Chapter 79: Demonic Calamity (3)

Chapter 79: Demonic Calamity (3)

As soon as the words left Su Chen’s mouth, the color of the sky suddenly changed.

An azure streak of light flashed across the sky, charging over from somewhere far off in the distance. It leapt straight at Gu Yaoye, the ancestor of the Gu Clan.

If it weren’t for Su Chen’s warning cry, this attack would have probably seriously injured Gu Yaoye.

However, Gu Yaoye reacted as soon as Su Chen’s voice reached his ears, his body suddenly turning transparent as if it had melted into thin air. He blended into the darkness and became nearly indiscernible from the night sky.

The azure light shot over and slammed into Gu Yaoye. However, it was as if the blow had landed in water. Ripples burst forth from the point of impact, passing through the transparent body. Gu Yaoye was still Gu Yaoye, and hadn’t been injured in the slightest.

Immediately afterwards, a razor-sharp blade light also slashed through the sky. The streak of azure light spun around a few times in midair, dodging the oppressive blade strikes. It then returned to its original form, an azure-furred wolf.

It looked down from its vantage point in the sky and coolly said, “What a pity. I was actually discovered by such a puny human.”

“Lord-Class! This one’s only a Lord-Class beast!” one of the Fang Clan’s Origin Qi Scholars yelled out.

“Xuanmian, you guys go and take care of that guy. Leave this snake to me,” Gu Yaoye said coldly. With an unreadable expression, he glanced at Su Chen and said, “Many thanks, youngster.”

Without Su Chen’s reminder, Gu Yaoye would have been seriously injured if not outright killed by that sudden ambush.

At this point, the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators were all still battling the Lightning Serpent Demonic Emperor while the rest of the Light Shaking Realm cultivators squared off against the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord.

Su Chen frowned as he surveyed the situation.

The humans still surrounded the two Demonic Beasts while they fought, but the appearance of the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord had diverted a lot of the power originally used to deal with the Lightning Snake. The four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators were fighting the Demonic King, while the twenty Light Shaking Realm cultivators were fighting the Demonic Lord. It was obvious that the stronger group was also the group with the greatest deficiency.

In other words, if there was a problem, the top would collapse first. If the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators weren’t able to hold the Demonic King at bay, then Swallow River City would be totally annihilated. It was for this reason that the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators were holding on so bitterly. They just hoped that Gu Xuanmian and the others could deal with the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord quickly before helping them.

However, the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord also knew this. It constantly leapt about in the air, just keeping them busy instead of fighting to the death. It was also waiting, but in contrast, it was waiting for the Lightning Snake to finish off the Spirit Burning Realm cultivators.

“We can’t go on like this! We must help them push back the Demonic King’s offense. Otherwise, Swallow River City will lose for sure!” Su Chen said.

“Master, you’re not planning on going, are you? This isn’t a battle we can participate in.” Iron Cliff was badly startled and tried to persuade him otherwise.

It was already quite impressive that Su Chen could fight a low-tier Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Dealing with the Demonic King or Azure Wolf Demonic Lord was way out of his pay grade, but Su Chen’s tone seemed like he was preparing to participate in the battle. Wasn’t he just looking to die? He’d be squashed if he got anywhere near it!

“I didn’t say I was going to try to kill the Demonic King, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t help them,” Su Chen said as he suddenly stood up. “I’m going to go help them. You stay in the city and keep people safe.”

As he spoke, he began to drive the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle up.

The current sky was already inundated with a sea of fire, thunder, lightning, and blade Qi......

The sky was incredibly stormy and turbulent.

Flame and frost danced in sync as lightning flashed across the sky.

An assortment of Origin Skills flew through the sky, causing it to churn with energy. The pressure in the air was immense, making it feel heavy and thick. Moving through the air was like moving through a swamp. The pressure was actually high enough that it could crush someone to death.

This pressure forced anyone at or below the Yang Opening Realm back, preventing them from participating in the battle.

Su Chen drove the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle into the thick of battle. Even though he was sitting in the shuttle, he felt the pressure keenly. Even so, he was not scared; rather, his desire to do battle soared.

True heroes needed to be courageous!

He watched as waves of energy washed over the surface of the shuttle. Countless columns of lightning flashed through the sky past him, sizzling with titillating levels of energy.

“Su Chen, what are you doing here?” Gu Xuanchao yelled out loudly.

At this moment, he and the others were entangled in a fierce battle with the Azure Wolf Demonic Lord. None of them were expecting Su Chen to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Why didn’t you just stay down there? Why did you come all the way up here? Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Su Chen completely ignored them. He flew right for the four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators. Gu Xuanchao, Gu Xuanmian and the others were all stunned.

Would it kill you to not be so damned stubborn?

We don’t care if you want to die, but what about our investments!?

At this moment, Gu Yaoye and the others were facing off against the Lightning Snake Demonic King, enduring a ton of pressure. A veritable sea of lightning was consuming them, the violent energy endlessly surging towards them. The four Spirit Burning Realm cultivators were in a predicament.

Just as Su Chen had guessed, they were trying to bitterly hold on.

It was at this moment that Su Chen arrived on the scene, enduring the sea of lightning around him.

However, the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle truly was fashioned from the corpse of a Demonic Emperor. It could withstand the immense pressure, but even so, Su Chen was still knocked about like a helpless bird amidst the sea of lightning. Despite this, that little bird resolutely and confidently flew without hesitation. He relentlessly charged into this bitter battle and ended up close to Gu Yaoye.

“Senior!” he yelled loudly.

Gu Yaoye was completely focused on the battle with the Lightning Snake. He had no spare energy to pay Su Chen any mind. He could only shoot him a glance, after which a shocked expression appeared on his face.

An instant later, Su Chen opened the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle and made a throwing motion. A vial flew towards Gu Yaoye.

“Drink it!” Su Chen yelled loudly.

When he saw this, Gu Yaoye decisively reached out with a strand of Origin Energy and grabbed the vial of medicine, dragging it towards himself.

He uncorked it and took a whiff. A refreshing wave of fragrance entered his nose. Gu Yaoye felt his heart jolt slightly; he knew that this was definitely good stuff, so he tilted his head back and gulped it down as soon as it reached his hands.

An instant later, his aura suddenly surged. He casually reached out, and a massive hand congealed in midair, intercepting a streak of lightning that was headed right at Su Chen. That column of lightning thrashed about in his hand like a small snake, but it had no way of escaping. Gu Yaoye crushed it in his hand, causing the lightning to disappear without a trace.

Gu Yaoye laughed loudly. “Not bad. I didn’t expect that Junior was actually such a talented alchemist. Do you have any more of this medicine?”

“Of course,” Su Chen laughed.

He tossed Gu Yaoye a few vials, and then directed his Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle towards the three others.


Lightning began to rain down from the sky towards Su Chen.

The Lightning Snake had originally treated Su Chen as a small, insignificant bug. But this little bug had suddenly proved itself to be very useful to its opponents, so naturally it had to stop him.

Gu Yaoye unleashed three palm strikes as he said, “Hurry and grab the medicine!”

The other three people retreated in Su Chen’s direction.

Su Chen waved his arm, and large quantities of medicine flew through the air.

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