Chapter 138: Killing Opportunity

Chapter 138: Killing Opportunity


The sword pierced through his opponent’s body. The target’s eyes revealed an expression of disbelief, as if he were saying, “How could this happen to me?”

“Idiot!” Pan Yue let out a maniacal, delighted laugh, then applied force to the sword in his hand, skewering the exam candidate to a nearby tree. When his victim was about to shatter his jade tablet, Pan Yue charged forward and took it from him.

No longer in possession of his jade tablet, the exam candidate had no way to escape. He could only fall over in despair.

The fresh blood flowed all over the ground.

Pan Yue laughed loudly and then left.

He enjoyed this feeling that came from the looks of despair from his victims very much. Only when he saw that look in their eyes could he satisfy the arrogance and hollowness in his heart.

How stupid was this Hidden Dragon Battle? Pan Yue didn’t care about it at all. Based on his family background, he didn’t even need to participate in the exam to enter the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Pan Yue didn’t participate to secure an entrance spot. No, he was here just seeking the thrill of battle.

Defeating and killing his opponents, forcing them to moan in despair and struggle in pain - that was the path Pan Yue pursued and enjoyed.

How many victims had he killed at this point?

Pan Yue did not know, nor did he care.

His victims were just commoners. They didn’t even have a bloodline! What was their purpose if not to provide entertainment for him?

For those lowly commoners, to die under his Dark Extermination Sword was their good fortune.

Of course, Pan Yue carefully selected each of his targets.

He would not touch anyone from a Bloodline Nobility Clan. He could not provoke those powerful exam candidates.

He was merely interested in the isolated commoners who didn’t even have a bloodline, yet thought they could participate here!

Those participants were clueless as to what was awaiting them. It was stupidity at its finest that they thought they could participate in a fair fight to enter the best institute in the entire Long Sang Country.

Were those commoners even qualified to engage in fair battles with members from Bloodline Nobility Clans?

If it were truly fair, there shouldn’t have been any differences in the number of slots assigned to each region in the first place!

But even then, the authorities were still too lenient.

The country should be governed with an iron fist. If they blindly pursued equality and fairness, they would only give the low-class people an opportunity to ask for more than they could handle.

It would be far better if they were to just die before that point. Pan Yue felt he was doing this world a favor by ridding it of these termites. That he could use their blood to polish his treasures sword and the combat to temper himself was just a nice little bonus.

Pan Yue was ecstatic with his own wisdom.

However, as more fell in front of his sword, it seemed that many participants began to sense what he was doing. By now, most exam candidates had teamed up, and it became increasingly difficult to find anyone going about on their own.

He wasn’t worried about the strength of these lowly individuals teaming up. Even if they formed small groups, they wouldn’t be his opponent. But as the groups he took on became larger, so too would the chance that some would escape. If he couldn’t kill them all, there was no point in these skirmishes.

Pan Yue felt stifled. He could only curse loudly at the exam candidates as he searched for his next target.

A plume of smoke arose in the distance, attracting Pan Yue’s attention.

There was someone who dared to start a fire and cook at this time?

Was he self-confident, or was he foolishly brazen?

Either way, Pan Yue’s interest was piqued.

He headed toward the origin of the smoke, cautiously edging closer, as if he were a hungry wolf afraid to scare the rabbit away.

When the figure of a youth near a pile of rubble appeared before Pan Yue’s eyes, a smile formed on his face.

Awesome! I actually found another commoner, and he doesn’t have a bloodline. The Heavens really look kindly upon me!

The location this guy had chosen was pretty good. He had started a fire on a pile of stones, and the surroundings were very empty. There was no place to ambush him from. In fact, Pan Yue couldn’t even get close without being spotted. If that guy encountered any opponents he couldn’t beat, he could instantly shatter his jade tablet and escape. It was likely this line of reasoning that gave him the confidence to start a fire during this entrance exam.

But was safety really assured by these points alone?

Pan Yue laughed coldly as he unsheathed his sword and lined it up with his chest.

Pan Yue was about to make his move when an idea popped up in his head. He aimed the sword toward his own thigh, closed his eyes, and muttered, “If I want to achieve something great, I must be severe enough. I must be severe both to my enemies and to myself! Kid, consider yourself lucky. I will use a brilliant performance to send you to your death!”

As these thoughts ran through his mind, Pan Yue couldn’t prevent his entire body from trembling.

That was the stimulation from his excitement and anticipation of the hunt.


He struck his own thigh with the sword.

Origin Energy exploded under the Dark Extinction Sword, leaving behind a large, bloody hole.

The pain caused Pan Yue’s face to contort, but his heart pounded in excitement.

He sucked in a breath of cold air, then let out a strange, cruel laugh. “Whew! My little lamb, I’m coming!”

The next moment, he came out of the forest, screaming loudly, “Help me!”

He hobbled toward the “idiotic” exam candidate.

Pan Yue put up a beautiful act, showing an expression of pure terror while screaming and begging for help. After all, his wound was real, and the pain was too. However, he was laughing in his heart, laughing maniacally!

That idiot is really coming over!

He strongly resisted the urge to laugh as he stumbled to the ground before the other party got to him. At the same time, he stealthily retrieved a previously prepared dagger.

The idiot had indeed offered his help to lift him up.

He said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine now.”

Pan Yue excitedly replied, “Of course I’ll be fine. You won’t be though!” As these words left his mouth, he revealed the dagger.

He struck out, and as he did, he felt the slightest resistance from the sharp blade entering the idiot’s flesh. He felt excitement course through his body. Even so, the thrill had yet to completely arrive when it was completely stifled, as if someone had grabbed it by his throat. It had no way of spilling out......

Pan Yue discovered with shock that his dagger had sliced through thin air.

Thin air!

Pan Yue opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He saw a hand placed on his own wrist, pushing it slightly to the side.

This gentle shove caused his stab to lose direction, actually slicing past the other party’s profile.

How could this be?

Pan Yue was terrified!

A voice sounded out next to his ear. “So it was you!”


Pan Yue knew that the situation was not looking good. He wanted to retreat.

But he was still on the ground, his body arched like a bow, as he used all his force to stab his opponent. From this position he couldn’t apply any explosive force, leaving him with no time to adapt before he felt a heavy fist slam into his face!

“No!” Pan Yue let out a strange cry. He slammed his arms on the ground and jumped up in the air like an agile fish.

He was an Origin Qi Scholar who depended on agility and nimbleness, not on close-quarters combat, so he hurriedly tried to break free from his opponent.

Unfortunately, the other party was prepared. His feet had yet to find their footing when another fist viciously struck his midsection, slamming him back into the ground.

The opponent grabbed Pan Yue’s head and forced it to be acquainted with the ground, leaving behind a depression in the ground.

“Bastard!” Pan Yue endured the pain as he tried to wrap his legs around Su Chen’s neck.

However, his right leg was still wounded, so it was hard for him to move around. His attempt to strangle Su Chen was quite slow.

Su Chen didn’t give Pan Yue any time for a breather. He took out a short blade and stabbed it in Pan Yue’s healthy leg.

“AHH!” Pan Yue let out an extremely pitiful cry.

This strike was much more vicious than when Pan Yue stabbed himself earlier. The blunt blade used lacked cutting ability, but when it penetrated the flesh, it would result in a graver injury.

Pan Yue wanted to apply a protective barrier, but the opponent’s fists rained down on him. Every blow seemed accurate and precise as they landed on his Qi conducting nodes. Before the Origin Energy barrier could form, it was forcefully shattered by his blows.

“No, let me go!” Pan Yue finally began to feel terror and fear as he loudly screamed.

Su Chen coldly said, “The exam candidates that you killed also begged for mercy, didn’t they? Did you let them go?”

“I...... I know I was wrong. Have mercy, please, have mercy......” Pan Yue yelled mournfully.

Su Chen ignored him as he continued his barrage of fist attacks.

Pan Yue wanted to shatter his jade tablet and escape, but Su Chen took it away from him before he could. This scene closely resembled how Pan Yue treated those he had killed.

Pan Yue was finally on the brink of having a nervous breakdown. “I am the Young Master of the Dark Beast Pan Clan. If you kill me, my Pan Clan won’t let you go!”

Su Chen ignored him, continuing his onslaught of fist attacks.

He was going to beat this scumbag to death.

“Save me!” Pan Yue furiously screamed.

He was just letting out an instinctive scream, but unexpectedly he actually received a reply.

“You’re from the Dark Beast Pan Clan? Remember, your savior is Poison Centipede Kong Shen!”

A wave of dark wind roiled toward Su Chen.

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