Chapter 132: Fat Crane (1)

Chapter 132: Fat Crane (1)

He furiously sprinted the entire way, the Snaking Mist Steps activated to their fullest extent. Large chunks of the tunnel collapsed behind him.

Finally, just before the tomb completely collapsed, Su Chen charged out of the ground.

He was greeted by a swath of light.

So it was already daytime.

Su Chen squinted his eyes.

Loud rumblings continued behind him. When he turned his head to gaze at it, the earth that had been excavated had seemingly lost its support, and it suddenly collapsed downwards. After forming a depression in the ground, it stopped moving.

Everything inside of the Spirit Burying Terrace had thus been completely buried.

It was over, just like that.

Su Chen gazed at what used to be the tomb. All he could do was sigh.

Although it was just a single night’s endeavor, Su Chen had benefitted quite a bit. Although he didn’t obtain much in the way of valuables, he had obtained an ocean of new information. In some sense, the latter was even harder to obtain than the former.

Su Chen didn’t stay for much longer. He turned around and left.

Upon entering a valleyed area, Su Chen arrived near a pool of water. A large banyan[1.] tree was growing near the pond. It was at least a thousand years old, with deep, twisted roots and dense foliage. Such a large tree gave people the impression that they were deep inside a forest.

Su Chen glanced left and right. He began to undo his pants, giving people the misconception that he was about to use the bathroom.

If the light screen outside was monitoring him at this moment, upon seeing his behavior the “camera” would definitely switch to someone else.

Next, Su Chen entered the banyan tree grove. He pulled aside the nearby tall grass, arriving at a hole in the tree.

He pulled out the Origin Ring from the Spirit Burying Terrace and placed it inside the box, then placed it in the hole in the tree. Next, he stacked a few stones together as a symbol. Finally, he covered it with a bunch of leaves and weeds.

Having taken care of all of this, Su Chen leisurely walked away.

According to reason, now that he had finished the matter of the Spirit Burying Terrace, he should have returned to the thirteenth region to fish for more points, taking away one of the top four names.

However, he had made an agreement with Li Qingyun and Bai Li earlier to battle their way through the entire competition grounds. Now, he was only halfway there, and it was unlikely that he would be able to do it.

On the other hand, he had obtained the powerful Erupting Firebird Origin Skill, and he wanted to compete with exam candidates from higher-level regions to see exactly how far he could make it.

Thus, he did not choose to return to the thirteenth district. Instead, he continued to advance towards higher districts.

Unlike before, however, he no longer was pressured by the matter of the Spirit Burying Terrace. Thus, he did not need to try his best to avoid battles. As long as there were those who dared jump out at him, he could cleanly and easily take care of them.

This time, he did not wear his mask.

As he advanced, he saw a number of people running towards him from the distance.

The person in the lead was actually the fatty Wang Doushan, who had been late to the exam. Behind him were four exam candidates. They had actually joined forces to pursue him.

Wang Doushan was making a big fuss as he ran. Upon seeing Su Chen, his eyes lit up. He yelled loudly, “Help me!”

However, he did not run towards Su Chen. Rather, he ran towards a location not too far away from him. Evidently, he was also making preparations in the event that Su Chen refused to help him.

Although he was asking Su Chen for help, he did not forcefully drag Su Chen underwater with him. This left quite a favorable impression on Su Chen.

However, favorable impressions were just favorable impressions. He did not intend on making a move at all, keeping his hands behind his back.

When Wang Doushan saw this, he sighed and continued to run forwards.

When those four exam candidates saw it, they guessed that Su Chen was scared and ignored him. They continued to chase after Wang Doushan unrelentingly the entire way.

Just as the last person ran past Su Chen, Su Chen suddenly flipped his hand over. An Erupting Firebird flew forwards, ambushing the last exam candidate from behind.

However, that exam candidate’s vigilance was very high. He seemingly sensed something as soon as Su Chen released the Firebird and instantly applied a magic barrier on himself. Simultaneously, his figure blinked horizontally. Regardless of whether it was his adaptability or his reactions, the opponent was obviously quite powerful. However, that Erupting Firebird rapidly changed directions in midair, slamming into that exam candidate at high speeds. When it came into contact with his magic barrier, there was a giant explosion. The exam candidate’s barrier instantly fragmented, and he was blasted into the air, fainting immediately.

The other three people simultaneously reacted and turned around. Upon seeing the situation change, one of them said, “You go deal with that guy; we will stall this fatty for a bit.”

One of the exam candidates charged towards Su Chen.

Su Chen was still a rookie at controlling the Erupting Firebird, and he was still not completely proficient while using it. Thus, at this moment he did not choose to use the Erupting Firebird, instead, using an air tentacle to restrict his opponent. At the same time, the blade in his hand fell. This stab released a vigorous blade wind, rumbling towards the opponent.

That exam candidate activated a light barrier, causing the air tentacle to be broken. At this moment, the blade wind had arrived. Just when it seemed like the exam candidate wouldn’t be able to dodge it, his body flew backwards wildly, and the blade wind narrowly swept past his nose. He demonstrated a similar adaptability and strength. As he regained his balance, he waved his finger in the air, and a streak of black light rumbled towards Su Chen. At the same time, he yelled, “Brat, back off now. We can forget about arguing with you about what happened before!”

Su Chen continuously evaded as he yelled, “Brother Wang, there’s only two more. Why don’t you make a move and take care of them?”

By his tone one could tell that he was certain the fatty could take care of the other two people.

When Wang Doushan heard this, he paused for a moment and looked behind him, only to discover that the four people chasing him had become two. He instantly broke out into a wide smile. “Many thanks, brother.”

As he spoke, his arms stretched out behind him, and an illusory image of a giant white crane actually appeared behind him.

Wang Doushan’s arms flapped up and down. He said loudly, “You chased me, your grandfather, so bitterly. Now, here’s something to remember your grandfather by. Cloud Sundering!”

The white crane image cried out to the sky. Its wings flapped, and a snow-white light shot out from Wang Doushan as he flapped his arm, shooting towards one of the people like a rainbow.

That exam candidate was shocked. He hurriedly raised a barrier to attempt to defend himself.

That person was not weak, and neither was his magic barrier. Even so, the power of Cloud Sundering was uncommon, and the magic barrier was still instantly shattered. That exam candidate was also sent flying, and of the two exam candidates now only one remained.

However, after using this move, Wang Doushan’s vigor also began to go down. Evidently, this attack had consumed quite a bit of his energy. Thankfully, there was only one more opponent, and he didn’t need to use that move again. Thus, he let out a loud laugh, then charged over, fighting with his bare fists. Him and the other exam candidate actually battled to a standstill.

As he fought, he asked, “Hey, how did you know that I could simultaneously deal with two of them?”

Su Chen continued to take multiple steps, shifting like smoke. As he battled his exam candidate, he replied, “You definitely possess quite the number of points if four people teamed up to catch you. In addition, since they didn’t split up their forces when they saw me, instead continuing to chase you, this demonstrated their regard for your strength. Lastly, after I wounded one of them, they still urged me to retreat, and when they spoke about how to deal with you they specifically said that they would attempt to stall you...... Hehe, it’s quite evident that in their hearts, they did not have much confidence in defeating you even if it was two against one.

When Wang Doushan heard this, he began to loudly laugh, “Brother is truly quite good! For just this group of rubbish, under normal circumstances I would be able to easily dispatch them even if all four of them came at me all at once, not to mention just two of them.”

“Normal circumstances? So what you’re saying is that right now you aren’t under normal circumstances?” Su Chen asked.

The two of them conversed as they fought, completely ignoring their opponents. This made it so that the two exam candidates became increasingly agitated. Their attacks became faster, yet they also began to lack composition. Thus, they slowly began to fall into disorder.

Wang Doushan casually swung his palm. Although it was just a bare fist, its power was tyrannical. Palm after palm continued to wear on his opponent as he said, “Of course! My luck was terrible, and I ran into that damned woman Ji Hanyan first, who landed one of her Frosted Ice Palms on me, causing my bloodline to freeze and making it difficult to activate. Then, I ran into Zhang Sheng’an that son of a bitch, who hit me with one of his Willow-Piercing Arrows, poisoning me, and my Origin Energy is now feeble. Then I ran into Sword Rhinoceros Zheng Kuang, and I got stabbed by his Overlord Spear, giving me a serious wound and ruining my physical condition. Yet these pieces of trash wanted to chase after me and kill me? It should’ve been me chasing the four of them and killing them.”

Su Chen had never heard of these peoples’ names, but upon hearing about the wounds that Wang Doushan had received, he knew they could not possibly be simple characters. After all, the guy in front of him was still bouncing around energetically, and he had actually laid one person out and fought another to a standstill. Su Chen’s impression of him changed once again, and he couldn’t help but say, “So you aren’t just a useless fatty?”

Wang Doushan angrily yelled, “Damn, who said that fatties must be completely useless?”

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