Chapter 26: You Get What You Deserve

Chapter 26: You Get What You Deserve

Upon seeing the modified carriage, Su Chen’s eyes were still fixed and displayed no trace of anger. He truly was acting like a blind person.

After a brief moment, Mingshu brought Zhou Hong over.

In Su Chen’s memory, Zhou Hong was originally a tall, sturdily-built man. He was taciturn, and had always acted in a calm manner. Now, however, he was emaciated and disheveled; his aged appearance and unkempt beard alluded to his difficult life after he was fired. When Mingshu told him that the Young Master wanted him to be his charioteer, he had been so excited that he could not control himself. He had sprinted the entire way to see Su Chen, before kneeling down in front of him and exclaiming, “Zhou Hong, the sinner, greets Fourth Young Master!”

Su Chen faintly said: “What happened back then is already in the past, and you have already been punished for it. I will use you now, just as I did before,so make sure you do things well for me.”

Zhou Hong loudly replied: “I will serve Young Master faithfully until I die!”

“Okay, then go and set up the carriage,” Su Chen said.

Zhou Hong thus hurriedly went to go setup the carriage. Although he hadn’t touched reins for three years, his movements were still fluid. He very rapidly calmed the horse down, then sat at the driver’s seat, waiting for Su Chen to get on the carriage behind him.

Su Chen took a few steps towards the carriage before he paused, as if he suddenly thought of something. Then, he walked towards Su Yue, saying as he walked: “That’s right, I still haven’t thanked Little Nine for speaking out for me as a matter of principle, so that I wouldn’t be humiliated by servants.”

Saying this, he walked towards Su Yue, then bowed to him.

Su Yue swung his fan and laughed: “There’s no need to thank me. It is probably better for Fourth Brother to get on the carriage to avoid missing proper business.”

“How could that be acceptable? If it weren’t for Little Nine’s actions, I probably wouldn’t even be able to head out today. How about this, why doesn’t Ninth Junior Brother come with me? I will treat Ninth Junior Brother to a cup of tea,” Su Chen said as he grabbed Su Yue’s wrist.

He was standing right in front of Su Yue. Su Chen moved very quickly, and caught Su Yue’s wrist with ease as the latter was unprepared.

Su Yue’s face revealed a trace of panic: “There’s no need, I still have things I need to do.”

As he spoke, he hurriedly retreated, wanting to shake off Su Chen.

However, based on strength he was much weaker than Su Chen. How could he possibly shake him off?

Su Chen held onto him, unmoving. His face displayed a light smile as he said, “What? Fourth Elder Brother is asking you nicely, yet you are unwilling to give me this much face?”

His arm was like steel, clamping down Su Yue and preventing him from moving.

Su Yue panicked even more, and he began to furiously hit Su Chen’s arm. “Release me!”

Su Chen coldly laughed: “It seems like Ninth Junior Brother doesn’t want to get on the carriage, but I really want to see what Ninth Junior Brother looks like after getting on…… Zhou Hong!”

Su Chen suddenly let out a loud shout.

Zhou Hong, who was sitting on the carriage at the moment instinctively responded: “This little one is here!”

Su Chen didn’t even turn around to look. He grabbed Su Yue’s hand and flung him backwards in the direction of Zhou Hong’s voice. Su Yue’s entire being flew towards the carriage behind Zhou Hong.

With a thunderous crash, Su Yue smashed into the carriage. The forceful impact caused the carriage, which was already weakened, to collapse with a loud bang. Not only that, but the needles hidden in the carriage were directly exposed and all pierced into Su Yue’s body.

“Ah!” Su Yue let out an extremely pained yell.

“Ninth Young Master!” Mo Dayan yelled in shock, then glared at Su Chen in rage: “Su Chen you bastard, you dare to……”

Su Chen’s response was to take a step forward, leaving behind a deep footprint on the stone pavement. He flew into the air and slammed directly into Mo Dayan. The force of the collision knocked Mo Dayan backwards and caused him to spit out blood.

In truth, based on strength alone, Mo Dayan was slightly stronger than Su Chen. Though both were at the ninth layer of body tempering, Mo Dayan was at the peak of the ninth layer, the last step before a martial artist broke into the Origin Qi realm. However, Mo Dayan didn’t expect that Su Chen would make a move so suddenly, especially one so vicious and precise despite being blind.

In that moment where he was not on guard, the impact of Su Chen’s sneak attack broke one of his ribs instantly, the pain causing his vision to go black.

Su Chen, however, would not show mercy once he had the advantage. He flipped around and grabbed Mo Dayan’s arm, then twisted, directly breaking Mo Dayan’s right arm. Even though Mo Dayan hurriedly kicked back, the sharp pain made his entire lower body weak. This kick only contained half of his strength, and Su Chen received it forcefully. Su Chen reversed and placed another foot on Mo Dayan’s knee.

Crack, Mo Dayan’s leg had already been broken by Su Chen’s stomp.

He then headbutted the bridge of Mo Dayan’s nose, breaking it, then flipped around and grabbed Mo Dayan’s left arm, also breaking it. Finally, he broke his left leg.

Within the firelit room, the ninth layer Body Tempering Mo Dayan was completely ruined by Su Chen. He lay on the ground, unable to climb back up. This scene left everyone who saw it - all the charioteers, as well as Mingshu and Zhou Hong - dumbstruck.

Su Chen slowly stood. “This, is the consequence of being impudent and disrespectful to those with higher status than you.”

“Su Chen, we aren’t your people; you have no right to treat us this way!”

Surprisingly, the charioteers actually still dared to yell at Su Chen.

“What you said was right, I really don’t have the authority to punish Mo Dayan,” Su Chen laughed. “But…… so what?”

So what?

Upon hearing these words, all the charioteers were left dazed.

Su Chen lifted his foot and placed it on Mo Dayan’s chest: “I really don’t have the authority to punish him, but I punished him anyways. I went beyond my authority and I even heavily injured him. So what? I made a mistake, so the clan will naturally punish me. But Mo Dayan, as well as you bastards, take a guess. What kind of punishment will I receive?”

The crowd watched Su Chen fearfully. Mo Dayan, whose limbs had been broken, lay powerless on the floor, and those charioteers were too scared to even moan.

“Confinement? Penalties? Or something else? It doesn’t matter, I will receive it,” Su Chen responded. “But one thing is certain: no matter how the clan punishes me, the consequences for me will not be as severe as the wounds that Mo Dayan has received today. This, is the difference between a master and a servant!”

This one sentence shook everyone and made them speechless.

That’s right, regardless of what punishment Su Chen received, it would not be as severe as the wounds that Mo Dayan had received!

Because he was a master, a Young Master!

This was privilege, an entirely justified privilege!

Su Chen had already lifted his head, glancing at those charioteers.

His eyes were clearly dim and lacking focus, but they gave everyone a frightening pressure so that they didn’t dare to meet his gaze.

Su Chen leisurely spoke: “Therefore, even if I were to continue and killed all of you, there wouldn’t be too many consequences. But if you were to hurt me…… then you would all die!”

This last sentence created chills in everyone’s heart.

“So……” Su Chen had already released Mo Dayan’s foot, then walked towards Su Yue.

This brat had been tossed by Su Chen and the needles had entered his body. At the moment, he was still lying on the ground moaning, unable to crawl up.

Su Chen tilted his ear, pretending to listen attentively, drawing near to Su Yue by following the sounds of his moans. He picked Su Yue up with one hand, raising his hand and knocking him out. Then, he turned around to speak to those charioteers: “Thus, I hope that you can all treat me with just that much more reverence. With a reverential attitude, you will understand respect. And if you understand how to respect your masters, you will make less mistakes. Then, things like what just happened won’t need to happen anymore.”

A charioteer asked, his voice trembling: “What do you want us to do?”

Su Chen laughed.

This was what he wanted to hear.

“I want you to tell the truth,” he said. “In a moment, the clan’s elders will arrive. If anyone dares to ignore their conscience, believe me…… he will definitely die!”

“Don’t answer him!” Mo Dayan let out a loud yell.


Su Chen leisurely tossed out his hand. A needle that he had pulled out of Su Yue’s body had already entered Mo Dayan’s lower body. The pain that Mo Dayan felt far exceeded everything else. Mo Dayan let out an extremely pained yell. He was unable to endure it, and actually passed out directly.

Su Chen skillfully pulled out another needle, faintly smiling as he looked at those charioteers.

Facing this perceptive individual who, in their minds, clearly possessed “powers of echolocation””, all of the charioteers felt a chill run across their bodies simultaneously.

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