Chapter 148: Cold Frost (2)

Chapter 148: Cold Frost (2)

One fist covered the ground in frost.

Although it couldn’t yet blot out the sun, it still possessed tremendous power. Everything in a hundred-foot radius was covered in a thick layer of frost, and the frigid fist wind seemed to pierce into their bodies.

Su Chen, Wang Doushan, and Jin Ling’er simultaneously retreated.

However, the cold frost had already invaded their bodies, slowing their movements. Waves of fist energy surged toward them, putting them under great pressure.

The trio released waves of qi in an attempt to resist the cold. Finally, their feet touched the ground again.

Although they hadn’t been injured, their faces revealed grave expressions.

It was just a single fist strike from such a long distance. Yet not only could the freezing intent lock down their movements, even the mere force from the punch was already beyond terrifying.

The frost made them shiver in fear, and the biting cold was piercing their bodies like the tip of a spear.

This woman’s frightening strength was obviously manifested in just this single fist strike.

No wonder she could act as she liked. This woman had no equal in these exam grounds.

Ji Hanyan continued to charge forward at high speed after that first attack.

She opened her fist and gently pushed her palm out in front of her. She launched her second attack: Frosted Ice Palms.

Unlike the Frostbird White Ice Fists, the Frosted Ice Palms didn’t possess any frightening physical power, but its ability to freeze and seal her opponents’ movements was far stronger, and the area-of-effect was also larger.

As this palm strike reached the trio, they felt as though they had walked into an arctic tundra. The chilling intent pierced through their clothes to the bone. It was so numbingly cold that they felt like their consciousness might freeze as well. They trembled violently, and were unable to bring forth any substantial power to block the freezing cold.

The three of them applied magic barriers as soon as they could, conducting the Origin Energy in their bodies to allow them to retreat at high speed from the danger.

But Ji Hanyan jabbed out with her finger this time. Her third attack was the Profound Soul-Splitting Finger.

This finger jab was aimed directly at Jin Ling’er.

In the next moment, a layer of ice frosted over Jin Ling’er’s face. She was rendered motionless in an instant.

Although the finger jab was only aimed at Jin Ling’er, Wang Doushan and Su Chen didn’t give up on her. They simultaneously struck out with their fists and palms to block it.

Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird and Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering surged forth, opposing the finger strike. The waves of Qi from the ensuing explosion shocked Jin Ling’er, allowing her to escape from the Profound Soul-Splitting Finger.

The three of them attempted to retreat in tandem with Ji Hanyan close on their tails.

Her initial fist strike had been launched at a distance of about three hundred feet. The ensuing palm strike was launched at a distance of two hundred feet, and the Profound Soul-Splitting Finger was launched at a hundred feet. Not only was the power of her attacks were frightening, her speed was too!

When Ji Hanyan was just about to catch up to them, she jumped high into the air and released another Frostbird White Ice Fists.

She only employed these three Bloodline Origin Skills, but they were plenty to suppress anyone in the region.

Peerless, dominating might!

Her fist slammed downwards like a heavy hammer, covering the sky in white frost.

The trio yelled simultaneously, unleashing skills to defend themselves.

When faced with someone as powerful as Ji Hanyan, all battle tactics, teamwork, and deception were pointless.

If they held back in the slightest, they would pay the price for it. When faced with Ji Hanyan’s frightening attacks, concealing their true strength was tantamount to killing themselves.

The three of them simultaneously struck out, slamming into the Frostbird White Ice Fist. A loud explosion ensued.

“Ji Hanyan, there’s no need......” Jin Ling’er yelled in an attempt to convince Ji Hanyan to stop.

But her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Jin Ling’er was greeted with another palm attack.

The Frosted Ice Palms covered their surroundings in freezing intent. It was hard for them to endure the freezing cold, and it forced Jin Ling’er to close her mouth and retreat.

Jin Ling’er was indignant and ashamed. The fight was a three-on-one, yet the trio was forced to retreat the entire fight.

Su Chen finally understood why Wang Doushan had called Ji Hanyan a crazy woman.

Ji Hanyan didn’t listen to any kind of reason. She didn’t even have any interest in listening to what others had to say. Her only interest was to battle, battle, and battle!

It was impossible to reason with such a woman. At least, it was impossible so long as they didn’t earn her respect through battle. Until then, she would turn them a deaf ear.

Su Chen gave up on his delusions and said, “Since that’s the case, all we can do is battle!”

“Okay!” Wang Doushan and Jin Ling’er yelled in unison.

The Erupting Firebird and Cloud Sundering struck out again.

Jin Ling’er cried out, and the hidden exam candidate under her control leapt out and charged toward Ji Hanyan.

Jin Ling’er herself scattered the Jade Dew Fragrance, using her soul-assimilating technique.

Unfortunately, her target was extremely stubborn. Soul-assimilating techniques, unlike Su Chen’s Soul Eye, fell under the category of illusion techniques. The success of the technique depended on the other party’s willpower. If their will was weak, they were easily controlled. Even if their will was strong, it could still affect their mental state. But Ji Hanyan’s will was so strong that there was no effect at all.

Even Su Chen couldn’t disregard the soul-assimilating technique, but Ji Hanyan ignored it like it was nothing.

Three consecutive palm strikes generated turbulent waves of Qi, sending Jin Ling’er’s Jade Dew Fragrance right back to where it came from. Ji Hanyan punched out, slamming into Su Chen’s Erupting firebird and Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering. Finally, she twisted around in midair, slamming her hand into the controlled exam candidate and sending him flying. Her movements were unbelievably fluid.

As the exam candidate flew through the air, he was already encased in frost. When he fell on the ground, he actually shattered into pieces.

A one-hit kill!

A chill surfaced in the the trio’s hearts.

While this woman was not a bloodthirsty killer like Pan Yue, she didn’t hold back in her attacks either. Evidently, the thought of showing mercy had never crossed her mind.

Ji Hanyan attacked again - a palm, a fist, a finger jab. A wave of frost roiled through the air, surging towards the trio.

Su Chen realized that apart from the three powerful frost-type Bloodline Origin Skills, Ji Hanyan also cultivated at least two body tempering Origin Skills, which explained her great physical strength; at least one speed-type Origin Skill, which explained her speed; at least one midair-type Origin Skill, which explained her ability to move in midair; at least one targeting Origin Skill, which explained her ability to precisely target opponents; and at least a high-tier absorption technique, allowing her to support her incredible consumption of Origin Energy.

Yes, she did consume Origin Energy very quickly, but she could also recover it very quickly. In addition, she also had a very high cultivation base. It was probably equivalent to Su Chen’s, and it might even be one layer higher than his.

She was basically...... a demon!

No wonder she didn’t need to negotiate. There was no need for her to fear anyone, so she could fight whoever, whenever. Everyone participating in the exam was too weak. No one had the qualifications to negotiate with her.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re invincible!

Su Chen gazed at Ji Hanyan as the desire for battle in his heart surged.

Meanwhile, another one of Ji Hanyan’s Frosted Ice Palms was pressing down.

She flew through the air, looking down at them. A snow-white palm image continued to increase in size, crushing down from midair and freezing their movements to a standstill.

Su Chen watched the snow-white palm image. He flipped his hands over, and an Erupting Firebird appeared.

This Erupting Firebird was abnormally large. A blood-red light flashed across Su Chen’s hand, and the firebird flew into the air before slamming into Ji Hanyan’s Frosted Ice Palms.


The collision of ice and fire generated shockingly powerful shockwaves. The glow from the fire was scattered by the falling snow and rain.

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