Chapter 22: Blue Night

Chapter 22: Blue Night

Every clan had their own restricted areas. Just as the Eight Peak Mountain was for the Su Clan, the Lin Clan’s Beast Garden was also the restricted area of the Lin Clan.

If Su Chen was discovered here by the Lin Clan, there was no way he could use the excuse of going the wrong way to get out of that situation.

“Why did you bring me here?” Su Chen became slightly agitated.

“Relax, they won’t discover you,” Gu Qingluo continued to walk forwards, “Every day at this time is when Blue Night wakes up.”

As Gu Qingluo spoke, she turned her head around and glanced at Su Chen, then said laughingly, “Blue Night’s temper isn’t very good, so she’s always very grumpy when she wakes up. As a result, all the people in Beast Garden take a long break away to prevent themselves from running into trouble.”

“You’re saying that there’s no one here right now?” Su Chen was very surprised.

“That’s right.” Gu Qingluo’s smile blossomed as if it were a flower, causing Su Chen’s heart to again tremble.

Gu Qingluo continued to walk forward,, “The Beast Garden is an important piece of land for the Lin Clan, but at this moment the Beast Garden’s defensive force is at its weakest. If you go from here and head straight the entire time, there is a small road you can use to walk out of the Beast Garden. As long as you leave this place, you‘ll be able to fly high like a bird. Isn’t that easy?”

“I think it’s still best to wait until I leave this place before saying that it’s easy,” Su Chen replied. “Right, who’s Blue Night?”

“Blue Night?” Gu Qingluo tilted her head, “Want to go take a look?”

At this moment, when the less trouble he had the better, Su Chen wanted to reply that it would be best to forget about it. However, when he saw Gu Qingluo’ attractive appearance, he became very spirited, and in the end he couldn’t say the words aloud.

Su Chen swallowed his saliva and replied, “Sure.”

Gu Qingluo beamed and said, “Follow me.”

Her footsteps became quicker, and she had already used the Snaking Mist Steps to run forwards. As she ran, she continued to remind Su Chen, “Be careful, there’s a rock here. The branches in this area are pretty dense……”

Although this concern didn’t have any actual use, it caused Su Chen to feel very warm in his heart.

They traveled in a hurry and very quickly arrived at a high location on a hill.

Standing at the most elevated point, Gu Qingluo pointed at a faraway location and said, “Pay attention to that area and listen.”

Su Chen’s gaze followed the direction Gu Qingluo pointed towards. He saw that beneath the hill was a lush green area. An impressively large herd of beasts was leisurely walking around the pasture, occasionally letting out low roars and growls.

“Dual-Headed Hyena, Greedy Demonic Wolves, Feartail Tortoise, Thousand Foot Centipede…… these are all only a thousand feet away from us,” Gu Qingluo especially explained to Su Chen in case he wasn’t aware.

The more Su Chen saw, the more his expression changed.

Gu Qingluo hadn’t lied to him. A thousand feet in front of him were a few hundred types of beasts, and they were all Vicious Beasts.

Vicious Beasts were different from Wild Beasts; they had even more strength and could utilize Origin Energy.

If one compared Wild Beasts to Body Tempering Realm humans, then Vicious Beasts could be considered the lower layer Origin Qi Scholars of beasts. Each one possessed a frightening amount of strength.

That was also to say that all of the Vicious Beasts here could effortlessly kill him. Now, more than a hundred of these Vicious Beasts had gathered together in a place not far away from him. If he didn’t know that this place was a Beast Garden, Su Chen would have wondered if a miniature beast dynasty was about to erupt.

Gu Qingluo actually brought him in front of such a large herd of Vicious Beasts. Did she not understand the meaning of death?

(TL, The literal translation here is “Did she now know how the character for ‘death’ was written?”)

One had to know that they were truly too close to these Vicious Beasts.

Of all the Vicious Beasts, many of them had exceptional scent or hearing capabilities. If any one of them were to discover them, they would not have a good outcome.

Gu Qingluo glanced at him and saw that his expression had only changed slightly. She mumbled, “Hmph, you’re no fun. Since you can only hear me talk about them, you naturally wouldn’t be so afraid. If you could see them for yourself, I don’t believe that you would still be able to stand.”

Su Chen forced out a trace of a smile, “You have nothing better to do than to scare a blind man? That really is quite boring.”

Gu Qingluo let out a laugh, then pointed in front of them and said, “There’s a lake over there. That’s where Blue Night is.”

Just as Su Chen was about to speak, Gu Qingluo placed her finger near his mouth, “Shh, Blue Night is about to come out.”

He turned his head around to look and saw ripples beginning to form inside the lake.

A whirlpool formed in the lake, continuing to increase in size. A tyrannical aura began to radiate outward.

All of the nearby Vicious Beasts seemed to sense something and began to retreat one by one.

In the wake of all the fleeing beasts, an enormous object emerged from the lake.

It was an impressively colossal snake. Just the head of the snake was the size of a building. Its two green eyes were like two massive lanterns, and it spat out a white mist.

The serpentine coils of the snake continued to come out of the lake, so long that it appeared to be endless.

The entire snake body finally appeared in front of Su Chen’s eyes. It was a giant snake over a thousand feet long.

It was so large that even while it was coiled up, it looked like it was right in front of his eyes.


The huge snake raised its head and let out a hiss. The snake’s red tongue caused the sky to take on a faint red hue.

“That is……” Su Chen stared at the huge snake in a daze, forgetting to act like he couldn’t see.

Thankfully, Gu Qingluo wasn’t paying attention. She foolishly watched the large snake, saying, “That is Blue Night. Even if you can’t see, you should be able to feel its power, right? It’s 1080 feet long in total, and it is still just a youth. I heard that adult Soaring Snakes can be tens of thousands of feet long…… one can only imagine how magnificent and spectacular Prehistoric and Origin Beasts must be.”

“This is a Demonic Beast?” Su Chen asked with a slight tremble in his voice.

Demonic Beast!

The nightmare of the Primordial Continent, the true ruling level of the Beasts.

If Vicious Beasts were comparable to Origin Qi Scholars, Demonic Beasts were like upper-level Origin Qi scholars, suitable to be leaders and even kings!

As for Prehistoric and Origin Beasts, they had long since been buried in the sands of time, never to return.

The current Beasts were under the control of the Demonic Beasts.

“Indeed, it’s a Demonic Beast,” Gu Qingluo replied.

“You are keeping a Demonic Beast here? Are you not worried that something will happen?” Su Chen’s tone began to turn unpleasant.

This was a Demonic Beast!

Even if it was the worst Demonic Beast, it could still flatten the entirety of Northface City in one breath. Besides, Soaring Snakes were extremely strong existences even among Demonic Beasts.

Gu Qingluo laughed slightly, “Don’t worry, Blue Night wouldn’t do something like that. It’s a Soaring Snake and the guardian beast of my Gu Clan. With me here, it definitely won’t start trouble.”

As Gu Qingluo spoke, she had already raised her hand.

The Soaring Snake was clearly not in a good mood upon waking up and was looking for a target to vent its unhappiness on. However, after it saw Gu Qingluo, its expression began to soften.

It began heading towards Gu Qingluo.

It didn’t even need to move to travel a distance of a thousand feet. All it did was stretch out its body and it had already arrived at Gu Qingluo’s side. At the same time, it shot Su Chen a glance.

“He’s my friend. You are not allowed to bully him, okay?” Gu Qingluo said as she patted the Soaring Snake.

The Soaring Snake disdainfully huffed, causing mist to come out of its nose.

Every Demonic Beast was intelligent and could understand human language. The only difference was whether they wanted to listen.

This Soaring Snake evidently was willing to listen to Gu Qingluo, so it retracted its head, heading for another direction.

“Soaring Snake? Guardian beast?” Su Chen muttered, “Is it because of bloodlines?”

“Partly,” Gu Qingluo responded, “But more importantly, it’s because I’ve been training it for a long time.”

“Training?” Upon hearing this word, Su Chen seemed to realize something, “Is this why you are at the Lin Clan?”

“That’s right,” Gu Qingluo nodded her head. “Soaring Snakes are naturally stubborn and disobedient, but they’re also highly intelligent. Even more, they’re descendants of the ancient Demonic Emperor of the Beasts, so even if we were connected by our bloodlines it would not lightly agree to training. The Lin Clan possesses an object that is very good for taming beasts, so I am here on my clan’s orders to form a partnership with the Lin Clan and tame this Soaring Snake.”

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