Chapter 36: Vision Development

Chapter 36: Vision Development

Upon killing the Mirage Lynx, Su Chen began to exercise an absorbance technique.

After a being with Origin Energy died, the Origin Energy in its body would slowly dissipate into the air.

Some said that cultivating at that very instant would have twice the effect while halving one’s effort.

However, rapid improvement was never seen. There were even a few people who believed that this saying was fabricated. Thus, many people had different attitudes about cultivating near corpses.

Su Chen didn't know either if there was any improvement. After cultivating for a brief moment, he stopped. He did not feel any significant changes.

The next order of business was to reap the spoils of battle.

The body of a Vicious Beast was full of treasures. Their hide could be sold, their meat could be eaten, and their blood and marrow could be used to refine Bloodline Medicine. If they possessed Origin Crystals, those were precious treasures that could also be used to improve one's cultivation.

However, this lynx was only a low-tier Vicious Beast, so the chance for it to possess an Origin Crystal was less than one in a thousand. Even if one was able to use it to refine a Bloodline Medicine, the medicine would still be of lowest grade. Its value was limited, and it would be inconvenient to carry around. Thus, it was better just to give up on it.

Battling this lynx had consumed two Origin Stones. When he subtracted the value of the Origin Stones from his overall profits, Su Chen discovered that he had actually netted a small loss.

First of all, his battle with the lynx had been too prolonged, forcing him to increase his rate of energy consumption. Second of all, he had no way of carrying the entire corpse with him due to his limited storage space.

If only he had a spatial ring.

However, losing money meant very little to Su Chen. More importantly, he had obtained even more precious experience through this battle.

This was the first time that he had ever battled against a Vicious Beast before. Having witnessed the strength of these Vicious Beasts, Su Chen had finally realized the gap in strength that existed between him and those Vicious Beasts. At the same time, his self-confidence in fighting a Vicious Beast had been established, and his own strength had been greatly tempered.

Most importantly, Su Chen’s eyes had once again made a new breakthrough.

As of this moment, Su Chen’s eyes had changed three times.

After the first change, Su Chen felt the presence of light. His world was no longer shrouded in darkness.

After the second change, Su Chen’s eyes could finally see, and he had completely recovered his vision.

These two changes had allowed Su Chen's vision to be that of a normal person's.

However, the third change had brought for Su Chen an experience that he had never had before, one that normal people could not have.

That was "motion vision".

Su Chen had discovered that his eyes could now capture objects moving at high speed, slowing down those movements to make them more visible. He could also see more clearly and accurately. Su Chen could see mosquitos flying by over a hundred feet away. He could even see the afterimages that the mosquito's wings left behind.

Was this what the old beggar had meant when he said that he would allow Su Chen to see much more?

If so, he was not wrong. After being stuck in a nightmare for three years, his suffering had finally turned into rejoicing!

Although he had guessed a long time ago that his eyes would continue to evolve, Su Chen was still unable to suppress the excitement in his heart when this evolution actually happened.

Su Chen stopped trying to lure Vicious Beasts to fight them for the rest of the day. Instead, he sat on the peak of the hill, constantly testing out his new motion vision.

After playing around with it for a whole day, Su Chen finally understood how to use his motion vision.

He could activate and deactivate his motion vision. Every time he deactivated it, his vision would return to normal.

Long-term usage of this motion vision would exhaust his eyes. However, as long as he closed them, the fatigue of his eyes would gradually decrease and they would rapidly recover.

If his eyes were too fatigued when he deactivated the motion vision, his regular vision would also become temporarily blurry. However, once they recovered, this blurred vision aftereffect would also quickly disappear.

Conversely, if he didn’t use his motion vision for a long time, preserving his eyes’ energy, then his regular vision would also improve. Although this improvement was not very significant, it was already much better than Su Chen’s original sight.

Finally, motion vision was just motion vision. It didn’t alter time and it didn’t alter his own movements. It could only grant him the ability to see fast-moving objects. How he reacted to those fast-moving objects was still up to himself, just like how he had used it to kill that lynx.

Even so, this was more than enough to make Su Chen excited.

This was just like a vision-related Origin Skill. Today, Su Chen had basically gotten it for free.

Although the movement vision did not directly raise his combat ability, its would still be quite useful in battle.

Even more, Su Chen believed that this was not the end. Perhaps in the future his eyes would continue to evolve.

After all, he had not yet forgotten what he had seen while in Gu Qingluo’s room.

Would there be a day when his eyes would be able to see through things?

Would there be a day when his eyes would have even more ablities?

Su Chen didn’t know, but he looked forward to it.

In his entire life, no day had filled Su Chen with so much anticipation as this one.

In the following days, Su Chen continued to “fish” on the mountain peak.

On the twelfth day, Su Chen encountered a Giant Bucktoothed Bear.

The Giant Bucktoothed Bear’s entire body was insanely powerful. Its strength was many more times that of the Mirage Lynx. One of its careless paw strikes could easily disintegrate entire boulders. In addition, the battle skill that it possessed could actually release blade Qi-like attacks through its buckteeth. Su Chen was caught off guard and almost took a few hits when the close-quarter combat Vicious Beast suddenly unleashed this long-range attack.

Su Chen spent the greater half of the day fighting this Giant Bucktoothed Bear. To battle it, he had used the Amethyst Battle Armor, the Cloud Stepping Battle Boots, and even the Black Streak Battle Blade before obtaining victory.

The Black Streak Battle Blade was worthy of being a grade eight Origin Tool. The blade’s edge was already exceedingly sharp. When Su Chen activated the blood pattern on the blade, he saw a blood-colored mist spray out. The Giant Bucktoothed Bear that Su Chen had stabbed ten or so times without much effect had been split in two in a single strike.

However, while the blade’s ability was extremely powerful, that one strike had sapped Su Chen of all his energy. He could barely stop himself from sitting down on the ground, exhausted.

Su Chen estimated that if he were to use the blade's ability at his peak condition, he would only be able to use it at most three times. However, without activating the blood pattern, Su Chen could use it for quite some time.

Without question, Su Chen had once again suffered a loss. Although the giant bear had much more abundant quantities of raw resources than the lynx did, this battle had cost Su Chen four whole Origin Stones.

However, the benefits that Su Chen received was not limited to monetary profit. Through his battle with the giant bear, Su Chen's battle strength had increased, and he had gained valuable battle experience as well.

This was especially true after he had eaten the bear meat. Large quantities of this bear meat, which contained the essence of the Vicious Beast, were swallowed by Su Chen. He could manifest it as he was being tempered in battle, which constantly increased his strength. In only ten days, Su Chen felt as if he had been born anew. His increase in strength was very apparent.

On the fifteenth day of his stay in the Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen encountered his first real difficulty. Two Black-Scaled Beasts arrived together.

Su Chen jumped off the cliff without hesitating, using the rope net to escape without a trace.

The ordeal with the two Black-Scaled Beasts wasted an entire day. In order to prevent the two Black-Scaled Beasts from finding him again, Su Chen was forced to set up camp in a new, faraway location.

On his eighteenth day in the Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen killed an Inferno Leopard. However, this Inferno Leopard released a raging fireball moments before its death, causing Su Chen to sustain heavy injuries. This reminded Su Chen of the dire consequences of overconfidence. Afterwards, Su Chen used one of the medicinal pill that the black-clothed man had given him. His wound rapidly healed, but the price he paid was that he had diarrhea for the entire day.

On the twenty first day, Su Chen killed another Mirage Lynx. This time, he did not use the Purple Amethyst Battle Armor, and he did not suffer a net loss.

On the twenty fifth day, Su Chen encountered a Dark Cloud Beast. This was a relatively strong Vicious Beast and possessed an Origin Skill that allowed it to turn its body into mist. Su Chen was not strong enough to be its opponent, so he hurriedly jumped off the cliff and ran.

On the twenty ninth day, Su Chen once again encountered the Black-Scaled Beasts. He tricked them into splitting up, using the opportunity to kill one of them. The Black-Scaled Beast tried to counterattack as it died, activating its Origin Skill and shooting off all of its scales. This time, Su Chen was prepared and quickly turned his back to face the enemy, activating the barrier and blocking the attack. However, the second Black-Scaled Beast had rushed over. Since Su Chen had no strength to continue battling, he jumped off the cliff for a third time. The Black-Scaled Beast relentlessly pursued him for the entire day before Su Chen was able to find an opportunity to kill it.

Like that, Su Chen continued to fight on in the Scarlet Mountain Range, drinking the blood and eating the meat of the Vicious Beasts. As he battled, Su Chen’s battle experience and strength continued to soar.

Just before he entered the Scarlet Mountain Range, Su Chen had just entered the ninth layer of Body Tempering, and his Origin Star test result had been at White Star Ninety One. However, after eating large quantities of Vicious Beast meat and constantly fighting, the energy of those Vicious Beasts had become Su Chen’s strength, which was constantly increasing. In only a month, Su Chen had raised his strength by three White Stars. If he continued on this path, he would likely reach the peak of Body Tempering by the end of his time in the Scarlet Mountain Range.

However, his trip wouldn’t be smooth sailing.

Very quickly, Su Chen ran into a new problem.

He was running low on Beast Drawing Medicine.

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