Chapter 140: Neutralize

Chapter 140: Neutralize

Amidst the piles of rubble, Su Chen and Kong Zhen were entangled in battle.

Erupting Firebird versus the Five Poisons Miasma, the Snaking Mist Steps versus the Thousand Shadow Feet, Thunder Blade versus Feathered Edge, Soul Eye versus Formless Strike, Flowing Wind Body Technique versus the Kong Clan’s Body Tempering Technique.

It was difficult to determine who of the two held the advantage. Occasionally, a black fog or brilliant red explosion would appear, kicking up clouds of smoke.

The more Kong Zhen fought, the more shocked he became. He gazed at Su Chen with an expression of disbelief as he shrilly yelled, “You aren’t from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. How can you possibly possess such great combat prowess?”

Su Chen harrumphed, but he did not speak.

From the lack of response, Kong Zhen deduced what was happening. He loudly said, “You’ve been poisoned by me, yet you still dare to fight me instead of finding a place to expel the poison? When the poison attacks your heart, it’ll be too late. It won’t be me who killed you, you’re just seeking death.”

Su Chen finally opened his mouth. “Isn’t this one of those ‘accidents’ that inevitably occurs during the Hidden Dragon Battle? The person you saved has already caused ten or so of these so-called ‘accidents’. I assume some of them were also caused by your hands? So what’s different? Is it that you can’t deal with me as easily as you thought, so you want to find a way out by showing me the kindness in your heart? Or perhaps are you unable to endure any longer because of that wound?”

“Motherfucker, I’ll kill you!” Kong Zhen exclaimed, infuriated.

Streaks of poison flew from his palms. Kong Zhen activated the poison techniques he possessed to their extreme limits.

Su Chen’s face turned increasingly pallid, his breathing shallow.

Kong Zhen was delighted. Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird was shockingly powerful, and it could lock onto a target; he was badly injured by it. Every time Su Chen used the technique, Kong Zhen was forced to focus his full attention on dealing with it. Even the shockwaves dealt serious damage to Kong Zhen. But all of this didn’t matter to Kong Zhen; he was revitalized after seeing Su Chen. The poison in Su Chen’s body was accumulating, the effects more severe, and he knew Su Chen was about to reach his limit.

Today, victory will definitely be mine! Kong Zhen thought in his heart.

Su Chen swung his hand, forcing Kong Zhen to retreat. He suddenly lifted up his head and revealed a mysterious smile. “Did you really think this poison would work on me?”

Kong Zhen was stunned.

He watched as Su Chen put a finger to his chest and stabbed.

With this stab, black blood flowed from his chest into the air. It left a moist, blackish looking substance in the air that smelled rancid.

Kong Zhen was so stunned by Su Chen’s actions that his jaw dropped. “You forced my poison out?”

Su Chen smiled. “It wasn’t very hard.”

It really wasn’t all that difficult.

From the moment the poison entered his body, Su Chen had begun observing it. If he could see the Frigid Water Herb or the Frigid Blood Powder, naturally could see the poison as well.

The poison Kong Zhen used had two constituents. One part of it was the toxin, while the other was an Origin Substance.

It was a unique Origin Substance which allowed him to control the poison and cause it to attack and damage a person’s body.

Because he was in the midst of battle, Su Chen couldn’t possibly test out which herbs could cure the poison. But due to the poison’s Origin Substance, he could apply Origin Energy to it, giving him a method of neutralizing it.

Su Chen very quickly discovered that this Origin Substance was not very powerful, but it was slippery as though it had a consciousness. As Su Chen aimed his Origin Energy for the Origin Substance in the poison, it would actively attempt to dodge it, avoiding the fate of being swallowed up.

This was the reason why expelling this poison was so difficult.

However, when Su Chen made this discovery, he decided to use it to his advantage. Instead of forcefully attempting to expel the poison, he diverted his Origin Energy through eight of his Origin Energy veins except one.

Like this, he gathered the Origin Substance in one location. Su Chen made it look like a walk in the park, but it really wasn’t all that simple; there were many details he had to pay special attention to. If Su Chen’s eyes didn’t possess the ability to see things on a microscopic level, it would be unlikely he could accomplish it.

With most of the poison located in one position, he used his finger and made a cut there, expelling the large aggregate of poison.

Although there were still some remnants in his body, after most of it was gone, the remaining amount was nothing to worry about.

Kong Zhen didn’t anticipate that Su Chen would possess such a tactic. He was stunned in place.

Without the poison corroding his body, Su Chen appeared much more energetic. “What other tactics do you possess?”

He charged into the poisonous miasma Kong Zhen released.

Kong Zhen was frightened to the point his soul was about to leave his body. “Stop! You’ve won this battle!”

What greeted him was a vicious palm strike, carrying the crackling of thunder with it as though lightning were converging on him. It slammed into his body, sending him flying.

Kong Zhen spat out a large mouthful of blood, unable to crawl to his feet. Seeing Su Chen draw near, he panicked. In a last ditch effort he tried to escape as he screamed, “Don’t kill me! I’m not like that guy. I don’t kill people for amusement!”

“You knew he killed people for amusement, yet you still saved him?” Su Chen closed the distance step by step.

“I just wanted a lackey, that’s all! Killing people is his sin, not mine. If I can take care of myself, I’m happy!”

That’s it? That’s his way of thinking? Su Chen stopped dead in his tracks. He silently gazed at Kong Zhen.

Kong Zhen was terrified as all the things Su Chen could do to him ran through his mind, yet he couldn’t discern his enemy’s next move. In terror he gazed at Su Chen.

Both parties remained motionless.

Finally, Su Chen said, “The precious Bloodline Nobility Clans, the protectors of humankind, righteousness reflecting in their every move! They guard humankind far away from the dangers threatening human survival. Today, I witnessed and experienced them, and I finally understand their true nature!”

Although he did not speak loudly, every word was filled with power. Kong Zhen’s heart trembled in response.

Su Chen arrived next to Kong Zhen. He put his foot on Kong Zhen’s chest and said, “A Bloodline Nobility Clan like yours leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. There’s someone even more disgusting than you that I need to take care of. I can’t just let you go though; a price has to be paid for meddling in my affairs. Let me teach you a little lesson.”

Kong Zhen closed his eyes, spooked stiff of what was about to happen to him. However, the pain didn’t come and when he opened his eyes, he saw Su Chen writing something on a piece of paper. The piece of paper was secured to his body before Su Chen sent him back to the start of the entrance exam by shattering his jade tablet.

In the blink of an eye, Kong Zhen was sent out of the exam grounds, back to the entrance plaza.

Many of the eliminated exam candidates were still gathered here.

Kong Zhen was both surprised and enraged. This bastard had actually shattered his jade tablet, causing him to lose the opportunity of entering the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Was this supposed to be the lesson he would teach me? Bastard, you’re looking down on me too much! Do you really think I have no other way of entering the institute? Hmph, you dare provoke my Kong family. I will give you something to think about!

Kong Zhen suddenly discovered that the people around him were pointing at him, whispering to each other as if they were discussing something.

He was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head and discovered the piece of paper attached to his body.

This was......

Kong Zhen suddenly felt a wave of uneasiness wash over him.

He pulled off the piece of paper and almost passed out after reading its content.

Written on the paper was the comprehensive, detailed method Su Chen used to neutralize his Five Poisons Miasma. This included the unique properties and attributes of the Five Poisons Miasma, as well as several factors requiring special attention when neutralizing it.

Poison Centipede was Poison Centipede primarily because of the might of his poison.

Today, his Five Poisons Miasma was neutralized, chopping off a large portion of his strength. How could he still call himself Poison Centipede?

Kong Zhen was about to break down in tears. This tactic was too brutal. What was he to do in the future?

No, it didn’t stop with him. This affected the entire Kong Clan! What were they to do from now?

Thinking up to here, Kong Zhen was filled with fright. He yelled like someone who had lost their mind, “DON’T LOOK, DON’T LOOK, FORGET EVERYTHING YOU SAW!”

But he knew all too well, how could all these people simply forget what they saw? The onlookers laughed at him, committing the neutralizing method to memory.

The Kong Clan’s poison would be rendered useless from here on onwards.

At the same time, somewhere on a pile of rubble, Su Chen gazed in the direction Pan Yue had escaped in, putting on his mask once again.

The mask exuded a thick demonic aura, reflecting his current mood.

Pan, Yue, must, die!

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