Chapter 39: Entering the Qi Drawing Realm

Chapter 39: Entering the Qi Drawing Realm

On the west side of the Scarlet Mountain Range, a waterfall flowed down in front of a small cave.

Su Chen sat cross-legged in a cleft hidden underneath the waterfall.

Having prepared for over twenty days, Su Chen was finally ready to attempt to charge into the Qi Drawing Realm.

Breaking into the Qi Drawing Realm was actually just opening up an Origin Sea that could store Origin Energy in one’s Dantian. This allowed the Origin Energy that one absorbed to be stored in one’s body in a more compact and compressed way, making it easier to control. The process of tempering one’s body before this could be considered entirely to prepare for the moment that a Dan Sea was created.

Only humans who had undergone body tempering and had experienced a preliminary transformation of their bodies had the “right” to open their Dan Sea. This was like how a proper foundation would be necessary before building a skyscraper.

There were many ways of opening one’s Dan Sea, and because such methods were very common, most of them were not secrets. Su Chen had studied a lot from his clan, so he knew quite a bit. After debating with himself a few times, Su Chen decided on using the Nine Revolutions Golden Sea method.

Using this method would result in a vortex-like Dan Sea. Every moment, it would be constantly rotating like a whirlpool.

The reason why Su Chen picked this method was because the Dan Sea that this method formed had two benefits. One was that its ability to absorb energy was very powerful. Because Su Chen could see the existence of dots of Origin Energy, he desperately needed a method that would allow him to absorb them more rapidly. This whirlpool-like Dan Sea’s ability to absorb passively was not very good, but when given direction it became very powerful, which perfectly suited Su Chen. Second, it had a powerful containment ability. In reality, this was the Nine Revolutions Golden Sea method’s greatest special point. The Dan Sea that it opened could contain the most. To put it simply, its level of magic power was extremely high.

However, the more a Dan Sea could contain, the more energy it would need to progress to the next level, and one’s cultivating speed would slow as a result. Thus, this was one of the Nine Revolutions Golden Sea method’s weaknesses.

However, since he had discovered the dots of light, Su Chen knew that his path in the future would not be ordinary. Thus, how could he select an ordinary technique? He had to face this difficulty and select the path that would improve his future outlook the most.

At that moment, Su Chen was sitting underneath the waterfall, listening to the babbling of the water and exercising the Nine Revolutions Golden Sea’s cultivation method. The Origin Energy hidden inside his body began to slowly assemble. Normally, Body Tempering Realm cultivators had no way of using any Origin Energy. However, when they were filled to the point of overflowing, and when they reached the bottleneck of Body Tempering the energy had nowhere to go, it would flow out, becoming a resource that a martial artist could use.

Breaking into the Qi Drawing Realm required one to control this small bit of Origin Power to carve out a space for the Dan Sea to exist in one’s Dantian.

The Nine Revolutions Golden Sea method required that the space for the Dan Sea had to take on the appearance of a vortex. From the beginning, he would need to constantly revolve the Origin Power, creating a very special Origin Power space in his body.

The first bit of Origin Power had been prepared. Under Su Chen’s control, it gathered in his Dantian and began to revolve, creating the Origin Power vacancy,

In the beginning, it was only a very small hole.

Similar to a needle being poked into the great earth.

However, as the needle continued to revolve, the Dan Sea’s vacancy began to grow in size. A small vortex of Origin Power began to form.

At this moment, merely relying on the Origin Power that he had absorbed was no longer sufficient. He needed the help of other resources.

Thankfully, Su Chen had prepared many other resources earlier.

The Scarlet Mountain Range also had many precious medicinal herbs, not just Vicious Beasts. Long before he had come, Tang Zhen had given many supplemental lessons to Su Chen. As he was being tempered in the Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen had also harvested many medicinal herbs. However, he had never used them. He had originally intended to sell them to Tang Zhen when he returned. Naturally, he was using them now to break into the Qi Drawing Realm.

At the moment, he felt as if the “needle” had wedged itself in. Su Chen did not hesitate. He drained the medicinal herb concoction he had prepared much earlier in one gulp. The thick medicinal strength entered Su Chen’s body, and under the control of his absorption technique it very quickly turned into pure Origin Power.

The Origin Power needed to open his Dan Sea suddenly increased, making it seem as if a violent storm had suddenly appeared in his Dantian. Su Chen let out a pained, stifled groan, his expression suddenly paling.

Breaking into the Qi Drawing Realm was not difficult, but it was still not a pleasant experience. He could keenly feel the Origin Qi vortex expanding in his body, and Su Chen continued to drive it to continue to enter, rotate, and expand.

When all of the Origin Power in those medicinal herbs had been consumed, Su Chen drained another bowl of medicinal herbs, continuing to power the qi vortex in his body.

Once the third bowl medicinal herb’s Origin Power had been completely converted, the Origin Qi vortex in Su Chen’s body was already the size of a fist and had no way of continuing to expand. Su Chen knew that his Dan Sea had taken on its preliminary form. Next was to stabilize the Dan Sea, truly assimilating it with his being.

Consolidating one’s Dan Sea was a relatively time-consuming endeavor. Su Chen spent an entire three days before completing it.

On the fourth day, when the sun began to rise, Su Chen finally opened his eyes.

A bit of starlight flashed across his pupils.

Qi Drawing Realm, success!


Su Chen lifted his head and let out a long howl.

He had finally entered the Qi Drawing Realm.

As of this moment, he was now a true Origin Qi Scholar. He could control Origin Energy and use Origin Skills. He would no longer need to rely solely on the physical strength of his body to fight now.

Of course, the current him still did not have any Origin Skills he could use, but even so, he was still incomparable from how he was before.

Firstly, he no longer needed to use Origin Stones when using Origin Tools. Every Origin Stone was a piece of money, so he had to use them carefully. Even if he didn’t have any Origin Skills, he could still attach Origin Energy to his body. If he added it to his torso, it could increase his defense; if he added it to his fists, it could increase his attack; if he added it to his feet, he could increase his speed. Although the effect was much worse than an Origin Skill, it was still many times better than common martial artists, who could not control Origin Power.

His increase in strength gave Su Chen even more confidence for any future battles.


In the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

Inside the forested Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen was battling a Rainbow Twin-Tailed Tiger.

This Vicious Beast had a ferocious personality, and its attacks were extremely strong. Its innate Origin Skills was to use its tails as a garotte, allowing it to attack its target as it flew threw the air. ITs strength could directly cut a large tree in half. In pure strength, it was not weaker than the Jade-Eyed Ape.

In the face of such a frightening Vicious Beast, Su Chen smiled with self-confidence.

He raised the Black Streak Battle Blade in his hand, making a provocative motion towards the vicious tiger.

The ferocious Rainbow Twin-Tailed Tiger roared with range and sprung forwards.

The Black Streak Battle Blade let out two flashes, and two consecutive strikes landed on the Rainbow Tiger’s body. The Rainbow Tiger let out an angry howl and struck out with its tails. Su Chen flew into the air as if there was wind beneath his feet. At the same time, he used the Flaming Hunter Blunderbuss in his hand to fire continuously. His accuracy was much better than it was before, and he landed multiple bullets on the Rainbow Tiger’s wounds, causing the tiger to let out a pained yelp.

The tiger used all its strength to leap forwards. However, what waited for it was an even more vicious blood aura Origin Skill.

This strike basically split the tiger in two. Despite the fact that its tails had still struck Su Chen before it died, Su Chen only needed to activate the Amethyst Battle Armor, as he was not using it for much else.

The battle was very straightforward and efficient.

Su Chen’s strength had very clearly grown in the past month.

Looking at the fallen tiger corpse, Su Chen muttered, “What a pity, that was a good tiger hide.”

As his strength increased, so did his requirements.

Now, when Su Chen killed Vicious Beasts, his requirement wasn’t just to defeat his enemy, but he also wanted to preserve its original value. The Rainbow Tiger’s hide was vibrantly colored and was sought after by many. Su Chen originally intended to preserve the entire corpse, but the tiger would not cooperate, and wanted to go all out in a bid to kill Su Chen. Thus, it had been split in half.

As his strength increased, Su Chen could now use the blood aura four times as opposed to three. Thus, although these three strikes tired him, he was still able to move unlike before. He would be able to use the blood aura even more as his strength increased.

At this moment, Su Chen began to absorb the Origin Energy motes that began to dissipate from the tiger’s corpse. When all of the dots of light had disappeared, Su Chen had absorbed a total of thirteen Origin Energy motes.

The Nine Revolutions Golden Sea’s vortex Dan Sea had increased his rate of absorption.

Su Chen did some quick calculations. In the past month, he had roughly gone from ten Yellow Stars to twelve Yellow Stars. He was already an Origin Qi Scholar in the first-layer of the Qi Drawing Realm.

A single Yellow Star was equivalent to ten White Stars. For Su Chen’s Origin Energy to increase by two Yellow Stars in a month was like increasing his strength by twenty White Stars. This speed was truly shocking. One had to know that before this Su Chen could only increase his strength by three White Stars in a month.

Naturally, this was because Su Chen’s strength had increased once he entered the Qi Drawing Realm. Thus, he also dared to go deeper into the Scarlet Mountain Range. As he encountered more Vicious Beasts, he also killed more of them. Thus, the amount of Origin Energy that he had absorbed also increased.

Unfortunately, while Su Chen wanted to remain in the Scarlet Mountain Range, the time period for his Scarlet Punishment had finished.

A hundred days had concluded. He needed to return and debrief.

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