Chapter 81: Demonic Calamity (5)

Chapter 81: Demonic Calamity (5)

The king’s cry pierced into the heavens.

Even though the Demonic Beasts that lived within the confines of human territory had never seen their king before, all of their bloodlines contained a latent instinct that forced them to acquiesce.

They howled; they yelped; they rampaged.

Beasts began to emerge from everywhere, converging towards the origin of the call.

There were massive, three-headed birds that could generate hurricanes with a flap of their wings. There were massive turtles with steel-like tails and another head at its very tip. There were spiders that crawled at lightning speed across the ground with human-like upper bodies — both male and female, and even male and female combined. Yet another was

a massive tree with flailing limbs and branches. Seven or eight corpses still swung from the branches, obviously drained empty. Despite that, those corpses were squirming strangely.

These were all Demonic Beasts that had been in hiding within the boundaries of human borders. Some were had hidden, some had infiltrated, and a few had even assumed human forms. Regardless, they all charged forward upon hearing the king’s call. In the blink of an eye, they were everywhere.

Gu Xuanmian and the others began to panic when they saw this.

Most of the beasts were Vicious Beasts, and the few Demonic Beasts that came out weren’t that strong, but using them as cannon fodder to hinder their movements was no simple problem. In addition, a few of the Vicious Beasts were charging directly at the city, preparing to slaughter innocents.

Tragic cries began to ring out all across the city. It was unknown how many innocent civilians had already died.

Upon seeing this situation, Su Chen’s eyes went red as he charged downwards.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle flew incredibly quickly, so it reached the ground in no time at all. In its descent, it slammed into a charging Vicious Beast, smashing it into meat paste.

Su Chen then turned the shuttle around, unleashing a cannon strike at a Vicious Beast that had leapt onto an old man. The blow disintegrated the black bear as blood flew everywhere.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle charged towards the largest group of Vicious Beasts. Upon reaching its destination, the door flew open, and a massive blade extended out the door. The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle whooshed past, cleaving who knows how many beasts and only leaving corpses in its wake. Blood flowed like a river as it spurted out from all the corpses.

Both the beasts and the humans were all stunned by this savage method of killing. An instant later, the massive blade flew through the air again and unleashed arcs of sword light aimed towards the beast horde.

That wasn’t all; next, four Origin Tool Swords flew through the air all on their own, killing opponent after opponent.

There were now four more Soul Armaments.

These four Soul Armaments had been made from the souls of the four Light Shaking Realm Sand Race cultivators. Of course, they didn’t get the same treatment as Patelocke; their personalities had been wiped away during the process, only leaving behind an obedient core. This made them a tier weaker than the Mountain-Beheading Blade, but at the very least they could fly through the air and attack enemies on their own.

The five Soul Armaments danced through the air, slaughtering any and all beasts they encountered.

One of the spiders charged over. Its male upper body was taut with musculature, and he wielded a long spear in his hands, which was tossed at Su Chen like a javelin. As it flew, the spear’s tip began to glow with an intense energy that seemed to grant it the power to pierce metal. Su Chen stopped the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle in place as a humanoid figure appeared behind him. Even though it was only an illusory image, when it reached out to grab the spear, the spear was stopped in place.

The long spear wriggled in the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s hand, but the incarnation simply put its hands together and snapped the spear in half. The male spider cried out in pain. It the same time, Su Chen activated the Sky Lightning Cannon, blasting that spider into smithereens.

Next, a handsome youth charged over and opened its mouth wide at Su Chen. Its tongue was actually a thin, long poisonous snake that immediately spat a cloud of poisonous smoke at Su Chen.

Su Chen swayed slightly. He stopped the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle in place. The Primordial Blood Incarnation lost its support and disappeared.

The youth laughed darkly as the snake-tongue began to wrap itself around Su Chen.

Suddenly, Su Chen opened his eyes and stared at the handsome youth. The Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared again and grasped the snake tongue. The handsome youth finally realized what was about to happen and yelled, “NO!”

The Primordial Blood Incarnation, just as expected, ripped the snake tongue out of the handsome youth’s mouth. He spat out a mouthful of blood and cried out in pain before his face split down the middle as his skin began to peel away, eventually revealing a Snake-Tailed Scorpion. The Primordial Blood Incarnation had pulled the Snake-Tailed Scorpion’s tail off, and even as it sat there crying out in pain, its two large pincers were reaching menacingly for Su Chen.

Su Chen tilted his hand. A wave of red flowers flew forwards.

These red flaming flowers took shape abruptly, then quickly transformed into a massive flaming phoenix that crashed into the Snake-Tailed Scorpion. The flames raged against the Snake-Tailed Scorpion’s body, immediately burning it to ashes. These flames were truly frightening and were likely equivalent to a Light Shaking Realm cultivator’s attack power.

At that moment, a shadow was suddenly cast on Su Chen’s forehead.

He lifted his head back and saw a massive beast descending towards him. It was a Blue-Eyed Lion, which had opened its mouth wide and wanted to swallow him whole

Su Chen wasn’t Sun Wukong[1. Probably the most well-known character from the most well-known piece of Chinese literature: Journey to the West, which chronicles the travels of a Buddhist monk and his followers on a journey to seek enlightenment. The monkey has a number of supernatural powers, including the ability to expand or shrink at will. One story involves him getting swallowed and defeating the demon from the inside-out.] and couldn’t accomplish a miracle after being swallowed. When faced with this gaping maw, there was only enough time for him to do one thing.

He smacked the shuttle’s body, causing it to shrink.

With a metallic clang, the Blue-Eyed Lion opened its mouth wide and chomped down, but it wasn’t able to close its mouth fully.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was like a metal bar stuck in the lion’s mouth, forcing it to stay open.

“ROAR!” The Blue-Eyed Lion howled in rage.

A bloody-smelling wind surged forward from the lion’s throat, almost killing him with its disgusting stench.

Su Chen waved his arm, and an object flew into the air.

It was a beast hide.

This was the beast hide that he had bought from the auction in Long Coiling City.

That beast hide immediately turned into a black cloud when it appeared, which quickly traveled down the Blue-Eyed Lion’s throat. An instant later, its throat began to rapidly decay and this rot quickly spread over its entire body.

The Blue-Eyed Lion howled in pain. Even without the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle propping it open, there was no way it could close its mouth any longer.

Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to turn the shuttle around and charge out of the lion’s mouth.

He turned around and found that the black cloud had continued to spread. The Blue-Eyed Lion rapidly decayed, only leaving behind its pearly-white bones. Even Su Chen was surprised. The poison from that Snake-Tailed Scorpion was really quite frightening.

Yes, the poison was the Snake-Tailed Scorpion’s poison, but it had run into the poison-devouring beast hide, which was its kryptonite. Not only had its poison been absorbed but it had also then been used to poison the rarely-seen high-tier Demonic Beast, the Blue-Eyed Lion, to death.

There weren’t many high-tier Demonic Beasts within the entire beast horde. These were existences as powerful as Light Shaking Realm cultivators, but Su Chen had poisoned one to death immediately.

However, Su Chen wasn’t satisfied.

Beasts were still running wild in the city. If this continued, not many people would survive.

As Su Chen gazed at the massacre occurring all around him, he felt anger and sorrow.

He gritted his teeth, pulled out a vial of medicine, and poured it onto the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

Beast-Drawing Medicine.

The Beast-Drawing Medicine was used to attract beasts. Normally, it was effective even in small doses, but Su Chen had dumped a whole vial of medicine onto the shuttle.

He still felt like this was too little and pulled out two more vials of medicine. All of the Beast-Drawing Medicine he was carrying was poured onto the exterior of the shuttle.

The dense scent began to spread, and all of the beasts began to move as they charged frantically in Su Chen’s direction.

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