number of human casualties had fallen to a minimum.

Those normal mortal civilians were also saved.

And this was all because of him.

That was enough.

That was worth it.

The smile on Su Chen’s face widened.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Violent waves of energy continued to slam into the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, which only caused it tremble even more violently.


The barrier shattered.

As the last Origin Stone was expended, the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle finally lost its source of power.

Not only that, but the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle also began to slowly fall out of the sky.

Countless gaping maws were waiting for it on the ground.

Just as the shuttle was about to slam into the beasts, Su Chen shot out of the shuttle.

The human and the shuttle separated.

“ROAR!” A massive Demonic Beast leapt at the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

The Beast-Drawing Medicine had been poured onto the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, and its attractive ability was almost irresistible.

However, there were still a few Vicious Beasts that leapt at Su Chen. Having been inside the shuttle himself, the scent of the Beast-Drawing Medicine had inevitably diffused onto his body as well.

Even though the scent was not nearly as thick as that of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, it was still enough to attract large quantities of Demonic Beasts and Vicious Beasts.

“SU CHEN!” Gu Qingluo cried out in despair and sorrow when she saw this.

When faced with that many beasts, even a Light Shaking Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to escape, let alone someone of Su Chen’s strength.

The others were also extremely worried for Su Chen.

Everyone knew that if it weren’t for Su Chen, they would have already sustained serious losses.

At this moment, they had no wish other than that Su Chen would be able to survive.

Su Chen shot a wistful glance at the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle — he probably wouldn’t be able to save that Cloud-Piercing Shuttle any longer.

Then, he reached out his hand and commanded, “Blade. To me!”

The Mountain-Beheading Blade shone with a piercing light and shot towards Su Chen like an arrow, cleaving apart an unknown number of Vicious Beasts on its way.

It flew to Su Chen’s side, who grabbed the blade. A violent aura began to emanate from his body.

The massive humanoid illusory image appeared behind him again, as if it were a titan holding up the heavens and stopping it from crashing down onto the earth.

At this moment, the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s body expanded to nearly three hundred feet, and the Mountain-Beheading Blade grew to a correspondingly gigantic size.

“Want to eat me? Fine! But you might find that I’m much too big to swallow!” Su Chen said with a slight smile.

The blade whizzed through the air!

Su Chen exuded a thick desire to do battle. The brilliant blade light slashed through the sky. Rivers of beast blood began to pour onto the ground, and the pained howls of beasts could be clearly heard for miles.

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