Chapter 141: Chasing Across Regions

Chapter 141: Chasing Across Regions

Pan Yue furiously ran. His arrogance was gone, replaced with fear and panic.

There was a strange scent on his body, and no matter what he tried, he could not get rid of it.

Su Chen had stolen his jade tablet, so he couldn’t escape from the exam grounds either. The scent coming from his body also implied that either Su Chen or Kong Zhen, whoever it was, could instantly find him. They could do whatever they wanted to him!

Those two damned bastards!

Pan Yue was about to go crazy.

He screamed wildly to himself as he continued running, but he was burdened by his injured legs, preventing him from building up any speed.

Pan Yue hobbled his way through the barren plateau. His only hope was that Su Chen and Kong Zhen would battle a while longer, giving him the opportunity to escape.

However, before long, Pan Yue felt something behind him.

A familiar silhouette appeared in the distance.

Su Chen!

Even if the opponent was wearing a mask, Pan Yue still recognized him.

He was scared witless, putting everything he had into running away.

Su Chen pursued him, traveling neither fast nor slow.

The remaining poison in his body had yet to completely dissipate, and he was temporarily unable to increase his speed. Not that it mattered much. If he continued to chase Pan Yue at this pace, he would definitely catch up to him.

The moon was bright that night, allowing him to see Pan Yue’s silhouette clearly in the darkness. Su Chen could even tell the sorry state Pan Yue was in.

He chased after Pan Yue with large strides.

He could let Kong Zhen go, but he could not say the same for Pan Yue.

Pan Yue had to die!

No matter how much Pan Yue tried to increase his speed, the distance between him and Su Chen continued to decrease.

Pan Yue was in shock. Finally, he loudly yelled, “Save me! Save me! Someone’s trying to kill me!”

After these words rang out, three black shadows jumped out of the forest.

Pan Yue yelled loudly, “I am a disciple of the Pan Clan of Pinewood City. The person behind me is trying to kill me! He already took my jade tablet, I have no points to give to you. Help me, if I survive today, I’ll give you guys anything you want!”

The three glanced at Pan Yue. Upon confirming that no fluctuations from the jade tablet could be found on him, they leapt past him, heading straight for Su Chen.

Su Chen raised his voice. “This person has already killed ten or so exam candidates.”

“No, it’s him, he’s the one killing people!” Pan Yue yelled maniacally.

The three people gazed at each other, momentarily indecisive, before they leapt toward Su Chen. It seemed as if they had chosen to believe Pan Yue.

Or perhaps they were only focused on taking his points.


Su Chen charged forwards at high speed as the three of them approached him.

“Get the hell out of my way!” A firebird shot out of Su Chen’s hand, slamming into the barrier of one of the students and sending him crashing into the ground. The other two attacked him from the left and right, and Su Chen stabbed out repeatedly with his short blade. Sharp, azure blade streaks shot toward the two opponents.

The other two exam candidates were not simple either, counter attacking his every move. Su Chen did not want for this fight to last, so he tossed out two wine jugs, sending the two of them flying.

After taking away their points, he continued his chase.

Pan Yue charged into the forest as he squealed at the top of his lungs, “Someone’s trying to kill me, he’s trying to kill me!”

Pan Yue’s loud voice attracted the attention of two more exam candidates. Both of them made a beeline for Su Chen.

Su Chen was infuriated. “Get the hell out of my way!”

He raised his hands sending two firebirds at the exam candidates blocking his path. They took the brunt force of the explosion and were knocked out instantly.

Su Chen took their points too, then continued his chase.

A person could exhibit frightening strength in the face of death; Pan Yue was no exception.

His legs were wounded, but somehow, they didn’t seem to slow him down. In addition, since he had found a successful strategy, he kept running in a direction where many people were gathered. As he neared them, he would yell something along the lines of, “I have no points, the person behind me has all my points”, or “There’s a crazed killer behind me.” In any case, he was willing to say whatever was needed for survival, including lies.

One exam candidate after another was attracted by Pan Yue, and they all tried to block Su Chen.

Su Chen lacked the energy to explain himself. He hardened his heart, then charged forwards.

He didn’t waste any more words on the exam candidates. They would all be knocked out by a firebird, and he would take their points.

If he encountered any powerful individuals, he would use an Erupting Firebird and a few wine jugs. The chain of explosions was usually enough to deal with whoever tried to block him.

Su Chen was like a frenzied elephant, running over everything in his path as he pursued Pan Yue.

The frequent rate of battle greatly increased the amount of Origin Energy he consumed.

However, the high-grade Origin Stone was sufficient for Su Chen to restore his Origin Energy.

After sending two more unaware exam candidates flying, Su Chen stealthily pulled out the high-grade Origin Stone and absorbed the Origin Energy inside. The Origin Energy he had consumed was replenished in no time. He stowed the Origin Stone away, continuing to chase after Pan Yue as if he didn’t know the meaning of exhaustion.

One chased, the other tried to escape; this lasted for an entire evening.

That night, Pan Yue brought Su Chen on a lengthy chase, tricking countless exam students into helping him escape calamity. One exam candidate after another fell for Pan Yue’s words, and were thereafter robbed of their points by Su Chen.

Su Chen’s points surged like a mighty wave.

The actions of both Su Chen and Pan Yue attracted the attention of the various bigshots sitting on top of the tall tower, rendering them speechless.

Su Chen was originally ranked fifty-sixth. After separating from Wang Doushan, his ranking had not decreased, instead it increased at a furious rate.

Not only this, he was trying to kill a member of a Bloodline Nobility Clan, sweeping through the region like a hot knife through butter. He fought any person or beast he encountered, no one capable of stopping his advance.

This was not to say that Su Chen’s actual strength had reached the point where he was unparalleled in the region. He possessed the wine jugs in addition to the Erupting Firebird, greatly amplifying his strength. Another reason was that the powerful exam candidates had expended quite a bit of energy after a whole day of bitter fighting. Unless they were proficient in battling at night, they would enjoy some well-earned rest and recover their physical and Origin Energy.

However, because Su Chen had an Origin Stone, he didn’t need to rest at all. He was also proficient in battling at night, so the entire way, no one could rival him. He steamrolled his way through the region.

In just a single night, he took down close to a hundred exam candidates, shocking any and all. No one knew from what hole this expert had jumped out from.

The pulses from his jade tablet, which now contained many points, were astonishingly powerful. Many exam candidates were terrified when they saw it.

The other exam candidates were no longer willing to blindly rush at Su Chen to fight him.

However, Su Chen had worked himself into a frenzy. No matter who the opponent was, he would send an Erupting Firebird their way upon seeing them.

As the chase went on, the sky began to brighten, and Su Chen’s points had jumped from one hundred twelve, enough to net him the fifty-sixth ranking, all the way to three hundred forty five, which was the twelfth ranking.

The exam grounds had a rule that prevented exam candidates from knowing their ranking before the exam ended. However, based on this number of points, Su Chen knew his ranking would be near the top.

He didn’t know many were observing his actions, but even if he did know, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two shadows, one in front and one behind, sprinted through wildernesses, forests, streams, and mountains, one chasing after the other, one trying to kill the other.

The sun rose, chasing away the night.

When the first streak of light shined down on the exam grounds, Su Chen discovered that a full night had already gone by.

The sky was already quite bright, yet Pan Yue still ran like a tenacious rabbit.

“Stop chasing me!” Pan Yue yelled maniacally. “Dammit, haven’t you had enough yet!?”

He was about to drop down and cry.

Where did this crazy guy come from, and why was he so tenacious? So many exam candidates threw themselves at him, yet not a single one could defeat him.

Pan Yue was about to lose all hope.

He definitely needed to find an expert in order to save himself.

At that moment, two exam candidates were headed toward him.

Pan Yue howled, “Tell me, who’s the most powerful person here?”

The sudden question dazed the two people, and they instinctively replied, “Frostbird Ji Hanyan is the most powerful person here. There’s also Blood Demon Zhong Ding, Bewitching Butterfly Jin Ling’er - oh, and Arched Tree Zhang Sheng’an is pretty powerful too.”

In the next instant, Pan Yue tilted his head and yelled, “Frostbird Ji Hanyan, Blood Demon Zhong Ding, Bewitching Butterfly Jin Ling’er, and Arched Tree Zhang Sheng’an, where are you? Someone wants to battle you!”

His voice spread loudly in all directions.

The two exam candidates originally wanted to reap the harvest, but when he yelled this, the hairs on their body stood on end. They did not dare attack him, running away as fast as they could instead.

What sick joke was this? What kind of existence was he, to dare to battle the four most powerful experts of the first region all at once? They definitely could not afford to provoke him.

At that moment, a voice leisurely floated over.

“Hey, who’s arrogant enough to want to battle four people at once? Let this young woman take a look.”

A fragrant wind flowed by.

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