Chapter 153: Epilogue

Chapter 153: Epilogue

Confessing to Gu Qingluo was not something he had thought out very much, but it definitely resulted in a chain reaction.

The third day after that fateful night, news came to him.

Gu Qingluo was returning to Longxi.

This news felt like being blindsided by a bat to the head.

He didn’t know if she decided on this long ago, or if it was a spur-of-the-moment decision that resulted from what happened between the two of them that night.

Had he done something wrong? He didn’t know.

He tried to contact Gu Qingluo but never received a response.

Every day, he would go to the back mountain, but Gu Qingluo never showed.

It was as if from that day on, she did not want to ever see Su Chen again. Su Chen felt as though a piece of his heart was forcefully torn out.

The day the Gu Clan was supposed to leave finally arrived.

The Lin Clan sent a large number of people to send Gu Qingluo off.

Su Chen waited all by himself at the place he came clean to her.

He hoped that Gu Qingluo would appear so he could give her a sentence, but she never did. He waited the entire day, but in the end all that waited for him was disappointment. She left without a word.

Su Chen experienced the first breakup of his human life.

In all honesty, it probably didn’t even count as a breakup. After all, their love hadn’t even begun before it ended.

Su Chen couldn’t comprehend why it turned out like this. He was convinced that Gu Qingluo liked him. Even if his confession failed, he thought she would still be willing to be his friend. But if that was so, why did she leave without a word? That was illogical.

It didn’t line up with what Su Chen understood about human nature.

Su Chen began to realize that some people and some things simply couldn’t be understood with logic.

His jockeying for power and benefits had nothing to do with love.

Love was like an wild horse. It didn’t listen to reason and went where it pleased. It was not constrained by ethics or by benefits to those involved.

On that day, Su Chen learned an extremely important lesson. Love and rationality weren’t compatible.

Some people would even claim that those who hadn’t suffered romantic loss were not well-rounded.

Su Chen, having experienced his first romantic loss, had also become more shaped and well-rounded.

Of course, to him this was an indescribable suffering.

After Gu Qingluo left, Su Chen closed himself up in his room for three days.

It wasn’t until the fourth day that he finally walked out of his room.

On that day, he went to pay his respects to his mother. No matter who he ran into, he greeted them with a smile, even those he had dealt with in the past. He would greet them with a polite smile, as if all the unhappiness in the past had disappeared like smoke. Su Changche felt much more at ease, believing that Su Chen had put down the issues from the past, returning to the clan once more.

But his excitement only lasted for a day before it dissipated like a cloud of smoke.

That was because the next day, Su Chen took Iron Cliff with him and left.

He only left behind a letter, saying he wanted to go and see the world for himself. His goal was the Cloud Rising border.

That was a place that had been devastated by the Beast Waves, and danger lurked in every corner. Tang Hongrui almost had a nervous breakdown when she found out.

However, once Su Chen disappeared, he left behind no trace. No one could find him.

Two months later, a letter for the clan came from a faraway foreign land.

It was from Su Chen.

The letter detailed his life at the Cloud Rising border. He told Tang Hongrui he was safe and sound, so she didn’t have to worry about him. At the same time, he told her that because he was so far away, he wouldn’t have time to return to the Su Clan, so he would directly head for Long Coiling City and the Hidden Dragon Institute. He also told her to send Mingshu and Zhou Hong directly there. Finally, he asked about the various clan members, his words extremely polite. However, it seemed as if they also contained a trace of carelessness and alienation.

After she read the letter, Tang Hongrui let out a sigh. “He’s all grown up now.”

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