Chapter 135: Team

Chapter 135: Team

Boom boom!

Two powerful explosions sounded out, and two human figures were sent flying through the air.

“Catch. One for you, one for me,” Wang Doushan excitedly said as he began to divide up the spoils amidst the piteous whimpers of the exam candidates.

The two of the rushed over, each grabbing their target, then leaving after stealing away those points. They were so fast that their victims had no time to react. By the time the students who had been robbed regained consciousness, their robbers had already long disappeared.

“I got four points. What about you?” Wang Doushan asked.

“A little more than you. Five points,” Su Chen replied.

“Hmph, so little.” Wang Doushan curled his lip.

After a full day of battle, many exam candidates had already been eliminated, and the remaining exam candidates should have had quite a large number of points. However, the students they had just encountered possessed very few points. All one could really say was that they had bad luck.

Since they didn’t have enough points, they could only supplement this with quantity.

Wang Doushan and Su Chen could be considered experts amongst the exam candidates. Now that they had teamed up, not many people could deal with them, and they simply stormed their way through the sixth region.

Without the pressure from the Spirit Burying Terrace, Su Chen was in no hurry to go to any other regions. He was happy to sweep through the sixth region while familiarizing himself with the Erupting Firebird’s usage.

Wang Doushan was responsible for restricting the opponent. His Thousand Feather Hands were very good at obstructing opponents, and when he activated it to its fullest extent, even a mosquito couldn’t fly past him.

Naturally, Su Chen stood behind him, throwing out firebirds at his leisure.

The Erupting Firebird was very powerful, and it could also chase after an opponent. No one else had seen this kind of technique before, so every firebird he launched hit its target. And as long as it hit his opponent, they would be taken care of in short order.

If one Erupting Firebird wasn’t enough to defeat an opponent, then he would just add another one.

Their battles became much simpler. With the two of them on a team, they crushed everyone in their path, completely unstoppable.

The Erupting Firebird was an evolution of the fireball technique, and controlling it was also much easier. After using it hundreds of times, Su Chen was becoming more and more familiar with controlling the Erupting Firebird as well.

At the same time, people in the sixth regions finally began to receive news that two malefic stars had teamed up, and they all began to feel anxious. Finally, someone took the lead to organize a group of over thirty exam candidates to surround the two of them.

Wang Doushan and Su Chen did not know about this, and they walked directly into a trap. Just when they were preparing to attack a few people being used as bait, they saw tens of exam candidates suddenly jump out at them, giving them quite the scare. As soon as they saw this, they booked it in an attempt to escape.

Their strength was completely manifested at this moment. Although the thirty or so people exam candidates were able to force the two of them to beat a hasty retreat, they were not able to keep them there.

Su Chen was the simplest. He activated the Snaking Mist Steps to its absolute extent, and his speed shot up. He actually was able to escape the encirclement before it was fully formed.

Wang Doushan was not slow either. The illusory White Crane image appeared behind him again, and his entire figure flew into the air, gliding around in a circle before charging out. Although he was hit by a few Origin Skills from some of the exam candidates, and was slightly wounded, he still successfully escaped the encirclement.

The two of them furiously ran, with countless exam candidates chasing after them. However, those exam candidates discovered their strength was insufficient, as was their speed, and so they were slowly left behind by the two of them.

However, one of the candidates ran particularly quickly, and it didn’t seem like he was using any Origin Skills. All he did was sprint forwards with his particularly long legs. He was actually able to stay on their heels.

After running a certain distance, Wang Doushan and Su Chen suddenly stopped, and that long-legged exam candidate loudly laughed, “Haha, you can’t run anymore? Wanting to compete with me in terms of speed......”

He was about to go on when he saw the two of them walk towards him silently, wearing dark smiles on their faces.

He suddenly felt that something was off. When he turned around to look, he didn’t see anyone else; all that remained was himself.

His expression changed. “Uh oh.”

He turned around to run.

A firebird flapped its wings and soared towards him.

He was sent flying with a single attack.

Wang Doushan laughed as he gazed at the fallen exam candidate. “This guy is quite capable; he was able to keep up with us the entire way. I thought that he would have some more skills, but he wasn’t particularly skillful. He just didn’t have a brain.”

As he spoke, he took away that exam candidate’s points. According to his agreement with Su Chen, those points belonged to him.

After taking away the points, Wang Doushan said, “I say, your speed is quite impressive. What body technique was that? It’s actually faster than my Snow Crane Steps. Don’t tell me that this isn’t a Bloodline Origin Skill either.”

Su Chen bitterly laughed. “I told you already that I come from a clan without a bloodline. How could I possibly have a bloodline?”

Wang Doushan gazed at Su Chen in shock.

Just the Erupting Firebird, which was comparable to a Bloodline Origin Skill, was enough to stun him. Now, there was also a speed-type Origin Skill comparable to a Bloodline Origin Skill as well? Goddamn it, what was wrong with him?

There were, in fact, Origin Skills that were more powerful than their Bloodline counterparts of the same level, but they were incredibly rare and valuable.

With this criteria in mind, the Erupting Firebird and Snaking Mist Steps that Su Chen used all belonged to the secret-tier.

But when did a small city like Northface City develop any kind of secret technique?

Those were priceless techniques that even he did not have the right to control!

Wang Doushan was unable to see through Su Chen anymore.

However, if Su Chen remained silent, he could not force anything out of him. All he could say was, “What next?”

Su Chen gazed at their surroundings. “The remaining people in the sixth region will either be mopped up by us or they will group up together. I think that it’s not too convenient for us to remain here any longer.”

“Then, you mean......”

“It’s time for us to go to the fifth region,” Su Chen replied.

“Okay, let’s go to the fifth region,” Wang Doushan supported him excitedly.

After making such a plan, the two of them charged towards the fifth region.

After the sixth region, the exam candidates in the fifth region were next to encounter calamity.

In reality, the exam candidates of the fifth region were quite a bit stronger than the thirteenth region. Based on Su Chen’s current strength, although it was not hard for him to be considered an expert here, wanting to suppress and storm through the whole region was impossible. But now, with Wang Doushan as his ally, the two of them had reached an effect where one plus one was greater than two.

One had a powerful bloodline, whose explosiveness was shocking, while the other had a cultivation base in the fifth layer and who had a high-grade Origin Stone, thus possessing great endurance. The two were very compatible, covering for each others’ weaknesses. More importantly, both of them were willing to use any means necessary to achieve success.

Wang Doushan appeared simple and idiotic on the surface, but he was actually quite quick-witted, and his movements were agile. In addition, no one had ever seen Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird before, and they would vastly underestimate his strength. The end result was that many exam candidates treated them like fat lambs and charged them, but in the end they had become the fat lambs.

Their points continued to steadily increase because of this, and on the screen with the leaderboard, Su Chen once again returned to the top one hundred after falling outside of it due to the matters in the Spirit Burying Terrace.

He had appeared three times, but every time he appeared he did so with a higher ranking. With a hundred twelve points, he was placed at fifty-six. As for Wang Doushan, his ranking was slightly higher than Su Chen’s. He was at rank fifty-four with one hundred thirty six points.

Everyone was rendered speechless when they saw these numbers.

The screen of light had been repaired, and after observing the pair’s battles, even the group of those from Bloodline Nobility Clans couldn’t say that Su Chen had taken advantage of Wang Doushan.

This was especially true of his Erupting Firebird, whose explosive power was shocking and greatly surpassed all of their expectations.

“If no accidents occur, this guy should be able to stay in the top one hundred,” a member of a noble clan said.

“He can be considered quite an outstanding junior.”

“It seems like another Long Pojun is about to appear.”

“Long Pojun entered the top ten. If he wants to become the next Long Pojun, it’s not enough just to defeat these pushovers. He needs to fight some tough battles!”

“That’s truly the case.”

“Those tough battles will eventually come,” someone on the side said lazily.

As more time would go by, more and more exam candidates would be eliminated, and those who remained would possess great strength.

But no matter where Su Chen went from here, his current result was more than enough to be proud of.

Quite a large number of people knew that he was from the Su Clan of Northface City, and they would search for members of the Su Clan to congratulate them.

But the more they were congratulated, the uglier the expressions of the members of the Su Clan got.

This was especially true of Su Cheng’an.

Upon finding out that Su Cheng’an was Su Chen’s father, many of the nearby members of other clans came to congratulate him.

Every congratulation or praise was like a knife slicing through Su Cheng’an’s heart.

Every time Su Chen’s ranking rose, the congratulations would stream in. In the blink of an eye, Su Cheng’an had been stabbed seventeen or eighteen times. He felt incredibly pained in his heart.

The screen of light could not be forever locked on Su Chen, and it had long since switched to another person.

No one knew that Su Chen and Wang Doushan were gazing at a person at this moment.

A dead person.

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