Chapter 134: Erupting Firebird

Chapter 134: Erupting Firebird

After hesitating for for a while, Wang Doushan finally agreed to Su Chen’s request, or at least most of it - he kept his underpants on.

It wasn’t that he was incredibly unwilling to strip in front of Su Chen. Rather, the light screen still existed.

Wang Doushan did not want his entire naked body to appear on the screen. Even though by reasoning this was not too likely, who knew whether some important individuals would suddenly be struck by a bout of craziness and want to see some naked boys?

The result of this decision was that Su Chen was unable to neutralize all of the frost nodes, but of the twelve frost nodes he had at least neutralized eleven. This allowed Wang Doushan’s body to recover a significant amount. In addition, with Su Chen’s instructions, Wang Doushan then concentrated all of his Origin Energy on his lower body, increasing the speed of dispersion.

Everything was fine except for the fact that because of this, his pants now looked like someone had set up a tent.

With the sudden influx of energy, it rose[1. In case you didn’t figure it out, he’s got an erection.].

Wang Doushan was like a proud young man, swaggering around with his privates swinging around. As he walked, he said, “Are you sure that you want to battle your way through the entire exam grounds?”

“In any case, idling around is just idling around. I just want to see for myself how powerful those from higher-level regions are,” Su Chen laughingly replied.

In reality, Su Chen was already able to feel the strength of the other exam candidates increasing in the sixth region.

Just then, any of those four people who had been chasing Wang Doushan would’ve been outstanding characters in Northface City, but in the Flowing Cloud City, they were only average. That was because above them were the more powerful bloodline nobility clans.

But even so, Su Chen did not intend on giving up on his plan.

It wasn’t just because he had made a bet with Li Qingyun and Bai Li. More importantly, Su Chen wanted to witness for himself the most powerful individuals in this world, and wanted to know how much of a gap existed between him and them.

“You are not weak, but believe me, you are still far from being able to traverse the entire exam grounds. Look at me; all I did was go around to take a look, and then I was beat to the point of pissing my pants.” Wang Doushan had not seen Su Chen use the Erupting Firebird to knockout his opponent. Thus, his understanding of Su Chen’s strength was based on observing his battle with the second exam candidate, and he tried to persuade Su Chen with good intentions.

However, Su Chen stubbornly stuck to his own viewpoint.

When Wang Doushan saw that he couldn’t convince Su Chen, he made a decision. “Whatever. Since you helped me before, I’ll just come along with you.”

Su Chen felt some surprise. “My help didn’t take much effort. I never anticipated any kind of reward from you.”

“But I, your fat grandfather, can’t just let you go and get swatted away like a fly by that damned woman Ji Hanyan, forfeiting your qualifications and not being allowed to enter the Hidden Dragon Institute. Since you helped me, I have to make sure that you get into the institute at the very least,” Wang Doushan said as he pounded his chest.

Make sure you get into the institute...... That was quite a confident statement.

But after witnessing Wang Doushan’s Cloud Sundering, Su Chen had to confess that he truly had the right to say such words.

Cloud Sundering’s power was roughly equivalent to the Erupting Firebird, but as an inheritor of the Snow Crane Bloodline, he might not just possess one of these bloodline Origin Skills.

This was why Bloodline Nobility Clans were so confident!

Ever since the Divine Illustrious Dynasty fell into ruin and the Seven Kingdoms arose, the Bloodline Nobility Clan system was officially set up, and humankind began to divide into higher and lower levels of status soon thereafter. What supported this division was the massive amount of power possessed by those with bloodlines.

Li and Lin Yemao were only those of mixed bloodlines, and they could not display the full power of a true Bloodline Nobility Clan. Wang Doushan was the first official member of a Bloodline Nobility Clan that had appeared.

There were still many individuals like him who were part of Bloodline Nobility Clans. They could be found all over the territories of humankind, and they were considered cornerstones that supported the human race. At the same time, they were like a giant mountain that suppressed and bore down on all of those individuals without such bloodlines.

For someone without a bloodline to defeat someone of a Bloodline Nobility Clan was too difficult.

Even so, Su Chen did not possess any fear deep in his heart. Instead, his heroic fighting spirit was kindled because of this.

Having heard Wang Doushan say this, Su Chen said, “Okay then, let’s charge through together. If we run into that woman Ji Hanyan, then we can attack her together if we can’t beat her individually. We’ll defeat her and help you vent your anger.”

Wang Doushan laughed, “Good, good! We definitely have to teach that smelly woman a lesson.”

But after thinking for a moment, he still felt that the two of them were still unlikely to beat that woman, so he said guiltily, “But it’s still best if we don’t run into her.”

“You’re afraid of her?”

“Hmph, how could I be afraid of her? I just don’t want to argue with her!”

“I think you’re just afraid.”

“Hey, you dare to look down on your fatty grandfather? Apologize to me.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Grandfather Fat Crane, you are brilliant and wise, and you are peerless and unmatched......”

“How come it sounds like the words you’re saying aren’t genuine.”

“Look at you, you’re so hard to please.”

The two of them continued walking and joking, bickering with each other. Their sense of familiarity also grew.

At this moment, as they continued to advance, they encountered four exam candidates in front of them.

The four of them didn’t recognize the two of them, and they charged forwards to attack. Those who could survive until the second day possessed a certain amount of strength, and these four were all Origin Qi Scholars. They were not weak either.

Wang Doushan took the initiative to target three of them as he yelled, “Leave these three to me. Delay that one for me. When I have taken care of these three, I will......”

He hadn’t even finished speaking before he heard a loud explosion. A fiery light washed over him.

He turned around in surprise, only to see that the exam candidate he had left to Su Chen was flying through the air, carving out a beautiful arc in midair before slamming heavily into the ground.

Wang Doushan gazed at Su Chen with shock. Su Chen had already begun to prepare another Erupting Firebird as he said, “Help me delay them.”

“Oh.” Wang Doushan acted like he was awoken from a dream.

The three of them wanted to make a move to disrupt Su Chen, but they couldn’t escape the fatty’s obstruction. The fatty’s hands swung through the air, and a white crane illusory image appeared, generating gusts of wind. This illusory image was much more corporeal than before, and it possessed the Snow Crane’s unique noble grandeur. This was the Snow Crane’s Origin Skill, Thousand Feather Hands. Thousands of palm strikes kept the three of them tied down.

“It’s Fat Crane Wang Doushan!” The three exam candidates finally realized who the person they were battling with was.

They wanted to run, but it was too late.

Another firebird suddenly flew out, slamming into an exam candidate. That exam candidate reacted quickly, dodging at high speeds. He narrowly evaded the attack, but unexpectedly the Erupting Firebird turned around in midair, actually attacking him from behind. The powerful explosion instantly knocked that exam candidate out.

The other two exam candidates tried to escape at once.

Wang Doushan loudly laughed, “Trying to run? You’re all staying here with me!”

His arms flew through the air, and the aura of the Snow Crane burst forth. A wave of snow-colored light enveloped the two of them, swallowing them up instantly.

When the wave of light disappeared, the two exam candidates had been rendered unconscious.

“Not bad. What technique is that?” Su Chen walked over and asked as he took the points of the exam candidates. There were four of them in total, so each person got two.

“It’s a Bloodline Origin Skill, Snow Earthquake Explosion. What do you think, it’s pretty good, right?” Wang Doushan replied merrily.

This Snow Earthquake Explosion was absolutely powerful, and it was in no way weaker than Cloud Sundering. However, it was an area-of-effect attack, so it was better than Cloud Sundering in that regard.

“But this kind of attack should expend quite a significant amount of energy, right?” Su Chen asked upon seeing Wang Doushan’s slightly pale face.

The fatty’s happiness instantly disappeared. He smiled with some embarrassment as he said, “Looks like you saw through it. This move expends a lot of energy, and I am not willing to use it under normal circumstances.”

The fatty was quite a show-off. He used his killing blow right off the bat, but as soon as the foundation of the attack was seen through, the wind was taken out of his sails.

He thought for a moment and changed the topic. “What move did you use earlier? Why was it so powerful, was it a Bloodline Origin Skill?”

“No, it’s a skill that I analyzed and improved.”

“It’s not a Bloodline Origin Skill, yet it’s still so powerful?” The fatty’s face revealed a shock expression. “My darling, that’s quite impressive.”

Su Chen shook his head. “I just completed it not long ago, and I’m not very familiar with it yet. It takes quite a bit of time to activate it every time.”

Wang Doushan finally understood. “No wonder you wanted me to help you delay them earlier. That’s right, how many attacks like this can you use?”

Su Chen didn’t conceal anything. He replied, “If I’m in peak condition, I can probably use it a hundred times.”

Upon hearing this number, Wang Doushan was shocked. “This many?”

Although his bloodline was powerful, he could not activate it many times in a row. Based on his current strength, he could at least use Cloud Sundering twenty-five times in a row. As for the Snow Earthquake Explosion, his upper limit was five times. He never expected that Su Chen could use the Erupting Firebird so many times in a row.

In reality, however, he had misunderstood Su Chen a bit.

Su Chen’s Erupting Firebird truly did not use too much energy, but it was not to the point of being seven or eight times more efficient.

More importantly, Su Chen also had a cultivation base of the fifth layer. Every time he used the Erupting Firebird, he consumed half a Yellow Star’s worth of Origin Energy. With his fifth-layer cultivation base, he naturally could use it at least a hundred times.

However, even if he wasn’t in the fifth layer of cultivation, but rather in the second, he could still use it at least forty times, which was still quite a considerable number. In this aspect, the Erupting Firebird was superior to Wang Doushan’s Bloodline Origin Skills.

Wang Doushan had not expected to encounter such a freak. He gazed at Su Chen with surprise before suddenly thinking of something as he laughed, “I have an idea. Didn’t you say that you aren’t quite familiar with the skill yet? How about this, I’ll help you delay our opponents ahead, and you can use the Erupting Firebird from behind. The strength of your Firebird is quite great, and it can chase after targets, so it is very suited for quick battles. It’ll be more than enough for those guys to eat!”

Su Chen’s eyes lit up slightly. “Perfect, I can practice a little more.”

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