Chapter 146: A New Cooperation (2)

Chapter 146: A New Cooperation (2)

Jin Ling’er had yet to respond, but the guests on top of the high tower already understood Su Chen’s intention.

The tower was thrown into a clamor once again.

They began discussing Su Chen’s slyness.

“I’m completely convinced by this little demon. He can even think up such a plan,” someone sighed in praise.

“Yes, he can pretend to be Jin Ling’er’s guard while still possessing his own intellect and wits. He can pretend to be stiff and inflexible, then adapt in a critical moment. When they start fighting, people who are unaware of it will pay quite the price.”

“They could even take it a step further. Jing Ling’er could also find another person to control, hiding her strength until an opportune moment.”

“They can conceal the strength of two under one. No matter who they fight, their opponent will suffer a big loss.”

Everyone offered their thoughts on the situation, constantly praising Su Chen’s actions.

Of course, there were also those who mocked Su Chen, saying it didn’t matter what little tricks he played. In their eyes, his life was over the moment he offended the Pan Clan. Others argued that the Pan Clan was just a mixedblood clan and that if Su Chen wanted to find safety in their clan, they would gladly take him in.

Nobility Clans also possessed different statuses. Differentiating them between pureblood and mixedblood was the most common method of distinguishing them.

The person who spoke was an important individual in the pureblood Lu Clan. In the entire Three Mountains Regions, he could be considered unparalleled. When he extended his hand to support Su Chen, many followed after.

Those worried for Su Chen’s well-being, especially the ones from the Su Clan, felt as though a weight was lifted from their chests.

If they could obtain the protection of the Lu Clan, they could completely disregard the Pan Clan.

Su Cheng’an felt a rollercoaster of emotions these past few minutes. At this point, he wasn’t sure if he needed to find an opportunity to recognize this son of his again.

But this thought was quickly discarded. As an elder, he would never bow his head to his son; he simply couldn’t deal with the loss of face that came with it. Then again, if he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t be considered the one to have fostered this genius.

The conflict in his heart was indescribable.

Back on the exam grounds, Jin Ling’er thought for a moment, finally understanding the underlying reasoning behind this proposal. She exclaimed happily, “Great idea! We can bait people in, then destroy them. With your help, I won’t be afraid even if I run into Zhang Sheng’an or Zhong Ding. However......”

She lowered her voice. “Pretending to have your consciousness controlled is not easy. Can you do it?”

“Tell me, how does this look?” Su Chen replied. His expression changed. His eyes, moments ago filled with spirit and vigor, were wooden. He really did look like he had lost control of his consciousness.

“Hm? How is your imitation that accurate?” Jin Ling’er was caught off-guard.

When the Su Clan members saw this, they cursed in their hearts.

Dammit, isn’t this exactly how that little brat looked when he was pretending to be blind?

The blind and those who had lost control over their consciousness shared quite a few similarities. Their eyes, for example, both looked spiritless, sluggish, and apathetic.

Su Chen’s acting was outstanding. He definitely had put an extensive amount of practice into this wooden look.

When Gu Qingluo saw that familiar appearance, her face sank even more. She muttered to herself, “If...... then...... you’re dead for sure!”

When she thought about it, her anger surged, scaring those nearby into retreating. They didn’t understand why this young miss suddenly began to emit such power.

Meanwhile, Jin Ling’er and Su Chen had reached an agreement, after which they began to act on it.

They formed a team and began to hunt for targets in the first region.

Jin Ling’er was powerful, but that didn’t mean she could sweep through the entire first region unopposed. After all, as time had gone on, most of the exam candidates that remained were quite powerful, and many of them were members of Bloodline Nobility Clans. To make matters worse, many of them had teamed up. If Jin Ling’er wished to ambush them, she would have to put in quite some effort.

There was no one who would wantonly walk into a fight. Understanding how to size up an opponent was a critical skill to possess in this kind of environment. If there was an exception, it was most likely that crazy woman, Frostbird Ji Hanyan. She had a tendency of rushing into a fight, trampling anyone in her path.

However, with the support of Su Chen, Jin Ling’er could set her sights on a much bigger number of the exam candidates.

Jin Ling’er was already one of the most powerful exam candidates, and Su Chen was not weak either. When the two of them teamed up and concealed their strength, anyone they ran into would suffer a huge loss.

That same afternoon, the two of them encountered a powerful five-man platoon. They were well aware of Jin Ling’er’s abilities, so they assumed she was alone and engaged her in this five-on-one battle.

If it wasn’t for Su Chen here, there was no way she would fight these five. Even if she could control one or two of them, she would still be at a disadvantage, and if she lost control of one of them, she would be as good as done for.

Right now, nothing was like normal. Jin Ling’er wasn’t controlling Su Chen in the first place, so she began to control the enemy.

She forcefully took over the two with the weakest willpower and turned the tables on them in an instant. The two-on-five quickly turned into a four-on-three. Su Chen exploded forth with power, using two Erupting Firebirds and a wine jug to knock one of the three remaining out. With only two left, they had no hope of holding out; their loss was catastrophic. They were enraged, cursing Jin Ling’er and Su Chen for being shamelessly deceitful.

The successful cooperation caused Jin Ling’er to beam with joy. This battle caused her to regain some of the points she had lost.

After the battle was over, Jin Ling’er kept the strongest under her control. She didn’t let him walk with her, instead hiding him in the nearby bushes.

Everything went exactly as the guests on the high tower had predicted. The duo became the greatest con artist duo in the first region. No one expected that Jin Ling’er, one of the strongest exam candidates, would team up with someone. Everyone knew she prefered to be a loner. Their teamwork was perfectly hidden from view. Anyone who ran into them would suffer a huge loss, usually resulting in a bout of cursing.

But no matter how they cursed, Su Chen and Jin Ling’er’s points were rapidly surging. This was an uncontestable fact.

As the duo wrapped up another successful ambush, they heard a loud voice booming through the forest. “You pathetic woman, let my brother go!”

A furious fist wind struck towards Jin Ling’er.

Jin Ling’er hadn’t anticipated this sudden attack. She was almost struck by the blow, but thankfully Su Chen charged over, intercepting the blow as he yelled, “Wang Doushan!”

As expected, Wang Doushan had also arrived in the first region. When he saw Su Chen under the control of that vile woman, he had instantly gone into action.

Hearing Su Chen call out his name, Wang Doushan paused, stunned. “Su Chen? Weren’t you under the control of this little girl? Goddammit, how come you seem fine to me?”

Su Chen gazed at Wang Doushan, clearly moved. “You thought that I was being controlled by her, yet you still dared to make a move?”

Just Su Chen himself was not much weaker than Wang Doushan, not to mention Jin Ling’er.

Despite this, Wang Doushan had still chosen to his brother’s rescue. How could Su Chen not be moved?

Wang Doushan giggled. “No matter what, you saved my life. I can’t be indifferent about you falling prey to this pretty girl’s hands, can I? But how did this happen? How come you hooked up with this pretty girl?”

Jin Ling’er blushed. “Damned fatty, watch your mouth. What do you mean, ‘pretty girl’, ’hook up’?”

The three of them found a place to sit down, after which Su Chen told Wang Doushan all that had happened.

Hearing that Su Chen was just pretending to be controlled by Jin Ling’er to deceive their opponents, Wang Doushan guffawed. “You fucker! Not bad, you can even think of such a plan. This sounds pretty fun. Let me try it too!”

“Okay!” Jin Ling’er beamed. “With you here, we’re a three man team, and we should be able to sweep across the entire exam grounds unperturbed. Even if we run into Ji Hanyan, we don’t need to be afraid.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Wang Doushan repeatedly nodded his head. However, he thought for a moment, then shook his head. “We should be able to trample over most here, but as for Ji Hanyan, let’s forget about it.”

Even though they had the strength of three people, he still had no confidence.

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