Chapter 31: Negotiations(1)

Chapter 31: Negotiations(1)

Su Chen returned to the Su Residence and directly headed back to the Dustsift Courtyard. When he arrived at the entrance, Jianxin walked towards him and said, “Young Master, really! You went out without me and left me at the courtyard. I don’t know whether or not I am your personal servant or your Dustsift Courtyard’s broomboy.”

Su Chen responded with a smile, “I was making my last trip to the True Jade Pavilion. What would be the point of bringing you along? As for you, you aren’t my broomboy, you’re my official head steward.”

Jianxin chucked, “Many thanks for Young Master’s generous words. Today, Young Master showed off his divine might and can now be considered to be notorious, even bringing my Dustsift Courtyard to the forefront once more. Today when the Jing Brothers saw me, they were quite courteous.”

“Ah, so that’s why your words were so cheerful.” Su Chen smiled and walked further inside.

Jianxin closely followed behind him, “However, it is quite strange. How did Young Master know that guy Su Yue had messed with your carriage?”

Su Chen stopped walking and spoke with a profound tone, “Hm? Planning on feeling around for your Young Master’s secrets?”

Jianxin touched the back of his head with a silly smile, “I was only curious.”

“Alright, then I’ll tell you. I naturally couldn’t see Su Yue mess with my carriage. However, there were others who saw and secretly warned me, and thus, I found out.”

“Someone had warned you? Was it Mingshu?”

Su Chen replied, “At the time, Mingshu had gone to call for Zhou Hong. He wasn’t there when Su Yue sabotaged my my carriage, so he couldn’t have warned me. I’ll tell you the truth - it was one of Su Yue’s men.”

“What?” Jianxin was completely shocked.

Among Su Ye’s men, who would act on Su Chen’s behalf?

As if Su Chen became aware he had revealed a secret, he continued, whispering, “That’s all you need to know this. Don’t ask any more questions.”

“I understand, Young Master.” Although he felt unresigned, Jianxin couldn’t do anything about it. He could only say, “Does Young Master have any instructions?”

At this moment, Su Chen said, “There are no further orders. I will be taking my leave first. I wish to rest by myself for a moment.”

Su Chen waved his hand to dismiss Jianxin and had already entered his room.

Just as he entered the room, Su Chen suddenly stopped.

A moment later, he turned his head and shouted, “Jianxin!”

“Young Master, what’s the matter?” Jianxin turned his gaze.

“Go and draw some hot water for me. And make sure to use the second style basin as well.”

“Yes.” Jianxin gave Su Chen a baffled glance but he still agreed.

Su Chen didn’t enter his room and waited outside instead.

A short moment later, Jianxin was carrying a basin full of water. As the basin was made of ancient copper, it held quite a bit of weight and was hard for Jianxin to carry alone.

When the copper basin was placed on the stand, Su Chen didn’t have Jianxin wait on him and sent him to look after his mother. Then he entered the room by himself.

First, he opened the window halfway before fumbling around with the basin of water. After grabbing the copper basin, he allowed the steam to warm his face before speaking in a relaxed manner, “If you aren’t going to make a move now, let’s have a chat.”

There was no response.

Su Chen smiled. He carried the copper basin in his hands and turned his body. Great amounts of steam from the rising from the basin’s hot water enveloped Su Chen in a layer of dense mist. He was holding onto the copper basic as if were a shield and tilted it forward as if he were about to throw the water.

Although it was a simple stance, his defensive position was at its peak.

Su Chen continued speaking, “You must be quite the expert since you’re capable of entering the Su Clan without detection. However, you haven’t taken action the entire time that I’ve been here. I am certain that you haven’t taken action yet because it was likely that I would’ve put up a final struggle and alerted the Su Clan. As a result, you wished to find an opportunity to finish me a single move, is that correct? Unfortunately, I’ve already prepared myself, and such an opportunity will not be given to you. Stop concealing yourself. Let’s talk, the friend beside the bed.”

That final sentence completely shattered the mental fortitude of the person who had hidden themselves.

A hoarse voice spoke, “I believed my concealment skills to be quite capable. How did you discover me?”

Soon after, a black clothed man emerged from the shadow of Su Chen’s ivory bed.

When this man had previously concealed himself, nobody had been able to discover him. It was as if he had naturally merged with the shadow to the point where body and shadow became indistinguishable.

However, this dark concealment obviously had flaws. If someone were prepared and able to perceive them, then they couldn’t possible maintain their deception, especially if they were doused with a basinful of hot water.

Su Chen smiled, “A blind person can see whether or not there is someone in a room without the use of his eyes.”

That was true. Su Chen discovered this person with his ears.

Just as he was about to enter the room, Su Chen felt that there was someone inside. Although this person had held his breath, so long as his cultivation hadn’t reached the Yang Opening Realm, he was unable to still his own heartbeat. As the present location was relatively quiet and their distance was near, Su Chen was able to hear him.

Since he could clearly hear someone there but could not see him, Su Chen immediately knew that this person did not hold good intentions.

After thinking of his unfortunate experience from a few days ago, Su Chen immediately guessed who this unwelcome guest could be.

His courage was quite great. He clearly knew that Elder Sang had sent someone to kill him, yet he hadn’t run away. Instead, he chose prepare to confront his enemy while feigning ignorance.

The assassin, who was pressured to reveal himself, snorted, “It's no wonder why you were able to kill Lin Xie. It turns out that you do have a bit of skill. What do you want to talk about?”

When he heard this, Su Chen’s smile became increasingly unrestrained.

He had guessed correctly. This person was Elder Sang’s man, just as he had expected. He had sent someone to kill him for the events that occurred yesterday. This Elder Sang’s actions could be considered both decisive and vicious.

It was quite unfortunate for him that after just a single night, Su Chen had already made his preparations.

“What I want to talk about is very simple. You must’ve sat by my bed for a long while, but have you looked underneath the pillow yet?” Su Chen spoke with a smile.

The black clothed man picked up the pillow with a blank stare.

He was particularly careful when he lifted the pillow for fear of triggering a trap. But there weren’t any triggers. A single sealed letter lay peacefully there.

“Open it up and take a look,” Su Chen said.

The black clothed man tore open the letter. Although the black clothed man’s face was concealed, Su Chen was convinced that his expression was extremely unsightly.

This was because the letter contained a detailed record of what had happened yesterday in the forest..

The entire matter was recorded within.

“Hmph!” After he finished reading it, the black clothed man crumpled the letter and set it ablaze, turning it into ash in an instant.

How fearsome!

Su Chen thought, “This person definitely Origin Qi Scholar. Although he doesn’t appear strong, he is definitely an Origin Qi Scholar at Qi Drawing Realm or higher.”

Was it the Blood Boiling Realm or the Yang Opening Realm?

It wasn’t very likely for him to be in the Yang Opening Realm. The Su Clan’s esteemed grandfather was also at Yang Opening Realm. Someone of that rank couldn’t have been sent to assassinate a clan’s minor young master.

At most, he would be at the Blood Boiling Realm, but it was more likely that he was only at the Qi Drawing Realm.

Su Chen quickly made this estimation in his mind.

The black clothed man didn't know that Su Chen was estimating his strength. He merely said, “Don’t think that you can use such a method to trick me. That letter was likely your last resort. If I kill you, then this matter will be buried.”

Su Chen then spoke with a sympathetic tone, “Are you an idiot? You never stopped to ask yourself how a blind person could write a letter?”

The black clothed man was stunned.

Su Chen fiercely struck out with another blow, “You are quite diligent in destroying the evidence. Unfortunately... your chance at tracking down that handwriting is now gone.”

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