Chapter 149: Cold Frost (3)

Chapter 149: Cold Frost (3)

The power from the collision of ice and fire caused the guests on the tall tower to exclaim with surprise.

It was the highest praise they could offer for the two candidates’ strength, and it was an acknowledgement of the strength they possessed.

“Who knew this brat was still concealing his strength? His Erupting Firebird can actually be this powerful.” Many people sighed in praise.

There were those in the crowd, however, for whom the situation became a bit more complex.

Gu Qingluo gazed at Su Chen, bewildered.

She was one of the few who fully understood what just happened.

Yes, his Erupting Firebird had become stronger, but it wasn’t the technique itself that was more powerful. The Erupting Firebird’s strength originated not only from the firebird itself, but also from the hand that gave it flight.

My Flying Flower Hands!

Gu Qingluo previously suspected that Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird contained traces of her Flying Flower Hands, but now she was absolutely certain.

The Erupting Firebird was formed from combining the Flying Flower Hands and other Origin Skills.

But more importantly, the power of Su Chen’s Flying Flower Hands far exceeded the upper limit someone without a bloodline could achieve!

Wha-what is going on?

It was very simple. Su Chen’s Flying Flower Hands truly had improved.

After consuming the Origin Substance Medicine, Su Chen’s mastery of the Gu Clan’s techniques had greatly increased. However, this increase was only related to his potential. In other words, Su Chen could only cultivate to the extent possible for an individual without a bloodline, but after consuming the Origin Substance Medicine, he could cultivate to the limit of a mixed-bloodline individual. He would have to cultivate to reach that point though.

In the past, Su Chen had diligently cultivated the Flying Flower Hands, and he wasn’t far away from the no-bloodline limit. Upon entering the exam grounds, his techniques were tempered in battle, and he also obtained Brooke’s Formula and the Erupting Firebird. The easiest way to make a breakthrough was through combat. Su Chen’s Flying Flower Hands had finally broken through the no-bloodline limit, reaching a level equivalent to someone with a mixed bloodline.

Since his Flying Flower Hands had increased by a level, the explosive power of the Erupting Firebird also increased. Su Chen had kept this more powerful Erupting Firebird in his back pocket for quite some time now.

This was his ultimate trump card, which was why he had never revealed it.

He originally thought he wouldn’t have to display his ultimate trump card in this exam, but Ji Hanyan had immediately forced out his most powerful Erupting Firebird.

The collision between ice and fire scattered a magnificent light across the sky, yet it also possessed a frightening killing intent.

The powerful Erupting Firebird counteracted the Frosted Ice Palms. Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering charged through the remnants of the collision. The unearthly white light screamed through the skies, charging towards Ji Hanyan.

Ji Hanyan was caught off guard. She didn’t expect to be put at a disadvantage after their exchange. Her jade-like face displayed a trace of astonishment. Finally, a human-like expression surfaced on her otherwise icy face.

A cold light emerged from her body and enshrouded it. She blocked Wang Doushan’s attack with this crystalline barrier.

Dammit, she even has protective Origin Skills! The three of them cursed.

Since their plan had fallen through, Su Chen decided to go all-in. He launched several powerful Erupting Firebirds as he yelled, “I’ll be responsible for defense. Wang Doushan, you’re responsible for counterattacking, and Jin Ling’er, you’re responsible for keeping her tied down.”

“Understood!” the two of them yelled.

Wang Doushan’s yell was excited, but Jin Ling’er sounded a bit wronged.

She did in fact possess quite a bit of strength, but unfortunately the effectiveness of an illusion master in battle depended on the willpower of their opponent. If she could find a weak-willed but powerful exam candidate to control, she would dominate. But there was none at hand, and her opponent was Ji Hanyan, who possessed an inconceivably resolute will. She was completely unprepared to deal with Ji Hanyan.

One could even go so far as to say Jin Ling’er was completely countered by Ji Hanyan. The soul-assimilating technique and Jade Dew Fragrance that she was so proud of were of no use against Ji Hanyan. Jin Ling’er could only use common Origin Skills. Although she wasn’t weak in terms of combat strength either, she was inferior to both Su Chen and Wang Doushan. Normally, she would be the strongest of the trio, but now she was the weakest.

Su Chen’s performance once again brought shock to the faces of the onlookers.

Having revealed his most powerful Erupting Firebird, Su Chen didn’t conceal his strength anymore. He activated the strengthened Snaking Mist Steps.

His speed instantly shot up to a completely new level as he soared through the air, taking multiple steps in midair and reaching a point where he was higher than Ji Hanyan. He simultaneously unleashed a strengthened Erupting Firebird, attacking Ji Hanyan from above.

No one was invincible. Everyone possessed their own limitations.

During the initial exchanges, Su Chen had already begun identifying Ji Hanyan’s weaknesses. The first thing he found out was that she was far more powerful when she attacked from higher grounds.

The Frosted Ice Palms, Frostbird White Ice Fist, or the Profound Soul-Splitting Finger - all of them had to be launched from a high point to unleash their full potential.

Ji Hanyan had specifically learned a midair-type Origin Skill just for this.

Why else would she only strike from up above? To appear awe-inspiring?

Su Chen leapt into the air, higher than Ji Hanyan, giving her quite the shock.

She raised her hand and attacked with another Frosted Ice Palms, the wave of frost rushing towards Su Chen. The chilling intent pierced his bones. It seemed as if the attack possessed its previous power, yet Su Chen could clearly sense that the power behind the strike had decreased by about fifteen percent.

His hypothesis was correct!


The strengthened explosive firebird slammed into the Frosted Ice Palms. This time, the ice and fire were no longer equally matched. The flames were evidently suppressing the ice and snow. The fire pressed its way through and directly attacked Ji Hanyan.

At the same time, Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering and Jin Ling’er’s Butterfly Wing Sword pierced towards Ji Hanyan.

A chilling expression flashed across Ji Hanyan’s eyes.

She let out a quiet cry.

This was the first time she had uttered a sound.

The ice crystal barrier reappeared as Ji Hanyan struck out with her palms in rapid succession.

She did not use the Frosted Ice Palms, but a palm technique they hadn’t yet seen. It filled the sky with palm images, generating waves of powerful palm winds. However, these palm winds were solely used to defend herself.

Boom boom boom boom!

Consecutive explosions sounded out.

The palm wind dissipated and her barrier shattered. Ji Hanyan’s defensive capabilities were not nearly as powerful as her offensive capabilities. The trio’s combined attacks were enough to cause all of her defenses to crumble.

After her last line of defense was breached, she was forced to retreat backwards by the impact.

This was the first time she had ever been forced to retreat in battle.

Today was a day of firsts for Ji Hanyan - the first time she was put on the defensive, and the first time she was forced to retreat.

It wouldn’t stop here. The first time she received an injury was waiting for her just around the corner.


Consecutive explosions suddenly sounded out.

Ji Hanyan raised her head and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Injured? I... how was I injured?

She gazed at Su Chen in shock.

How did he do it?

Didn’t I block his attack?

Only the individuals in the high tower were able to see what had happened. When Su Chen released the strengthened Erupting Firebird, he had also secretly tossed out three jugs of wine.

However, he had tossed them into the air, rather than directly towards Ji Hanyan.

Just like when he fought Jin Ling’er, he had prepared the wine jugs to explode with a slight delay.

Ji Hanyan had focused all of her attention on dealing with the trio’s attacks. After being forced back, she didn’t notice the three jugs of wine that fell from the sky behind her.

If she hadn’t moved backwards, nothing would have happened to her.

But since she did, she had sent herself into the blast radius of the explosions.

Of course, Su Chen had no way of ensuring Ji Hanyan would retreat into the exact center of all three jugs of wine. She had only been hit by one of them.

But this one was more than enough for Ji Hanyan to receive serious damage.

She was injured!

She was actually injured!

Ever since the exam had begun, Frostbird Ji Hanyan dominated the competition. Never had she found a worthy adversary.

Today was her first time experiencing the taste of pain.


Another three jugs of wine formed a “V” in midair while Su Chen sent another Erupting Firebird toward her. He simultaneously activated his Snaking Mist Steps, raising his speed to its extreme limit. In terms of speed, location, and firepower, he completely suppressed Ji Hanyan. Below her, Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er were also launching their own attacks.

While you’re sick, I’ll take your life!

The trio’s attacks were extremely fierce. Ji Hanyan was put into dire straits.

At that critical moment, Ji Hanyan opened her mouth.

“Hss!” She sucked in a breath of air.

The incomparably cold hiss caused a chilling intent to enter the trio’s hearts, causing their souls to tremble. Simultaneously, a massive wave of frost began to emanate from Ji Hanyan’s body, charging towards them.

This wave of frost was extremely powerful. It made Su Chen’s strengthened Erupting Firebird, his jugs of wine, Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering, and Jin Ling’er’s Butterfly look like mere toys. Their attacks began trembling under the influence of the cold wind, then were simply blown away like leaves in the wind.

The three of them simultaneously spit out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

Shock was written on their faces.

This woman still possessed such a terrifying technique?

Was their combined power really not enough to deal with her?

Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er felt a bitter taste rising in their mouths.

However, Ji Hanyan didn’t charge at them, instead choosing to float away.

A cold voice entered their ears. “Impressive. I’ll remember you.”


What did that mean?

Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er glanced at each other.

Su Chen replied, “We won.”


We won?

The two of them finally awoke. Ji Hanyan’s final move had exhausted all of her strength. She was unable to continue battling, and so she could only retreat.

“Hey, we won!” Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er began to yell with excitement.

To them, defeating Ji Hanyan was a great glory.

Only Su Chen gazed off into the distance, watching Ji Hanyan as she disappeared. His eyes flickered.

They had barely won today’s battle by relying on the strength of three people.

Next time, I’ll defeat you using my own strength!

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