Chapter 133: Fat Crane (2)

Chapter 133: Fat Crane (2)

Bang bang!

With two explosions, the two exam candidates were simultaneously sent flying. Su Chen took the opportunity to take away the points on their jade tablets.

Just as he was taking the points of the exam candidate who had passed out earlier, he heard Wang Doushan yell, “Hey, I have two more over here.”

Su Chen turned around only to see that Wang Doushan was talking to him, holding one of them up in each hand.

Su Chen laughed and shook his head. “There’s no need to be polite. You took care of them, so you should take their points.

“How can that be allowed? You were the one that helped me.” Wang Doushan tossed the two of them towards Su Chen.

Upon seeing this, Su Chen did not act politely. He took all of their points.

Originally, he intended on letting them go, but he didn’t expect that Wang Doushan would go forwards first and shatter two of their jade tablets, sending them back. He said, “This is to prevent them from joining up and trying to get revenge later. Although I’m not afraid of them, it’s still a burden. If I shatter two of them, the remaining two will not be a threat. That way, I can let some of them go.”

Upon hearing Wang Doushan’s explanation, Su Chen laughed, “You are quite thorough, hm?”

Wang Doushan squinted his eyes. “How come I don’t feel happy at all when I hear your words? Are you looking down on me? Are you discriminating against fat people?”

“Don’t misunderstand. Perhaps it’s because the impression you left on me when you arrived late was quite deep,” Su Chen laughed as he replied. “You know that first impressions are always the hardest to forget.

“......” Upon hearing these words, Wang Doushan was instantly rendered speechless.

That was right, if he could be late to an event as large as the Hidden Dragon Institute enrollment exam, it was hard for others to have any confidence in him.

That was to say that it was still his own fault?

The two of them looked at each other before laughing simultaneously.

Wang Doushan strode forwards as he patted his chest and said, “Let me reintroduce myself. I am Wang Shandou, of the Snow Crane Wang Clan of the Flowing Cloud City. Because I am fat, everyone calls me Fat Crane. I have a certain problem, which is that I have no sense of time. I am the kind of person who isn’t worried about things that haven’t happened yet, but who gets very anxious about things that have already happened.”

“Su Chen, of the Su Clan of Northface City. No bloodline.”

Upon hearing that Su Chen was from Northface City, Wang Doushan felt extremely shocked. “Why is someone from the thirteenth region in the sixth district? Are you seeking death? The exam candidates here are much stronger than your lot is.”

“Are you looking down on weaker regions?” Su Chen countered.

Wang Doushan was instantly stunned.

Just then, he had said that Su Chen was discriminating against fat people. He hadn’t expected that Su Chen would turn his own words against him in the blink of an eye, and he was speechless. Finally, he bitterly laughed, “Alright, that’s my fault.”

He had just spoken when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He lowered his head and spat out some blood.

That blood was actually frozen, and it emanated coldness.

Su Chen was stunned. He looked at Wang Doushan, whose face was chilly as he said in a low voice, “Dammit, the Frostbird Clan’s Frosted Ice Palms are really ferocious.”

“You were struck by the woman called Ji Hanyan?” Su Chen walked forwards, using his fingers to pick up the blood that Wang Doushan had spit out. He smelled it first, then activated his eyes to look at it. Inside the blood, countless bits of Origin Substance were moving around that were hard to see using normal eyes. It was a very mysterious Origin Substance, and Su Chen had never seen it before. However, it was this Origin Substance that was causing the freezing behavior within Wang Doushan’s body, preventing him from recovering from his wounds. However, Wang Doushan’s bloodline similarly had an Origin Substance that was battling the Frost Origin Substance; that should be the Origin Substance from the Snow Crane Clan’s bloodline. When comparing the two Origin Substances, the Snow Crane was clearly weaker than the Frostbird, but because the Snow Crane Origin Substance was constantly being produced within Wang Doushan’s body, the Frostbird Origin Substance was isolated. Thus, the Snow Crane Origin Substance was gradually winning, and as time went on it was slowly neutralizing the Frostbird Origin Substance.

As for the blood that he spit out, without the support of Wang Doushan’s Snow Crane Origin Skill, the Frostbird Origin Skill had taken over. Thus, when he spit it out it was still blood, but instantly afterwards it had basically become a chunk of ice.

The strength of the Frostbird was indeed extraordinary.

In addition, this blood possessed another existence that was also corroding Wang Doushan’s body. That should be the wood poison that Wang Doushan had mentioned. However, the wood poison was much weaker than the Origin Substance, and it did not exist for very long before it was gradually eliminated.

“Yes. In reality, the Frostbird bloodline is only a certain level higher than mine. However, not only is Ji Hanyan’s bloodline powerful, but she has also awakened two damned bloodlines, and she is even of a higher cultivation base than I am. I’m at my wits end,” Wang Doushan explained, as if he were worried that Su Chen would misunderstand him.

“Awakened two powerful bloodlines?” Su Chen was stunned.

If one could awaken one’s bloodline at age sixteen, they were already considered geniuses. However, these “geniuses” were still relatively common; one could at least find a few in every city.

But to awaken two important bloodlines at age sixteen was not easy. This Ji Hanyan was definitely an incredibly extraordinary person. Perhaps in the entire exam grounds there wouldn’t be a single person who could compare with her.

“Yes.” Wang Doushan nodded his head gravely. “I really am so unlucky to have run into this woman. This woman’s temperament is horrible; she fights as soon as she sees someone, and I can’t even speak more than two sentences with her before she charges me. My Snow Crane illusory image was forcefully dissipated by her Frostbird White Ice Fists. She had already won, yet she hit me with a Frosted Ice Fists. If it weren’t for the fact that I can run quickly, I probably would have died. Because of this, I was unable to defeat Zhang Sheng’an and Zheng Kuang when I ran into them later.

He thought for a moment, then added, “Fine, even if I wasn’t hit by this palm, I might not have been able to beat Zhang Sheng’an, but I definitely wouldn’t have lost so bitterly. That damned fucking woman.”

As he spoke, he began to curse openly.

Su Chen suddenly said, “Perhaps I can help you neutralize this frozen Qi.”

“What did you say?” Wang Doushan froze, gazing at Su Chen.

“If it’s as you said, I think I can help you neutralize the frozen Qi in your body. I can also get rid of the wood poison at the same time.”

“How will you get rid of it? You have the antidote?” Wang Doushan asked excitedly.

Su Chen shook his head. “I don’t, but I have my methods. All that is necessary is that you trust me enough.”

“Trust?” Wang Doushan gazed at Su Chen suspiciously. “What do I need to do.”

“I need to examine your body before I can make a move to neutralize it.”

Allowing Su Chen to inspect his body was the same as letting go of all his defenses. If Su Chen were to suddenly make a move at this moment, Wang Doushan would have no hope. All he would be able to do was allow himself to be killed.

No wonder Su Chen said that this required trust.

Upon hearing Su Chen’s suggestion, the corner of Wang Doushan’s mouth quirked up in a smile. “So that’s how it is. Okay, then go ahead and inspect.”

Su Chen’s finger landed between Wang Doushan’s eyebrows. Wang Doushan actually did not put up any defenses, allowing Su Chen to move freely. He did have quite a bit of trust.

A trace of Origin Energy flowed into Wang Doushan’s body. It appeared that Su Chen was using Origin Energy to assess Wang Doushan’s condition, but in reality he had secretly activated his eyes, clearly observing the Origin Energy flow in Wang Doushan’s body.

The Frosted Ice Palm could wreak havoc inside Wang Doushan’s body not just because of the Frost Origin Substance. There was also its unique method of Origin Energy conductance. Su Chen was unable to discover a counter for the Origin Substance in a short period of time, but he could use his own eyes to observe the route that the Origin Energy from the Frosted Ice Palms took in Wang Doushan’s body. Then, he could make a move to counter it.

In an instant, he found a node that the Frosted Ice Palms traveled across frequently.

Su Chen placed his finger on it and said, “Concentrate all of your bloodline power on this point, focusing on dispersing it right here!”


A powerful bloodline power rushed forwards. Under such concentrated force, the territory that had been seized by the Frostbird Origin Substance was instantly dissipated, and it disappeared.

Wang Doushan felt a sweet taste in his mouth, and he spit out another mouthful of fresh blood.

But when he spit this blood out, all he felt was that his body was extremely comfortable. His body, which was originally very cold, suddenly felt a little warmer.

“Success!” Wang Doushan was extremely happy.

“This is only the beginning,” Su Chen replied, but he did not continue.

“Then continue!” Wang Doushan said.

“I need your cooperation.”

“Tell me. Whatever you want me to do, I will do,” Wang Doushan hurriedly said. With his experience from a moment ago, Wang Doushan was already filled with faith in Su Chen.

Su Chen thought from a moment, then replied, “Since that’s the case...... then take of your clothes...... take them all off.”

“What?” Wang Doushan was completely stunned.

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