Chapter 139: Poison Centipede

Chapter 139: Poison Centipede

Su Chen charged forward the moment the voice reached his ears, his speed reaching the extreme. He turned around to face the new opponent without slowing down, now flying backwards. At the same time, he struck out with eighteen palm strikes.

The palm wind from the strikes sounded out like thunder as they flew through the air.

That black cloud was forcefully stopped by Su Chen’s palm wind; it couldn’t get close to him at all.

This was the benefit of a contemporary Origin Skill. Although the Thunder Blade didn’t possess much strength, it could be used both offensively and defensively. As the palm wind surged forwards, it sounded out like thunder, preventing the black cloud from advancing.

Su Chen took the opportunity to apply a magic barrier to himself before looking at the person who ambushed him.

Facing him was a youth dressed in green, a dense, black Qi swirling around his face. His gaze was filled with shock. “You actually dodged my Five Poisons Miasma? You do have some ability.”

Pan Yue took this opportunity to stand up. Moments before, he was bitterly pleading for mercy, but now a thick killing intent showed on his face. “You dare disrespect me like that? I cannot spare you. Die!”

Pan Yue stabbed with his sword toward Su Chen.

When the youth in green saw this scene, he curled his lips. “Idiot.”

Although this sword strike was vicious, Pan Yue couldn’t move freely with his injured legs. He possessed the killing intent, but lacked the skill or strength to carry it out. Su Chen casually sidestepped, dodging the sword strike. At the same time, he slammed his knee into Pan Yue’s midsection. Su Chen didn’t even need to use his fists to throw Pan Yue back to the ground. In fact, he didn’t even spare Pan Yue so much as a glance, his eyes locked on the green-clothed youth instead.

“Bastard!” Pan Yue gritted his teeth as he tried to crawl to his feet. Before he stood up, however, he was greeted by another flying kick was aimed, this time hitting him in the head.

Su Chen put real force behind this kick. Even if Pan Yue didn’t die, he would be gravely injured.

The moment the kick landed on Pan Yue’s head, the green clothed person suddenly gestured. A streak of black light shot toward Su Chen. “I didn’t permit you to kill him, yet you think you can?”

Su Chen twisted his body and dodged the attack. The green-clothed youth already arrived in front of Pan Yue, sending him flying away with a kick. “Get out of here! What are you trying to do, get yourself killed?”

While he spoke to Pan Yue, his hands rapidly moved in the air, transforming into a thousand streaks of palm wind. These streaks of palm wind which smelled strongly and were poisonous shot toward Su Chen.

He didn’t receive his nickname, Poison Centipede, from his bloodline, but because of his proficiency in this palm technique which made it seem he had a thousand hands and feet. On top of that, he possessed extremely poisonous hands, making the skill all the more deadly..

The poison palms forced Su Chen to retreat.

Pan Yue had been removed from the battle after being kicked away by Kong Shen. He glared at Su Chen with a poisonous, hateful expression, then threw a glance at Kong Shen. He knew he couldn’t participate in this battle anymore. Instead, he turned tail and fled.

Seeing Pan Yue’s injured figure limp away, Su Chen didn’t get angry. A laugh escaped his mouth, and he said, “You really think he’ll remember what you did for him? You kicked him away. From his expression, it seems he resents you as well. There’s always people who don’t understand how to be grateful.”

Kong Shen laughed wickedly. “Do you really think I can’t see kind of trash he is? I don’t need any of his gratefulness. All I need is for him to be an obedient puppet.”

“You really think he’ll listen to you?”

“You thought I just randomly kicked him away? He is poisoned now!” Kong Shen said with delight. “But enough about him, how about you, don’t you hate me? After all, I was the one who ruined your plan of killing him.”

Su Chen casually replied, “You already said you helped me poison him. Why would I care?”

Kong Shen laughed, “The poison won’t be fatal. It merely prevents him from using Origin Energy, and it leaves behind a distinct scent, making it easy for me to chase after him. How about it? Disappointed?”.

“I already thought I smelled something strange in the air,” Su Chen said. “Since that’s the case, I only have to kill you and then follow the scent to track him down, right? Haha, now I care even less.”

The two never stopped exchanging blows during their conversation. An onlooker might confuse them for two bickering boys, but in reality, their strikes were aimed at the heart.

Both of them were trying to light the flames of rage in their opponent to disturb their state of mind. Su Chen did so by calling Pan Yue ungrateful, while Kong Shen mocked Su Chen for having failed to kill Pan Yue before he turned tail and fled. However, neither side succeeded. They had found their equal, both in terms of strength and wit.

Kong Shen struck out with about ten palm attacks in a row as he maniacally laughed. “Did you think I was just talking with you for the fun of it? You must be suicidal, opening your mouth in front of the Poison Centipede. Fall over for me!”

While he spoke, he fully concentrated on his palms, a pungent gas emerging from them.

Indeed, Su Chen’s body shook a few times, and a wave of black Qi washed across his face.

“You...” Su Chen’s face revealed an expression of disbelief. His movements became increasingly superficial as he tried to retreat. His hurried steps turned wobbly and it seemed like he would fall down at any moment.

Kong Shen giggled with delight. “You see, I already told you to fall over for me, but you didn’t listen!”

A palm flew toward Su Chen’s chest.

As the palm found its target, Kong Shen suddenly felt a hint of hesitation surface in his heart. He was confident in the power of his Five Poisons Miasma, but Origin Qi Scholars weren’t ordinary people. They possessed natural methods to neutralize poisons that entered their body. His poison would eventually succeed, but it was working surprisingly efficiently on Su Chen. Too efficiently. Why did the black Qi appear on his face so quickly? Something is wrong!

The alarms in his heart went off, signaling impending danger. He quickly retrieved his hand, then stared at Su Chen, who raised his head and calmly smiled. Kong Shen’s attention was drawn to a firebird that appeared in Su Chen’s hand before it darted towards him.

The firebird looked small and unassuming, but every fiber of Kong Shen’s being felt threatened by it.

He flew into the air with a strange cry, raising his speed to its extreme limit. He was called the Poison Centipede because it was like he possessed a thousand hands and feet. His attacks were speedy, as was he. He shifted at high-speed, and the Firebird whooshed past his shoulder. Kong Zhen was just about to let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Su Chen was gazing at him with a smile that was not a smile. He knew that the situation was about to go bad. He was quite good at adapting to the situation, and in that instant he reacted correctly. A magic barrier formed around him, protecting his body.

With a “BOOM”, the firebird slammed into Kong Zhen from behind. The barrier shattered, and Kong Zhen was sent flying as he spit out a mouthful of blood.

This guy could also take the hits. Although he was still dazed from his injuries and flying through midair, he waved his hand, and a swarm of poisonous wasps emerged and flew toward Su Chen.

Su Chen had just used the Erupting Firebird moments ago. Upon seeing the swarm of poisonous wasps flying towards him, he took out an item.

A jug of wine, to be precise.

He tossed it towards the swarm of poisonous wasps.

The explosive jug of wine was not nearly as powerful as the Erupting Firebird, but it affected a much greater area. If the Erupting Firebird was a single-target attack, the explosive jug of wine was very powerful for taking down multiple enemies. The explosion that followed decimated countless poisonous wasps.

Kong Zhen staggered to his feet only to find a sea of flames in front of him, while large swaths of poisonous wasps fell to the ground. He howled in pain, “MY TREASURES!”

He shot a venomous glare at Su Chen with rage. “YOU DESERVE TO DIE!”

Su Chen harrumphed, “I think you should take a good look at yourself first.”

Su Chen was about to make his move, when his body swayed and his legs softened. This time, however, he was not faking it.

Kong Zhen yelled in delight, “So you were poisoned!”

Yes, Su Chen truly had been poisoned.

It was next to impossible to avoid being poisoned when battling someone like Poison Centipede Kong Zhen.

However, Origin Qi Scholars were very different from commoners. Their bodies possessed a natural ability to neutralize poison. If they were poisoned by common light or medium poisons, so long as they didn’t melt away the flesh and blood, it could be neutralized without the assistance of an antidote.

Poison Centipede Kong Zhen’s strength was limited, and he couldn’t use poisons that were too vicious. However, many years of toying around with poisons made it so that his resistance to poison was much higher than most people, but because of this he paid a price in his overall physical strength. For this reason he cultivated a body technique to strengthen his body, allowing him to withstand the blow from the Firebird without losing consciousness.

Su Cheng was poisoned, and Kong Zhen was gravely injured. Their situation was not that great, but their gazes were filled with viciousness and an unwillingness to back down.

They simultaneously yelled at the top of their lungs as they struck out.

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