Chapter 142: Bewitching Butterfly (1)

Chapter 142: Bewitching Butterfly (1)

The person that appeared was a young woman dressed in dazzling clothing. Her face was round like a silver plate, and she wasn’t very tall, but her eyes sparkled like crystal. She held a small horsewhip in her hand.

There was a person following her as well. Surprisingly, he was wearing a brilliant silver armor, and he hefted a fine steel spear in his hand. He looked just like a general on the battlefield, and surprisingly the exam officials had let him bring these items in. However, his eyes seemed numb and wooden, as if he were an idiot.

Apparently, he was walking too slowly, and the round-faced woman turned around and whipped the silver-armored youth. “Walk faster, you piece of trash, stop mucking around.”

The silver-armored youth walked a bit faster, not attempting to defend himself.

When the two exam candidates saw this round-faced woman, the color drained from their faces as if they had seen a demon.

“It’s Bewitching Butterfly. Quick, run!”

The two of them wanted to start running away.

Jin Ling’er, however, turned around to gaze at the two of them. “Did I let you go?”

The two of them simultaneously stopped upon hearing those words.

“Come back!” Jin Ling’er said.

The two of them actually obediently turned around, trembling as they gazed at Jin Ling’er as if they had encountered some evil fiend.

When Pan Yue saw this, he wanted to tiptoe away.

Jin Ling’er didn’t even turn around. She harrumphed, and the silver-armored youth flew forwards, his spear stabbing towards Pan Yue.

Pan Yue was astonished. He hurriedly ran back to Jin Ling’er as he yelled, “I’m from the Pan Clan of Pinewood City. Pan Yue greets Bewitching Butterfly Fairy!”

“You’re the person that wants to battle the first region’s four strongest individuals?” Jin Ling’er gazed at Pan Yu with curiosity.

“No, it’s not me, it’s him!” Pan Yue pointed behind him. A shadow had already appeared behind him; it was Su Chen.

“Him?” Jin Ling’er gazed at Su Chen, her eyes glimmering. It was unclear what she was thinking about.

Su Chen also saw Jin Ling’er, and he also saw Pan Yue, crawling at Jin Ling’er’s feet. Obviously, he could guess what Pan Yue was trying to say.

However, he didn’t try to defend himself. He knew that there was no point. All of these people all felt that they could defeat him for sure. If he tried to defend himself, his opponent would only think that he was afraid, and they would be even more energetic.

Thus, all he did was walk over, stopping not far away from Jin Ling’er. He pointed at Pan Yue and said, “This guy is mine.”

“I heard that you plan on battling Ji Hanyan, me, Zhong Ding, and Zhang Sheng’an on your own?” The young woman crossed her arms.

“To you, does it matter if it’s true or not?” Su Chen asked.

This reply caused the young woman’s eyebrow to jump. “I knew this guy was lying. No one is stupid enough to provoke that insane woman Ji Hanyan. But you’re right, it doesn’t matter. Since you dare to face me, you definitely have some confidence, so I have to test you out.”

She turned around and said to those two exam candidates, “You two, why aren’t you taking care of him yet!”

She spurred on others to battle for her.

Those two exam candidates actually listened to her, yelling as they charged forwards.

When they were talking, Su Chen had already made preparations for battle. He waved his hands, and two Erupting Firebirds flew out, slamming into the two of them. He was becoming more and more familiar with the Erupting Firebird. As long as he had time, he could already simultaneously shoot two of them.

Those two exam candidates were not weak either, but when the ran into the Erupting Firebird, they were still sent flying.

When Jin Ling’er saw this, her pretty face sank a bit. “Indeed a fierce character.”

She actually backed up a few steps. Simultaneously, the silver-armored youth was already standing in front of her. He swung the steel spear in his hand, pointing it towards Su Chen.

Su Chen glanced at the youth, then at Jin Ling’er, “Do you only instruct others to fight your battles?”

He hadn’t expected that Jin Ling’er would laugh and reply, “You’re right!”

She smacked Pan Yue’s forehead. Pan Yue suddenly began to tremble, and his eyes constantly blinked, as if he were being struck by lightning repeatedly.

After a moment, Jin Ling’er retrieved her hand, and Pan Yue stood up. However, his gaze had become dim, and he looked like he had become an idiot. He didn’t look much different from the silver-armored youth anymore.

Jin Ling’er pointed at Su Chen. “Advance!”

Pan Yue turned around to look at Su Chen. He bared his teeth, then howled like a wild beast. Surprisingly, he ferociously charged towards Su Chen.

“Bewitching Butterfly, Jin Ling’er......” Su Chen muttered under his breath.

He finally understood the implications behind this name.

So his opponent actually possessed the ability to control other people.

Was it an illusion technique?

It was impossible to have an inaccurate nickname. There were many methods to control other people, but the method that Jin Ling’er used was an illusion technique.

However, as a member of a Bloodline Nobility Clan, her illusion techniques were much more powerful than Li’s, able to directly control others to do whatever she wanted.

If Li possessed this tactic, he would’ve died a long time ago.

Pan Yue had already charged over, howling.

Upon seeing his crazed appearance, Su Chen sighed.

Pan Yue had attempted to flee the entire time, incessantly pulling over opponents for Su Chen, but in the end he had also brought trouble on himself. He probably never would have anticipated that he would turn around to attack Su Chen himself.

Su Chen casually struck out, and thunder rumbled. A powerful whirlpool of energy rushed towards Pan Yue.

At the same time that he struck out, the silver-armored youth also took the opportunity to strike. He thrust the spear forwards. The spear flew through the sky like a mighty dragon, and the surrounding air was sent into a turmoil by the spear, forming a whirlwind around it. Obviously, this was also an extremely powerful Origin Skill. From its power it was clear that it was most likely a Bloodline Origin Skill.

Su Chen hurriedly retreated, activating the Snaking Mist Steps. At the same time, he continued to unleash Thunder Blade strikes. Loud explosions sounded out when the blades collided with the spear. He continued to focus his efforts on retreating, but even so he was forced to retreat hundreds of feet to escape the spear strike’s area of effect.

Pan Yue simultaneously charged forwards, waving his sword. He was a member of a Bloodline Nobility Clan in the first place, and he was not weak. However, earlier his courage had received a heavy blow, and he lost all of his vigor. Now that he was being controlled by Jin Ling’er, his cowardice had disappeared, and he could display his full strength. He continuously struck out with the Feathered Sparrow Edge, resulting in many explosions in midair. His agile sword technique concealed a vicious killing tactic. If Su Chen was struck, he would instantly lose a portion of his combat ability.

When these two people attacked simultaneously, Su Chen also had to get serious.

His figure moved like smoke, constantly striking out with vicious blade strikes. The air was filled with the rumbling of thunder, and the wild Qi flow in the air was turbulent.

Su Chen’s Thunder Blade had finally reached the stage of small success. Every time he struck out, the rumblings of thunder would appear, as if small stores of thunder had been scattered through the air. Although they weren’t very powerful, they could be used in rapid succession. In an instant, ten Thunder Blades exploded in the air. Pan Yue and the silver-armored youth charged Su Chen and were struck by countless Thunder Blades. The silver-armored youth came out alright, but Pan Yue was beaten black and blue by the explosions.

An astonished expression flickered across Jin Ling’er’s eyes as she watched. “Strange, why is it that the footwork technique he uses looks like the Gu Clan’s Snaking Mist Steps, but those Thunder Hands look like one of the absolute techniques of the Thunder Spirit Bai Clan? Who is this young man? And why does he control the absolute techniques of two different clans?”

This young woman had quite the breadth of experience. Surprisingly, she was even able to identify the Gu Clan’s Snaking Mist Steps.

At this moment, Su Chen was battling one on two, but he was completely fearless. It seemed as if he was being pressured by the two of them, but his movements were unhurried, and as he retreated he continued to strike out with Thunder Blades. Occasionally, he would also counterattack with an Erupting Firebird. In contrast, although the silver-armored youth was quite powerful, his consciousness was being controlled by someone else, and he lacked adaptability. Pan Yue’s legs were injured, and although he had regained his courage to do battle, he had lost all of his wisdom, and his combat strength was now only slightly higher than regular exam candidates.

In the end, though the two of them seemingly held the advantage on the battlefield, they were actually losing out. If the battle continued, they would be exterminated by Su Chen.

Jin Ling’er’s eyes lit up. “Indeed, you have some skill. You can actually hold your own against two Bloodline Nobility Clan members simultaneously. Not only do you possess powerful Origin Skills, but you also have an outstanding battle intuition. But unfortunately......”

She began to laugh, “Unfortunately, you’re not just facing two Bloodline Nobility Clan members, but three!”

As she spoke, she gazed at Su Chen, and a strange brilliance flashed across her eyes.

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