Chapter 80: Demonic Calamity (4)

Chapter 80: Demonic Calamity (4)

Ever since he had been set up by Wang Zhanyu so many years ago, Su Chen always kept a lot of medicine on him. And ever since he had been ambushed by the two Light Shaking Realm Sand Race cultivators in Mountain Overlook City, the quality of the medicine that Su Chen kept on him had also gone up.

If Su Chen were to use the medicine he had prepared on himself, he could probably multiply his strength by three times. On Gu Yaoye, however, it could only raise his strength by 20%, though this did not mean that Su Chen’s strength was 15% that of Gu Yaoye.

Even so, this 20% increase was extremely timely.

The current battle was at a critical moment. A 20% increase in strength would at least double the amount of time that they could hold on for.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators attacked together. Flaming Origin Energy began to surge from them, shining like four torches and driving the darkness away. The flames resisted the relentless onslaught of lightning bolts.

Su Chen took advantage of the opportunity to retreat. If he didn’t run now, he wouldn’t have a chance to do so later.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle shone brightly as it shot off into the distance.

The Lightning Snake howled explosively as streaks of lightning shot in Su Chen’s direction. A few were able to break through the flaming encirclement and fly at Su Chen.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle dexterously dodged through the air.


The Lightning Snake suddenly uttered a strange cry that seemed to explode right next to Su Chen’s ear.

A soul attack!

This soul attack was quite powerful. Any normal person might have had their head explode on the spot, but Su Chen’s consciousness was quite powerful. Even Gu Yaoye and the others were weaker than Su Chen in this aspect, so this soul attack didn’t even make him dizzy. Su Chen just felt a bit uncomfortable.

An extremely thick column of lightning shot towards the shuttle as the follow up attack.

Unfortunately, the snake’s attempt to stun Su Chen had failed, and Su Chen didn’t just stand by and watch idly as the lightning surged towards him; he commanded the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle to dodge.

He then stopped in his tracks, seemingly no longer in a hurry, and then turned around to stare at the giant snake. “Did you think that you were the only one with consciousness techniques? Try mine on for size!”

He opened his eyes wide and activated Fata Morgana.

In terms of combat ability, he would be totally steamrolled by this Demonic King, but in terms of consciousness power, he wasn’t afraid at all.

An instant later, the Lightning Snake Demonic King froze momentarily, falling into the illusion realm.

Even though its strength allowed it to easily break free, the illusion realm still tied it up for a bit, and this bit seemed like an eternity to the experts surrounding it.

An instant later, the Soaring Serpent, White Elephant, Sword Ape, and Sky Scorpion all took advantage of the opportunity to attack.

That was especially true for the Jade Sword Ape. It unsheathed a sword from its back.

All of the Demonic Beasts were mere illusory images, meaning they were just manifestations of strength. However, at this moment, illusory became reality, as if a real Jade Sword Ape had appeared. Boundless sword light expanded from the sword’s edge as the Jade Sword Ape raised its arm and swung the sword through the air.


Ancient blood sprayed through the air.


The Lightning Snake cried out in pain.

It had actually been wounded!

A Demonic King like itself!

What a humiliation!


A violent wave of lightning surged forth from its mouth. This lightning was so concentrated that it became plasma and forced the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators to defend themselves with all their might. They were like boulders resolutely withstanding the waves. As for Su Chen, even though he was far away, the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was still sent flying, and the body of the shuttle groaned underneath the load. The Origin Stones responsible for powering the defenses of the shuttle immediately were drained of more than half their reserves.

If Su Chen’s physical body had to endure this blow, he would have been seriously injured if not killed.

“Dammit,” Su Chen cursed, not having expected a simple Fata Morgana from him to have incurred such serious consequences.

He didn’t dare use Fata Morgana again. Instead, he turned to look towards the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord.

If he couldn’t afford to provoke a king, what about a lord?

Another Fata Morgana was activated.

This was a very normal decision.

The Azure Wolf Demonic Lord was only capable of facing off against its opponents by relying on its agility. It couldn’t possibly defeat so many Light Shaking Realm cultivators.

However, this Fata Morgana from Su Chen was going to claim his life.

Just a moment’s hesitation was enough for countless attacks to land on its body.

The Azure Wolf Demonic Lord, which had been dodging all the attacks aimed at it with glee, was immediately sent flying. Its entire body was engulfed in light from the sheer amount of energy thrown at it, and blood sprayed through the sky.

“ROAR!” The Azure Wolf Demonic Lord howled as it retreated. Clouds began to gather and converge on its wounds, forcing the energy from the other Light Shaking Realm cultivators that had condensed inside its body to be expelled rapidly. Without the remnant energy’s interference, its wounds began to rapidly close.

Even so, Su Chen tossed out another Fata Morgana in its direction.

The Azure Wolf froze again. Another wave of attacks slammed into its body.

The Azure Wolf Demonic Lord was powerful — its defenses sturdy, its speed lightning-quick, its Origin Skills powerful, and its lifeforce vigorous. Even so, it was still beaten into a sorry state. Its former leisurely attitude had disappeared.

“BASTARD! I’m going to kill you!” the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord howled as it turned into a streak of light and leapt at Su Chen.

It was actually faster than the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, to the point that Su Chen didn’t even have enough time to fly away. The azure streak of light caught up in an instant and unleashed a claw strike onto the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s hull, which flickered with protective light as Origin Stones were consumed.

Su Chen paid it no attention and simply waved his hand. A ton of Origin Stones clattered into the reservoir, replenishing what had been consumed.

Are you going to outlast my stores of Origin Stones?

As he continued to resupply the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s stores, Su Chen didn’t forget to throw out Fata Morganas. In any case, he didn’t have any other skills that would be useful against an enemy of this caliber, so he focused all his attention onto using that skill.

Unsurprisingly, the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord was sent flying again.

It charged at Su Chen again, but Su Chen froze it in place again before it was sent flying.

A strange scene appeared in the sky. A Demonic Lord completely ignored all of its other opponents and concentrated all of its attacks on the weakest Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

But it was this puny Yang Opening Realm cultivator that was relying on this Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle to freeze this Azure Wolf in place, turning it into a target over and over. The people below were dumbfounded.

“NO!” the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord howled angrily.

Upon hearing this howl, the Lightning Snake glanced at the Azure Wolf, then suddenly stopped unleashing its sea of lightning and tilting its head back to let out a howl.

This howl was different from the ones before. It didn’t explode like a clap of thunder next to someone’s ear and was not imbued with the power of thunder. However, it was filled with prestige and majesty, as if it was the ruler of the whole world.

In response, countless howls sounded off from their surroundings one by one.

When everyone heard this, they yelled out simultaneously, “Not good!”

Countless Demonic and Vicious Beasts began pouring out of the mountains, forests, and rivers, and charging towards the battlefield.

These Demonic Beasts did not come from the territory owned by the beast but had instead been “domesticated” as an exploited resources. However, at this moment, they were summoned by the Demonic Beast’s call and were instantly thrown into a frenzy as they surged forward to attack.

This was an ability only available to a beast at least as powerful as a Demonic King: calling a beast horde.

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